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  1. So he made you watch something... How can he be to blame? This forum doesn't support video, only link to external sites or did I miss something here? Or in other words, I choose what links I follow.... πŸ‘€πŸ˜‰
  2. Most likely you have to update firmware and then calibrate balance again. As written in update text.
  3. I am fine with 45kmh anyway. And I wish I could find a company that would insure my wheel too. Unfortunately I have not been able to find anyone yet. It is both to cover myself and if I hurt someone in an accident. But hopefully when EUC riding matures a bit more...
  4. Well end of the day wheels still need to be legal otherwise they will not be of much use. Most other products are region adapted. Eg smartphones, dvd players, streaming services... I rather the make a regional firmware and expanding customer base than not doing so and shooting potential markets down. End of the day the more units sold the more money can go into development.
  5. He said something about being burned out earlier. 🀯 Then he was here a few weeks and now a major break or time since he has been last time, last I checked at least. πŸ™„ But yes I can only hope that he is OK πŸ€”
  6. It was reported early on it will have rubber shaped mudflap Z10 style. Just not as long. It should be able to flex without breaking wheel in case of a tumble or bail out. @US69 confirmed earlier.
  7. It would make an awesome option for an EUC video and with you skills with drones too. If you could get a permission to do it. Better to ask so you don't get into trouble.
  8. I were considering to visit that new spiral tower on Sjælland (Denmark) with a KS16X but I guess that is not happening this summer...
  9. So I guess we are a few standing in line to part our money to get our hands on a KS16X. I only hope it comes with a seat... πŸ˜‰
  10. Or they have tested this for some time already and gave it a thumbs up.
  11. well I guess you can, but you will appreciate a lifesensor/cutout button much more afterwards
  12. Note: I don't get to a post on this yet before I posted this... Yes battery as in any electronic is a hazard to dispose of. But in most cases you can somewhat easily get the battery pack out. But there is another hazard too. The strong magnets in the motor. Those can cause a lot of harm too. The sheer force each magnet can produce is high. As an example I can say the magnet used in lenses for digital camera are strong but small. Those are used for the image stabilisation gyro. The motor magnets in an EUC is much bigger. If you get a finger tip in between Is gyro magnets it can pierce/tear you skin. And it hurts like h.... The magnets are easily overlooked as a hazard....
  13. So @Jason McNeil can you share a little bit more about how KS is getting on with the KS16X, as in are they still on track or expecting a delay in launch schedule? And of course anything else you can share πŸ˜„
  14. A 2 cent about slime (or similar product).... There is no must about such product on any wheel, however.... Some like it in case of.... Others is applied if it happens (a puncture).... My personal opinion is after trying it on my first wheel (inmotion v8) I am not doing that again as a precaution. It added more mass to the tyre that I didn't like the feeling of in the v8s behaviour afterwards. Now the V8 is a fairly light wheel... and I could have done something wrong but I doubt that. My suggest is to ride the wheel first before adding or modding it. As for the scratches, it sucks but a "proper cc wheel do get some "personality" especially when learning to ride. It is also a part to look back at next year getting memory and a laugh of the learning process πŸ˜‰
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