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  1. ED209

    V10F • What is your average and high speed?

    Has anyone ever increased the maximum speed to 45km/h through the Darkness Bot App? Is it safe?
  2. @Rehab1, I am surprised also, considering that your roll looked very well executed, reminds me of Judo in my youth! I hope the appointment with the Ortho on Monday goes well!
  3. ED209

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I have to be honest, I certainly would! 😊
  4. ED209

    UK EUC Seizure

  5. ED209

    Ks18XL cheap in europe?

    Ali Express is the only way, unless you are willing to buy used.
  6. ED209

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    I am surprised you managed to stay on the Wheel to be honest. You are very brave I am sure your heart was in your mouth! 😂
  7. ED209

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    Sounds like your wheel is trying to kill you... I have heard it is the same under full on acceleration.
  8. ED209


    @stephen, looks like you have already mastered the wheel at speed, well done! Lol
  9. ED209

    V10F First impression

    Thanks, your advice has been very helpful!
  10. Have you ridden the Z10 yet? What are your 1st impressions?
  11. ED209

    V10F First impression

    Thanks, how do you restore the atmospheric lights to the original display? It isn't on the display list.
  12. ED209


    NonStopNeal skate park session in Hamburg!
  13. ED209

    V10F First impression

    @UniVehje is it possible to change the atmospheric lights through the Inmotion App? For some reason, it doesn't function at all. A friend of mine wants to change the colour to something similar as in the picture below.
  14. ED209


    NonStopNeal in Amsterdam Skate park session
  15. ED209


    Speedyfeet reviews the Kingsong 18XL!
  16. ED209


    Chooch Tech rides the 18XL Fast trail riding!
  17. ED209

    Ninebot z6 in the uk

    Where on the 14s are the scratches?
  18. It is a wonderful feeling to exceed 50km/h in silence, all you hear is headwind, but listen out for 80% alarm just incase.
  19. You can, use the Gotway app only, cancel 1st and 2nd alarm, that should do it. Don't open all alarms
  20. ED209

    UK import charges?

    I purchased a V10 from Gearbest recently, there is no customs charge to pay.
  21. ED209


    100V Monster Incline Test! Video Credit: Yannick Tam
  22. ED209

    Edit : MCM5 800Wh (p.2)

    Can someone please do a lift test on the MCM5 800wh version with no load? Just want to know what maximum speed is reached, again with no load and 100% battery 🤔
  23. You chose the right spec, the MSuper V3 footplates are must haves IMO. After a while you will be able to manoeuvre it as if it were an 18 inch wheel or less.
  24. ED209

    The Photo Thread

    No problem @Coffee guy, your country is so beautiful. Will keep you posted for sure!
  25. ED209

    The Photo Thread

    Most certainly will do, we saw all the Landmarks, the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre Museum, the Arc de Triomphe, it was so easy to get to everything. There is even a cycle lane along the river siene! We saw so many Police, they just smiled, they don't bother you at all.