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  1. My issues are 1st match related. It is a confirmed that 1st batch units had assembled issues at the front making alignment of front top part harder leading to a gab where water could be forced into the powerbutton area. My 2nd issue is also batch related as new designed control board should fix this. But if I were to order a new wheel today and looking at what we know between KS16X and V11. I wouldn't hesitate to grab the V11. These 2 wheels are covering more or less same target group. Overall I expect the V11 to be superior is almost any regard. Now @travsformation made a long post with many details. I expect his recommendation is very good. I didn't read it all (tired after 2 days of no sleep due to bad weather here). I am planning to make my first 360 video tomorrow. We shall see how that goes...but this will be on the KS16X. As soon I get the V11 which I expect is a matter of1-3 weeks. I will make a series of V11 360 videos. I have a few ideas. Now one thing I don't plan to do is top speed videos. But before from that I expect to make a big series on all my wheels in my summer vacation. So stay tuned....I hope I can make some cool stuff like @travsformation and @stephen.
  2. Now I have not followers this that closely as I had to step back. As the titel of the thread I agree that speed and especially in combination bad behaviour (here I mean meme attitude I have fun with no care to how others feel about this). Yes I know some will jump on me.....but...I think and this is a strong embedded opinion... How this guy point at rental escooters is how I think any pev rider can impact is all. Some use their EUC as speed toys. Fine do it at the right place. Go to a track where you aren't in public traffic, being road, cycle lane or sidewalk. And yes it is a few months old. But I think still we should pause a moment and think about both short and long term impact of our personal behaviour as we are part of a community.
  3. I replaced my KS18L shell in December 2019. I got mine from speedyfeet.co.uk. Just so you know what you are getting into. You need a silicone seal that withstand cold/heat/weather to cover the inside where the tire rotates. You also need a seal between the control board and the top hole as the heatsink is being cooled by the tire rotation. This is originally a foam seal and I found it pretty hard to not damage it when trying to reuse it. It was the hardest part to find. Mainly many just silicone this too. But then it is much harder to change control board at a later stage if you need to. Also big tip before you take of control board make good notes which is from and real and how cables are directed to either front and rear on left or right. Otherwise you have a 50/50 chance to end up with a self balancing wheel or self accelerating wheel (as control board try to balancing in wrong direction it has to do). I would also recommend to swap all screws in the frame to M3-6mm hex stainless screws. You might have a few that fit M3-8mm but most don't fit the 8mm length. Also if you get latest structure you should be able to fit digital lift sensor switches but it depends on control board if you then need a pcb to convert digital to analog signal as not all control boards understand digital sensor. So if I were you I would contact a reseller and walk over your options and what parts you need it might be a much bigger list then you first thought. It took me also 4 months to obtain all I needed from 3 different resellers. And then I was misinformed by speedyfeet as it was not the latest shell structure as he thought it was. But I got my wherl together but had to reuse analog lift sensors.they are a bit iffy and hard to fix right since you don't calibrate these anymore since fw2.0+.
  4. As a winter tire I like that too. And that is about it. Ahh well the service modularity too. But it now reached a weight that I think is just a bit too impractical. And I do not like the speed at all. I am pretty sure some idiots are going to make sad and bad news headlines for us as a community. I think we have already seen a taste of what to come. I wounder how many they can sell before we see the EUC market disappear due to traffic bans. It can happen much faster than you could imagine.
  5. Well it is pretty expensive but then again I get it from China to Sweden and I got inside first batch. I am not sure that I would get it I summer time otherwise.atleast it gives me that wheel in my 3 weeks vacation.So I have planned to make a few videos about it.
