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    V11 (880km); V10f (500km); KS16X (1400km); KS18L (3150km); Sold: V8 (400ish km)

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Order of my EUC purchases.

  1. inmotionv8icon.jpg.2346251f33509710c6042a0f57df4951.jpg V8 bought 08/03/2018, first ride 17/03/20218, (Sold).  392km 
  2. KS18L_mb.JPG.51e7f06af9b47aaf17fbbdd0f19a0320.JPGKS18L 1st batch rubber matt. with Jason pedals (XL) and EUC bodyguard, ordered 04/072018, 1st ride 23/07/2018, 3150km (23/07/2019). Major rebuild complete. 
  3. 2081117249_KS16X92X92.jpg.d731e888d10fca70685718e61278ee4c.jpgKS16X 1st batch bought 14/6/2019, first ride 02/09/2019. 1400km. 1st service: Had rain dmg after once in rain för 1hour. 2nd service: replacing control board.
  4.  download.jpeg.5833421119e83e10cdb36bdbd412840b.jpeg  V10f  bought 11/11/2019, first ride 22/11/2019. 500km, winter and rainy day wheel.
  5. inmotion-v11.thumb.jpg.e34f50872fde0953e0df147ab9f4bd78.jpg  V11 preordered deposit paid 16/04/2020. Delivered and first ride13/08/2020. Currently my main wheel. 880km



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