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  1. At least it isn't a three wheeler...
  2. I like the colour version much better than the black version.
  3. Unventor

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Well it depends. The Kiwano KO1 has a suspension spring and a absorbing tire without a tube.
  4. I love the way he cought your lips 😁. They are almost up to Marty-m3ten-love style.
  5. @Seba it would be cool if you somehow make recording on the Tizen app of the screen, to easy add in videos as picture in picture overlay. I know some programs can import log files but the pip function might be easier to do for fast editing. Or you could get a video file from a log analysis you talked about,
  6. Unventor

    INMOTION V20 ??

    Well that depends on many things and how it is done.
  7. Unventor

    INMOTION V20 ??

    They said some time back they were looking into making a suspension system. That would be very interesting if they are the first to bring that mass produced to the market. ...just couldn't help myself...hype add-on
  8. Min KS16X fick en vattenskada ved power knappen efter en 10kmh Äktur i Kungsbacka (Hede Outlet) mens min bil var till service. Det hÀr lÀtt regn dvs under 2mm/t just dÄ och jag trolleyed Äkte in och ut av affÀrer pÄ Heda sen tillbaka till Mazda. DÄ kunna jag först inte stÀnga av hjulet sen kunna jag inte slÄ pÄ det. Jag har nu fÄtt hjulet tillbaka och det Àr fixat av ÄterförsÀljaren, med extra silikon runt poser knapp connector och lite annat smÄ fix. Om vi gör en (h)jul trÀff kan jag berÀtta lite mer detaljer.
  9. I think it is a fair point, but most skislopes are not asphalt hard or scrapes in the same way if you fall. It might no be soft.
  10. One thing to keep in mind, most here ride medium to very fast. If you ride at 10-20kmh the risk is there but not as high. It is like cycling, you need momentum to stay balanced. My comfort zone moved from 45kmh to 30-35kmh on open cycle lanes. It is all about taking calculated risks. Anything you do have this, like walking on a winter day and falling on slippery ice. At least if you practice always all gear you have some protection. Btw thanks @RockyTop it warms with a comment like yours.
  11. I agree this is something you need to evaluate before setting your mind to this. None of us here know what you can or cannot do right now or later. From what I know of replacement joints, is you could move almost like normal, or it can be a struggle.
  12. First off I have not yet been testing seated EUC riding. That said from what I gather it is not at all like sitting on a mc (not ridden that either). I started myself due to rheumatic conditions in mt knee, lower back and shoulders/neck area. But it spread further. I were so bad I couldn't stand on one leg to wear a sock or put on a shoe. But learning to ride was hard but after 5-6 training sessions of 10-15 min I got the basics. Now 1 and 3/4 years later I have like 2300 miles all together one 4 different wheels. If you pick up EUC riding, I think you will find a new level of transportation freedom, but you need to accept the risk too, as accidents can happen. And if they do, you might not have much to say in what happens. Some of the biggest injuries posted about happened at standstill or very low speed as people got caught out by surprise. I think in a poll made some time ago we saw average age is about yours so that is not an issue. I think you will find the ridding is fairly gentle as long you don't go fast. mainly since you stand on both legs and in somewhat static pose. I can't walk on tilted terrain. But I can ride my EUC both up and downhill without an issue. Once you get the basic covered, you find it is very similar to skiing, but not limited by going from up to down, but going anyway you choose between A to B. I got a lot better very fast (I am in less pain, and can move a lot more now), but that is not the same for everyone. Everyone at my work said that it was an crazy idea to do, but these days all of them are happy for my achievement and how it changed me. I can only say riding seated you are in a lower position but also locked in and much harder to react for an accident or act it you hit a pot hole. I would personally not recommend this. I hope this was helpful, despite I can't give a yes/no answer to you. Note: I slipped my wheel on Friday due to winter season here, icy patch on pedestrian passing, while braking and turning. I hit my elbow but since I were fully geared up I only got a slight bruise and a tiny scrape mark.
  13. Well you got the hot weather and sunshine. In Sweden we get unlimited mobile data, calls, sms/mms for about 55$ 😁 and cold freezing weatherđŸ„¶đŸŒšâ˜”
  14. I am ready to beta test when you like me to. To confirm it works well with Samsung Galaxy watch active 2 LTE, but the LTE I can't test as my operator do not support eSIM yet.
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