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  1. Unventor


    I tend not to travel that much, since I have 2 cats. I hsve 1 person that have helped looking after them. But I tend to save that kind of favours for when I can't avoid traveling with work. As long it is only a sleep over visit at a hotel it works. Maybe spring is time to book a train ticket. more cost effeciant than taking the car. I love the cats, but since I got my wheels, I get mot more.
  2. Unventor


    iI have a tip for you, do not visit Copenhagen, If you want to move south....high risk you will stay Sould you come to Gothenburg, it could be fun to meet up.
  3. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Yea but your new body armor and helmet should protect you from major knock-downs So I am looking forward to see people doing range test with 5k wh batteries when we at some point get those wheels. Or even af Fallout 2030 eddition with own build in atomic reactor station. Note: For those not playing games, Fallout is a serices of 1950/1960 age post neculear war due to people thinking atomic power and war would fix everything, in short.
  4. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think you just realized that wheels are different, but to messasure something like range, there are too many variables just because of differences and it is very difficult to create same condition for both wheels. it can be done but the result might not really be useful. lets say yyou bring both wheels to a indoor track and field where you don't have wind or weather to think about. but doing laps after lap at same speed will not really give you real world value as you climbs hills and regen going downhill the regen factor cannot be meassured in this way. So is there a point in doing range test. maybe. But in the end of the day speed, ridestyle and the way you use the wheel is proberly more important than 3-5 miles more. If you meassure cars milage to teh gallon then 0.1 in differance doesn't really matter if one have a crappy comfort and noise this massive compared to a fantasic feel and great assist features that let you drive further without getting tired.
  5. In other words she was mean to you. Joke aside. I had lamp and 1st trolley looked at, but i still trust this wheel muchore thany V8 which is part reason why I am not repairing my V8. It needs inner and outer shell and power cutoff button replacement.
  6. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    The thing here is it is the smales it size, so easoer to have in the trunk. Lighter too, and have a fairly good trolley system. But I am not really sure which wherl is easier to learn reverse riding and penduluming on. Speed and long range is non important, in fact I rather be able to ride slower than walk speed than running speed. That is why the KS14D 420wh might be good enough. And it could match my reflective jacket too. Less expensive so it leaves budget open for a next gen wheel for spring 2020 😁 Or going for a wheel that can double as a winter wheel next year. So my KS18L don't get too much salt damage due to our winter roads.
  7. Unventor


    So it is not age then?
  8. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I am waiting for him to open a shop in Scandinavia. Then planed trip ever 4-6 months with bag of thankyou cakes. 🤔 Hold on my hallway and basement storage is not US size... 🙄I might be able to fit 6-8 wheels and 5ish in the garage too. 1 in the car...so space for 12 more wheels. 😁😎
  9. Unventor

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Nice video. Seems the dog didn't like the wheel as much as you. Glad you are ok after yet another dismount. I think ypu are slowly but surely moving into @Rehab1 test fate group. Please look after yourselves 😃 So Marty is there any situation where you would pick your KS14S instead of the KS18XL? reason I am asking is i gave up on my V8 due to hidden strucual damages. So I lost my designated training wheel and to have in my car at all times. So I am considering a KS14D with small battery, due to cost, KS14S to keep range despite i might never need it, debating cost or KS16S to get a more all around wheel for any situation. Or KS18XL and habe the L to become training wheel. Or when released soon in EU a Z10 to use as training for reverse riding and get different 2018 generation wheel, more cost and more weight. Tuff choices. Sidenote, the good news is I don't have to convince a wife. As longy cats get food they seem happy. They to a evel state once in a while not at the wheels when I come home. But I fixed that with headlights, now they don't seem to bother that much. And giving them their favorite food when comming home with the wheel.
  10. Unventor


    So you have to change that helmet every year right? Next one reads 55...new colour too? As bright colours goes more and wish-washy aka white/grey with every model change too.
  11. Unventor


    Soap is good for you and easy to make..who need teeth?😍😶 Or maybe not right approach 😁 looks is one thing but the bit more importhat part is functionality. I found how easy it is to put on affect the choice of what helmet I use, while it still fits snog. That is my I am happy with my new choice. In the end of the day as long you like your helmet as it saves you from major injuries that is what really matters. But as with all "life insurance" you hope it need for pauout never kicks in.
  12. Unventor


    How did you end up in Stockholm?
  13. Unventor

    Best KS shell color

    Now my input here is not specific to Kingsong but here goes... On a glossy finish in general, you have a high shine on as smooth surface as possible. So the more imperfections the surface have the more divirtikn you can see in reflection, this either scratches, lag of polish or dust or fingerprints. On a matt surface there are a lot of differamce that make reflections bounch in many directions. So it is less prone to visual minor imperfections. Do you ahh a metalic matt surface equation it hides scratches even better. So in relation to Kingsong this is why I chose matt black. There is just 1 major drawback. If you want to mount anything with a suctioncub it is hard to get a good mount on a matt surface in general. Now if you worry about scratches, there is ways to go about this. Might not be cheap, but still. https://www.roll.nz/21-euc-bodyguard I think this is very nice done grom my impression from the website. In practice I have not seen the product. Nevertheless great job goes to @The Fat Unicyclist for this. Shipping and import tax to Sweden makes this fairly experienced since I can't inspected the solution. But I love the concept. Right now I am in a limbo as my designated training whhel for practice reverse riding amd off-leg step up is kinda out if commission. I am leaning toward purchased a 3rd wheel, but option options options to go about this is so complex and goes from 500ish to 2500ish € so I am still debating what to do and figure out what cost I can justify. So this kinda brings me back to the euc bodyguard system. I whish I could do like @ED209 going to a dealer to test KS14D KS14S KS16S and Ninebot Z10. (signs) where is @Marty Backe when you need his wast selections of wheels. Unfortunately the community for EUC is still small or unorginasied here in Gothenburg area in Sweden.
  14. Unventor

    Cover for KS16s?

    Sorry, since @Hunka Hunka Burning Love didn't do it I have to 😘 That wheel is so sexy it had to be rubberized.... Only thing is mine is bigger being a KS18L matt black rubber ( see signature) and now modded with western bigger pedals 😁
  15. Unventor

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I recalled it as a KS14D but I am wrong on occasion