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  1. Nor do I and I can put disrespect any time I like. I did not use f words in the face of Inmotion on their channel. Nor did I make disrespectful headlines here. When I refer to Asian reseller links try to review how many of your post refer to your reseller or Asia sites because you didn't like the price. So let's be clear I don't smudge a brand because I want a new wheel. I am not a youtuber living by fancy headlines or commission sales. I do however back a brand that I think is taking the right approach for the future. Call it fanboy if you like I couldn't care less. I
  2. I don't have non-Inmotion once but from picture they look different shape and size.
  3. Clearly you don't know what you are talking about. Hex design that Inmotion made comes from Russia. Inmotion and the original inventor made an agreement and hex designer still can make his product and he get paid by Inmotion for their sales too. The nylon design is different and don't have an agreement and is mainly down to using different material. There is not such thing as inferior. As of your wheel things happen but to claim no QC is simply not fair. You only read about people with trouble as people that are happy do not voice out this to a same level. In this price
  4. I guess you don't have snpw/ice in your area. You will soon find the straight lean way forward (I refer this to GW lean) will so easy catch you out. As for braking like you said sitting in a chair like motion can help but I think this is something you need to test and monitor how much negative watt you push into the wheel as it can only take so much. Another way to add braking power is to brake and carve at the same time. It gives you more time to brake before you travel x distance forward as the wheel travel in s curves. Also this can help to take out braking wobbles. It is a skill to practic
  5. Nope the "spikes" on Inmotion hex pedals is not adjustable (yet. They made a limited number and listen to feedback so it might come in next batch). But this is not an issue at all. I am not sure If it could possible wreaked pedal structure as it come down to if you have extra small holes in structure or you can adjust from top side (I don't recall how the nylon pads are designed. I really don't see why you need to pull out words as inferior or the negativity in all your posts and headlines. I don't get how fast you opinion sving from worst to best to worst again. I still think
  6. I have been thinking about learning to ride on a V11 and from the point of view not riding EUC before. I think this is part of why Inmotion labeled tge V11 for "Pro". Some might confused it for extreme but I don't see it like that. Part of learning to ride an EUC is getting the confident to step up, catch the balance and set off in control (these last 2 steps merge into one) and later come to a stop and dismounting in control. With the V11 you have higher pedals so to step up is a bit "harder" as the confidence level takes much more practice initially. Normally I would recom
  7. I suggest you contact Inmotion on their WhatsApp or Telegram channel. Look for Liam or Bosco.
  8. I doubt you go down curbs with the mten3. I don't do it often on my V11 but it happens. Now I do think it is great to have diversity to pick from. But I like my IM hex pedals a lot and more and more I use them. This is something I would like on my other wheels too. But since I ride my V11 99.9% of the time I don't think an investment to other wheels is justified for me. The only real down side is the Inmotion pads make carrying the V11 a little harder. The pads are wide enough to make a difference in this matter. But I tend to use my lower stair section in my building as ofte
  9. @Pale Rider I know it seems impossible right now. But I encouraged you to keep going for it. Take short sessions (I could only handle 10-15min at each training session) take a break and if you have the option to record your training review those in between. Doing this helped me a lot by seeing small steps of progress until it finally clicked for me. This is how most of us expireanced the learning process. I can't explain why it just is this way. I would also suggest compare this to a bike. If you are riding it at 1-2 kmh it is very hard once it is at 5-10kmh it becomes easier. So so
  10. So what would lighter pedals mean? I can say the Inmotion hex pedals feels very ridgid and don't seem to flex (that can be both good and back). But since the V11 already have suspension I consider this to pro rather than con.
  11. This is more or less how it worls recording video in E UC.WORLD. Now I don't recall if this is premium only. You can have the gauge hidded, dimmed or highlighted. works both in photo and video mod.
  12. I don't recall that Liam said more than the optimise it or change manufacturer. It is a in-house design made by Inmotion but motor is build to Inmotion specifications by 3rd party motor maker.
  13. I used to act as firewarden when working in a UK call centre. I saw a film from a soccer stadium fire during TV transmitted game in our training. This video still to this day has a scare to my bone. I don't recall how many that died in that fire. The short answer is way way too many. But the points you raised in this post I quated really is a sledge hammer on the nail. It is any house hold should know and train for. We might do it at work or at the schools as kids. But it is so so easy to forget our home as this is normally our "safe/familiar" place. One thing with an fire yo
  14. This is the true beauty of @Sebas work. It works for different brands of wheels. It can be set up very complex. The really hard part is different brands report data different. And it can be hard to find what is considered max safe temperature, max safe amp use/spike. We have discussed this in the support team Sebastian created, where I asked him if he can maybe give suggestions to new users from the data people log. So far we are not there yet. But he is working on something as far as I know (and he is being creative from what I gather). So to tie this back to the thread, I personally think th
  15. I agree with you on this. Riding an EUC is not the same as riding a MC or driving a car. As a rider one must learn how an EUC reacts and top speed means something very different than a top speed of a MC or a car. Or even an escooters for that matter. It is also why I don't ride to top speed on my wheels despite recently increasing setting to 50kmh on my V11. I really like the pedal feedback over the alarms function. But if folks want more alarms settings I can only suggest you look at all the options and dependency you have in EUC.WORLD. Have it coming from the app you can direct t
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