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  1. Please do not learn to ride too fast...meaning in a day or so...It will make me look bad. Now I have to step up my training Now I have go down in basement to make another 10 min after (session 3 video) tomorrow....still snow outside here Joke aside. Happy learning and I suggest get a good Helmet. It is very hard to replace a dammaged head. Knees are duable... About the helmet, I really like my TSG Status Solid Cyan helmet, with red led lamp in the read/neck. ( you can find why in the helmet tread).
  2. @Bobwheel come on, a Europe road trip would do you great. I could even be tempted to do a weekend visit to London if I could find an affordable plane ticket. London have the benefit to be easy accessible for most European.
  3. Bahhh. More snow like 2-3" last night. So more basement training the next few days. (removed picture to save upload space)
  4. We still have a little snow outside (in Sweden) and risk of light snowfall again tonight. So my plan is to keep training in basement and then at some point move on to my heated garage (car parked outside while using the garage to learn wider turning in 8). But for now, this will have to do, as my knees and lower back isn't trained up for this yet. Actorly today is my first day not limping within 2 hours of getting out of bed going to work for more than a year. So all in all moving ahead slowly but with focus.
  5. @Keith see I did my 2nd training today. All geared up but the baggage trap. It is hard to learn as I am using this to training up my knees, feets and lower back due to medical conditions having pain preventing me from sports I used to do until my late twenties. But so far so good. Note: Thanks @Bobwheel for persvading me to go for Inmotion V8.
  6. @outcast00096 I like that you share riding dynamics. As @Jerome I am fairly new to EUC. I have 2 training sessions on my belt now totally 20-30ish min of riding back and forth in our basement. Slowly improving...I think.?
  7. Thanks a lot. Fantastic to have a helping community.
  8. Ok nothing but to laugh about this. I started to foam up my wheel but forgot to cut out a hole for battery indicator at it didn't show up in my poor lighting I was working in. Only once I put on my number protection I realised my mistake. Do any of you have a measurement of distance from front led headlight to the battery display and how long the display is? Prefer cm but inch measurement will do. Thanks again for in advance for helping out. This is why I never work on my car. I tend always to forget a 'minor' detail, no matter how much I prepare for it.
  9. Totally agree @meepmeepmayer Dreamworld paper specs is worth nothing. I rather have sustained specs that I can relay on. Same old story as with HiFi and speakers watts without and relationship to sound quality. So real-world sustainable specs please.
  10. Point taken @Keith as for my first ride, I only wanted to see if I could ride with the pain I had in my left foot. It went better than expected, but I still have a very long way to go. I will wear my my potection gear next til.
  11. I don' know yet. But most types glue can be resolved with isopropyl alcohol or clear lamp oil.
  12. Thanks. You picked my pic idea as I hoped. Very appreciated.
  13. I am slowly starting to begin my EUC training on my Inmotion V8, but I really like suggestions to protect my wheel. I got some foam to pad up the wheel to avoid the wheel to get too damaged. But I am struggling to understand where this foam will do the most good, Obviously, you could cover the hole wheel but, in the end,, I don’t have that much foam and it sort of obscure the pretty design of the wheel. The other part why my learning curve is extended to be a bit longer than normal is I have medical condition (psoriasis arthritis and osteoarthritis) with my lower back, hips, kne
  14. Well in that light Mr. TrumpsPlprotect US wall project and trade taxes will insure surplus supply to us in Europe ??since most EUC are made in China. Now I am just waiting that Inmotion realize this and show EU customers some TLC ?. (Joke off) Goes back to learn riding my new V8...
  15. What are iPhones?? Some people do actually do just fine without.
  16. Pick-up point is the dark side of mars. Special price for you only refuellng your spaceship and free EUC charging for 1 hour. Voucher code:whichwayishome
  17. I think you have a very valid point on this @Rehab1 in many of the videos I seen on youtube people seems unaware of approaching EUC behind them. Maybe add a roadrunner soundtheme too just as you pass people, since you don't seem to have speed limits in the US. Kinda like Germany autobann for EUCs ?
  18. @Yffisch I forgot to mention when I wrote you that the Inmotion V8 can be collected at a German MediaMarkt store. They do not plan to get this in Sweden due it isn't road legal in Sweden due battery capacity and top speed. So I got my wheel shipped from the stored you asked about. https://www.electricunicycles.eu
  19. Less risk for EUC overheating or? ? However I know what you mean. I need to learn to drive/ride an EUC first and the delivery of the first wheel.
  20. TSG website I just bought my first helmet. I picked a helmet from fron TSG that is called TSG Status solid cyan. You can filter on website by searching on 'status' I picked this due to I don't expect to be fast driving as I am commuting in city area on bicycle lanes. To me it is important to be protected but also to be seen. This helmet has built in red less light and have reflective logos printer on it. Maybe someone else find this as a good tip for their needs. As for buing they can be found on Amazon and other websites to and of course on the above site. TSG has many other models
  21. I really like your way of thinking. Hopefully I get my first wheel by post tomorrow (an Inmotion V8). But when started to look at this the major obstacle is the demand to be road legal. By bringing up awenes then we maybe can get a more sensable legastration for EUCs. Being in the news and on TV could help. Note : Sorry for my spelling, but English isn't my native language. Good post Stan. ?
  22. Unventor

    V8 in trouble

    @Stan Onymous @Bobwheel Now I am sad Stan, as I love my Mazda CX-5 ?I don't want a Subaru ?. Besides Bobwheel did a good job and kind of persvaded me to buy an Inmotion V8 as my first EUC. I just need my doctor to evaluate in my knee needs surgery and spring to hit Sweden. My research and reading this forum the chose was 50-50 between V8 and Kingsong KS16S. Nice job Bobwheel.?
  23. I kinde of had same topic question. Here have a look: Now keep in mind I have not seen any Kingsong in real life yet and is pre-reaching before I buy my first EUC. But...I work with It products. And this in my opinion about glossy 've matt/rubber finish. On glossy you always have dust, fingerprints and easy to spot surface scratches. On matt it is kind of hidden in the matt texture. Wether this is the case on Kingsong some others might be able to confirm. Now as for colour...or lets call it rightly...contrast. It is much easier to spot things on white or b
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