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  1. I am maybe not the best to explain this. But what you see others do is not the same it doesn't pose a risk. First of there is no such thing as rare unlucky ones when it comes to EUCs behavior. That is why we need to learn from when things did't go as we expected. The biggest demand you can put on a wheel is at low to stand still speed try to climb over obstacles. It has to do with the power needed since you don't have any momentum to help you. And that the force you need is from power (watts) you need over the time you need it. And how this works out in a wheel. The formulas I
  2. This is meant is best possible way, sorry to hear that. On the other hand, arms are not really needed to ride EUCs. Also I have seen stories and videos of a guy riding using one leg only as in missing one leg. And another guy using artificial lower leg (both legs). Sometimes it is mind blowing what "disabled" people can do. I mean some can do things I couldn't even dream of despite the challenges they have. I myself have rheumatic problems and when I started I couldn't stand balancing on either one leg. Now I can and ride too. The videos ai saw back then I were not able to find
  3. I just stumbled on this thread today. Yet another new rider learning the hard way that EUC is not an institutional device to understand. just a few things one can agree more or less to these things but you can't think of speed only. it is the power to keep balance at any time. This will be something you over time will get an idea of. But this takes time. The guy from the video discussed this in another video but I just could spot this when posting here.
  4. @Rick2021 I think you need to find how your battery are designed first. Right now it seems you think of this in the wrong way. Try to have a look at this at some point it is from a Polish reseller, but written in English: https://eunicycles.eu/en/news/wszystko-o-bateriach-li-ion-w-monocyklach-elektrycznych The thing is a Li-ion battery do not have a constant voltage. it has a working range. In the EUC we see some set "standards" of ranges but to make this easy to refer to we only use their top voltage, like 67v or 84v or 100v or 126v These can be rounded of a little. I am not s
  5. I think that say a lot. If you can ride at 10kmh average and having same range with a 250lbs rider that is not an easy feat. Also top speed risk on the 16x is high compared to other wheels as KS buckled under to the request of speed which really wasn't the focus of the 16x. I understand not all have tested the 16x. But I like you set your review in comparison to what you had before. @Mike Roe. When doing this and making point like you have done here. It gives value vs the YouTuber clickbait gimmick faces and odd thumbnail pictures. To me this say a lot more and what I can expe
  6. I guess you don't have any winter issues to think about and that you are a street rider. I have gone a different route, but I don't want to swap due to season and here at my place we have winter with both dry roads, rain, snow and ice. So if you find yourself in a similar situation then the K66 80/90-14 Snowtex is a great solution. As for city riding it works great and it has the best slower than walking maneuverbility I ever tested on any EUC. Maybe I can give the Z10 to tighter turns but it doesn't have same pedals height.
  7. One thing is in pictures another is irl. We have seen other wheels that challenge d designs that turned out rather Okey once people got used to these. I recall a lot of comments in KS16X and Nikola and V11 ohh almost forgot mudguard of KS18L too. In the end people bought these wheels. I am not a huge fan of the open wheel to parts but I know others like it. Final product who knows what it will look like. And what people can fix with a can of paint or vinyl. I do think colours add flavour. I am not a fan of black all together. This is down to hard to spot in the dark. This goes
  8. Okey so time for a little update. I am going to share some footage from a trip I made. So time to play guess where and who... I know. It look like many other places. But actually this here is special. So next tip.. Okey it is just zoomed a bit. It is the same place more or less. So before we move on the where. Who is this? A few riders have had the fantastic pleasure to do group rides with him. This next tip isn't that great quality but well for you global audience it is beer from the country in question. And on the dinner buffet on
  9. I just couldn't help myself. Easter egg picture in this old thread. Ahgg what the heck...
  10. Like I wrote to your other questions. In general EUCs are not build this way.
  11. That is not an option. Power bangs operate at different volts in general and will not surfice to charge a wheel. You do not top up wheel in the same way as a mobile phone. This is due to multiple cells on battery that needs to be balanced.
  12. Alright this is a good list of point to give recommendations on. I am a little unsure about the 2nd point. If it need to be light because of lifting or heavy because of stability. It you are long at a light wheel that rules out range in general as battery is the heavy part together with the motor. Looking at comfort and off road riding I suggest a wide tire preferably 3” and I would look at 18" over 16" too. I would maybe not look too hard at suspension because of your list. About charging there is not a huge difference overall since most use same cells more or less an
  13. I doubt there is a big difference between Snowtex and non Snowtex version if you are not having cold weather. I got a new control/drive board last Wednesday. But it had been shipped with limited protection so the cooling block is broken. It is hard to tell if there is any other damage to the board just by looking at it. So it will maybe take some time to get my 2ńd V11 fixed up that I intend to use the 80/80 Snowtex version tire on. This is down to I have cold weather here in Sweden so I rather have winter tire on all the time vs having to swap tire for seasons.
