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  1. Dushan

    Green and fashion

    Thanks. I hope so too. Like I said, it’s already my favorite wheel I will use it on Monday for sure so that will be something. Don’t have to think about range is not a dream anymore.
  2. Dushan

    Green and fashion

    I rode it yesterday evening made a 6 km ride because I'm sick right now but had to try it I was so excited about it the whole month. I've had a V8 before and my legs are not yet used to ACM2 but I love it. Cannot wait to get better and ride it everywhere I can. You were my inspiration for buying. It's really a beast.
  3. Dushan

    Green and fashion

    My ACM2 arrived two days ago so for me its a month too. But I liked this topic cause I felt the same as @Scott Henley. Everybody needs to see this if they are ordering from Ali.
  4. Dushan

    2018 who is getting what this year......?

    Exactly what I'm thinking. Thanks guys. I ordered my ACM2 1600WH just one day after your order. Now there are two new orders from yesterday and from today. I was curious why it takes so long to ship, so I asked Chen few days ago and here is the reply. ( I think he has a lot of work now when 4 people ordered ACM2 in one week ) Good timing. It's ACM2 fever