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  1. Now I know many say they take a ride to block out a bad day or troubled times. To me that is a bit hard to understand. Yes it blocked out all other things because I need to be alert of the ground and surroundings and fit into the traffic. My problem is if I have my mind drifting off I become unaware. That is when I have much higher risk of accidents. So I tend not to ride when my mind is tired or troubled with bad moods. Now having a suspension wheel it mitigate some of the ground risk but things can still happen.
  2. She might want to buy your horse saddle...or did you have on your hidden V11. The one @Mrs. Rehab1 didn't know about..yet
  3. I would have that mten3 look at an extra time. There seems to have been reported a few battery fires on those lately. It might just be slow traveling social media. But still. Once you are on a plane you don't want these things to cause trouble. Another option could be a V8f. It isn't a power wheel but to slow cruise about is can do that and it is fairly slim and small. It is a different option.
  4. Despite me being off topic, I take my chances and the penalty. I do hope the goes as good as it possible can. It is one of those things you think happens to the neighbor. But sometimes the live behind the wrong door. Now I don't pray, but my thought are with you @Paulo Mesquita. Now when we ride wheels, we never think we will be in an accident but they happens, for different reasons. I just hope at some point fellow rides will consider what safety margin they take risks and more importantly put others at risk. Now should someone do something stupid, I hope people wo
  5. Having a profile here is one thing. Contributing to a community it a very different matter. I seen very little contribution from him. Except when he had a personal gain. But I see no point promoting him on an EUC forum for something that is clearly not related.
  6. I heard the secret moneypotato plant is much better investment. You dig down your money with a potato and add a stick marked with πŸ’°πŸ’΅and πŸ₯” next year you will have loads of πŸ’΅πŸ’° where the potato was. If I can have your money tree while you test this I will be happy.
  7. Here is another one. I don't recall ANY video the either @Rehab1 or @mrelwood released that I have not viewed to the end AND at least 2 times or more. Did I mention my YouTube is waiting on my oled 55" TV. It needs new entertainment soon There have been others I didn't watch for more than a few secs of "professional YouTubers" as soon I realized I hit a clickbait video it stops. It havens not a lot. And a few I never watch any content from for the very same reason. To swing this back to the thread header, some make video look very cool. Others are just noise and waste of time.
  8. Now I find that title of this thread very interesting. I did choose the V11 myself. Now whatever made me do just that well I recall that in my review on my V11 initially. Now that really matter nothing at all. You picked the S18. It do different things. Well goes from A to B on 1 wheel. But yet different. And no matter what others say this commercial just put your question into a different league. Note: reading this paper is not something I do and I do not know if they do a good or bad job casting focus on things that matters. Yet this message is making good sense to me.
  9. So when do you find more time to make new videos? I viewed most on Netflix and Disney+ already. My YouTube @Rehab1list is sooo empty. I had to rerun that KS16x video of your 3x already.
  10. So that is how the cool guy checks out all those ladies.
  11. I think this is a very fair and sound warning to any using a knobby tire with V11 or V12 that this is not kickstand compatible. You can burn a drive board if the stand get trapped between the knobbs while it is turned on. I do think Inmotion issued a warning about this. I know I discussed it with Liam when he was working for Inmotion.
  12. Unventor

    InMotion V11

    You need to view this as a game. Instead of answering blabla mph and xxxx$ you turn it around to a question into the direction you want to talk about. Once you master that then you will see this skill you just picked up can be very very useful and applied in many ways.
  13. I didn't know you did the French commercials So this is the fly "Scotland Air" a natural choice? Go forward don't look back
  14. Very nice stuff. I recall when you posted that footage. Brings back great memories.
  15. Well I have 2x V11 I can't ride because I manage to do silly things while doing tire change from stock tires. Now I am waiting 3 week still for parts to come. And the 2nd V11 I bought just to avoid this situation all together. Today I got news both orders has been sent off...I hope the 450$ for shipping is well spend. But 1 parcel had been lost for 2 weeks already. That's life it just never go smoothly.
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