  14. I haven't been bothered with cell degradation due to I bought so many new wheels because the development went so fast. So far I have yet to see a problem. Well my V11 had a BMS state failure on one battery pack but beside that neither of my wheels showed any signs of degradation. Now going forward I suspect the upgrade cycle at least in my part will be much slower. I have the speed and in general the range I need. And the comfort of the V11 suspension too. That is not to say something better might make me want a new wheel. But having 2x V11 with winter/all season tire on I th
  15. I don't think the sensitivity is that hard to grasp or a wrong expression. If you view this as an analog joystick like on a PS4 or Xbox. Here you will have a dead center zone to avoid unwanted drifting. The size of that dead zone is the equaliant of commuter mode (big dead zone) vs. Off-road mode (small dead zone). In the description from Inmotion commuter mode gives more ride comfort (as it is a bit more forgiving to input due to the bigger dead zone). When we talk sensitivity on a scale from 0 to 100. That is how much input is amplified. The lower you go the more off balan
  16. In old days 😂 the pedal was mounted on pedal hangers that was fitted to the axel and on the pedals hangers you mounted the shell too. You don't need that if you suspend the motor and attach the shell or frame to the motor with a suspension system in between. This way you can mount pedals right on the shell or frame. So less moving parts I think depends on the eyes of the beholder. And compare to. But is also something marketing can have cooked up. It is hard to tell at this stage.
  17. I don't think KS rims are worse or better than other EUC brands around. As for the S18 I have no access to it but I suspect it is that for that too. As for S20 the "silver" part looks very similar to design shape of previous KS wheels with same design like KS18L or XL. Now the reason I think we have seen more rim discussion lately are several. But one thing that do stick out is how it just magical ☺️ broke. Or I suspect we are never hearing the full story. So think to do to avoid rim problems are: * Ride with enough pressure in the tube. And check it ever so often. * You
  18. And you will see it doesn't match the rendered pictures discuss.
  19. I am not MOSFET expert, but something I would consider in my lag of better knowledge is if you have burned MOSFETs then how many didn't fail but got strained to maybe be a weaker link on the board. It seems it is always the weaker link that takes the heavy strain and fails next time. I know from waiting on a new drive board myself, for several weeks as one of the 2 spare I needed was faulty, sucks. But it should arrive at my door this Wednesday. Unless I now jinxed it. 🤥 In general MOSFETs are in short supply right now. It is hitting many type of products.
  20. But as long it is only a render it is only used to create hype. We are still waiting what the REAL thing is like both in design and ride feel. We have seen so many "cool" things in renders but in the end it is the product you can buy that matters. I am not saying the S20 can't be a great wheel. But I am a little sceptical marketing shared renders until we see a unbiased showoff the wheel. Even biased version are still missing. At least you can take those at a pinch of salt. And with 2 prior 1st batch wheels from KS, I am a bit reserved with hype praise.
  21. Material use is both shape and alloy depending. So is the weight. Such a picture do not really say much. I just hope they made it from something that is a good balance of lightweight and strength.
  22. That is because the KS16X do not have same top speed safety room as previous KS wheels. KS should never have raised the speed limit above 45kmh as it was originally planed for in the design. Both KS and IM wheels behave differently to GW-like wheels.
  23. Yes it was a great ride. As of the cat. She has her mood. But she can be a warm fried too. It took an hour or two then she was deiced. Update: Come to think of it I am not sure if the can of fish had something to do with her (the princess cat) being friendly again.
  24. I guess someone didn't read forum rules....
  25. So time for a little update. I made arrangements to go visit @mrelwood next weekend. Taking the car and bringing a V11 with me. So there are so many first time bucket list item tied into this trip. But for different reasons I have not ridden as much that past weeks. So today I went out on a test ride. Partly to get a feel for the wheel with my K66 80/90 tire, partly to retain my feets and legs for rides. So I went to my local IKEAfor coffee and apple cake, a standard ride for me now when I need to go for a pleasure ride. Almost like @Duf going to DD. I took a few pi
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