  6. If I recall earlier answers gives it was stated before launch of KS16X that it could handle 10A charging tops. 5A pr port. But as firmware progressed I think around 1.0.5 or 1.0.7 this changed. It was first set to a lowers top Amp and then raised top max 6A totally. I never got any issues at my eucunicle.eu fast charger is 300W or max at 4A or so. Now when ever you charge batteries the fast this is done the higher risk you have for them reaching a high temperature. This is one of those thing that stresses the battery. So while you can do something safely it is not the same as it is without impact or consequences. That is why I like my eunicycle.eu fastcharger. It is faster than normal but not too high on charging. It is also overall more compact and much lighter. But it has a little too noisy fan. I guess it is a feature....so I know if I turned off the smart wall plug or not. Nope the noise from the fan is annoying.
  7. These are made for either bicycles or for cross mc bikes. But from all I had seen last year when I looked at it all cross mc tubes were made for dirt tracks only. As for bicy6you have a very different tire pressure. I have doubts you can get this so it matches a riders weight and suit all terrain surfaces.
  8. First initial run is only about 100units. So it might that yours are in the 2nd batch. In that case you should be getting the blackened version. I prefer the highlighted version of red/chrome.
  9. Sorry for the late answer. I have had my focus elsewhere. Since I didn't open my wheel I am not 100% sure why this happen. But many 1st batch owners had to get a control board exchanged. I just think it came into a design layout flaw. It has been addressed in updates to the layout so hopefully it is fine now. About that V11. Yes I am currently tiptoeing around as the wait gets shorter it get harder too. As I understand it none has shipped out yet. But this should happen next week. Expected travel time to me is a week or do. The weather is really poorly right now. Storms and rain so I decided to pass time reading up on the forum. And that is why I recalled I have missed out on you great thread here.
  10. I think most have a preferred side to turn. Now there are 3 ways to turn and you can combine them. You are probably doing this more to one side than the other. 1 way: twist shoulders in the direction you wat to turn (good for slow speed or it is slippery as you are straight over the centre of the wheel. Don't look down. Similar to use a steering wheel on a cycle. 2 way: bend in knee on one side (lifting the pressure of that foot) it will lower you hop a little and it will cause balance to shift to one side. I use this when carving mid speed 3 way: lean the wheel. This is how you turn mostly at high speed. This is similar go a mc lean or like you see cycles going downhill in tour de France. If slippery road you ride the wheel sliding away under you. Doing the figure 8 in one direction and then the other should help out. You can find a pole raise you arm to horizontal slightly grapping the pole then go around it is one direction by twisting chest and head towards the pole. Go around like this train 1 wat. Nothing this twisted in opposite direction to go opposite turning. Just keep practicing and at some point it will be good enough use .
  11. Yessss. 😁 We will see how it goes...there might be an issue or not. Either way it just seems a way better option for me. And in worst case I will just do the warranty claim. Working in it and camera business I know how to do this so I am not worried about it. It is very rare I have a warranty claim turned down. But I bought at a well known reseller in my resident country, so it is all good. Just take a few days of delivery. In 5 days I am up and running and I have 2weeks by law to decide to keep it or not since it is an internet purchase (eu laws of consumer trade). Swedish consumer purchase law give me 3 years of limited manufactor warranty. Since we have poor EUC riding weather the next few days, the shipping time means less. Now I am just waiting for finalizing the shipping of the V11.
  12. I sold my V8. Didn't regret that. I was thinking of selling my KS18L., but decided not to because my KS16X had to go for service. My V10f I use when short distance and/or lods of stairs where I am going or if it is raining. When it comes to winter time. I don't want salt and snow mixed into the V11 suspension. So plan is to fit a real winter tire if we get snow and icy conditions for more than a few days.in general it is easier to control the lower the pedals is. And in this regard my KS18L is the lowest and with a EUC bodyguard it can handle the beating now I upgraded to newer structure. Now you might not be in the same possession. But we really don't k ow if there will be a 1st batch bug yet either V11. I hope not and I think it will be minor (hopefully). And in case you get a puncture or a damaged valve, it can be handy to ride backup until.you have time to fix tire and tube. We don't yet know how hard this will be and how much time it takes.
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