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    New Gotway

    @Hakunas you have the best advice from both @Marty Backe & @meepmeepmayer, these two have excellent reputation on here! 🤗
  2. 100V Monster Ride Video Credit: Alexis Owadenko
  3. How good is the Gotway Tesla in Arctic conditions? Video Credit: Mono Set
  4. The officer has basically confiscated it, just so he can learn how to ride on the Wheel. Once they realise how fun it is, you might get an apology and have it returned. 😂
  5. I never ever managed a range test, simply because I found it way too hard not exceed 30mph. If you rode at 13mph, a range of 55 miles or more would be possible.
  6. I used to own the 100V Monster, it was very easy to travel at speeds of 30 mph plus, here is an early acceleration test video, when I 1st got the wheel, No 3rd alarm was reached. Â
  7. NonStopNeal-1st impressions on the Kingsong 18L
  8. Different Techniques on how to Carve! Video Credit: Irina Golotova
  9. So we are playing "Finders, keepers; Losers, weepers".? Now why would you go and do that? You are both forgetting who I am. You and @Unventor both have 20 seconds to Comply!
  10. Explain how? We are on the right side over here in the UK.
  11. @Rehab1, I also lost the documentation in the same fashion, it's hidden in the snow somewhere, believe me! 😭
  12. The XL's range is hard to beat. Z10 is a fun wheel and is very manoeuvreable especially at low speed. It is a unique specialized wheel indeed! Having recently ridden the Mten3, I now find myself understanding and wanting a Z10 more now as they have similar tyres 😣
  13. @Alien Rides, incredible modification, do you feel that you can shift more of your weight towards the edges? Has torque improved alot? It looks like you can now handle the MSX as though it were a 16 inch wheel.
  14. @stephen, continue to enjoy the MSX, by the looks of things your MSX can still out perform the majority of wheels we currently have. Don't spend countless money trying to resolve a minor problem, I would save my money and put it towards a Z10.
  15. I lost my car keys the other day in similar fashion, If you find key's to a Porsche 911 GT2 RS, it's mine 😍
  16. @Luizpeed that pre-order was for the original Monster which was released nearly 3 years ago. They simply haven't updated their website. If you look at the other wheels advertised, you will see that they're old models also. There will be a New Monster coming out, in the near future.
  17. JBL Flip 4 Review (Best Bluetooth speaker) Great for EUC's! Video Credit: Chooch Tech
  18. @Marty Backecurrently has the 18XL and owns the Z10. I reckon the 18XL is best overall in all conditions, @RoberAce usually comes off his Z10 quite often, but then again, he really rides the Z10 right at it's LIMITS!
  19. KS18XL and Z10 in the SNOW! Video Credit: CEO CEO
  20. @Rehab1, another Gigantic Blockbuster upload! I'm just grabbing some popcorn now! 😀
  21. Not me, looks like minus 50 where you are. When it's like that, it becomes alittle too challenging in terms of what to wear and the tricky riding conditions etc. These conditions would not stop @winterwheel though 😉
  22. NonStopNeal 1st impressions on the MSX
  23. Thanks, getting this gear can be very costly indeed 😣, definitely one for the future though. The finish is excellent!
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