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  1. Guys, do the Nikola pedal overlap on the MSX when closed? Do the internal magnets inside the MSX hold the Nikola pedals in place when folded up?
  2. @Flying Rat, reviews the Nikola,
  3. @Nils, i think alot of riders choose to ride in comfort mode rather than classic, classic mode runs cooler than comfort. People should give Inmotion more credit for the V10f. There is no perfect wheel, is there? Let us not forget that it is the V10F that started the trend for wide tire on the 16 inch wheels! The Nikola looks lovely, but saying that, it IS an improved version of the V10f, Shape, power cut off function, Speakers, wide tire, rubber inserts on the footplate. Wide Foot plates, Scorpion style Handle, No originality! That being said I, love your comparison video and have my eye on the 100V version as I am an aggressive rider.
  4. NonStopNeal - Epic Balance!
  5. Not sure if the design will be new, but I have been told by a seller on Ali express that a Black version will be released soon.
  6. I am yet to experience an overload or a cut off on this wheel, as far as I am concerned, the V10f is more than capable, it is a good quality wheel, and not as bad as some of you are making it out to be. For the record I currently own the 100V MSX, Mten3 and have previously owned the 100V Monster as well as the KS18L. The V10f is my go to wheel, it the easiest wheel to live with out of them all, it is just simple.
  7. @MrT Yes, that is me indeed! Very glad for you to join us on this wonderful Forum! I have owned the Gotway Monster 100V, 100V MSX, Tesla, Mten3, MSuper V3s, Ks18a, Inmotion V8, V10 & V10F. I have ridden the 14s and came close to buying one, but then my experience on a friends MCM5 changed my opinion on what is the best commuter wheel for the city, You certainly made the right choice, I will purchase the MCM5 at some point, I was blown away by the performance!
  8. Please watch @nils Video Comparison Hill test of the V10F v Nikola.
  9. @Nils please also post this video in the video section, where it can be seen. It is important!
  10. Mr T, we may have crossed Paths before in real life ๐Ÿ˜Š. Cancel the tilt back and also the 1st and 2nd alarms. Pay attention to the 3rd alarm which means you have reached 80% power of the wheel. You should be good to go.
  11. I used to own the KS18L, nice wheel, but the app was a nightmare. @UniVehjei had the same problem you have. Once you have signed in and raised the speed limit through the app to 40kmh or 50kmh and the app accepts it, it is set, don't go back and check , cause if you sign in again to check, it will reset the speed limit automatically back to 20kmh. The tilt back will frighten you, as you won't be expecting it at 20kmh. Absolute Torture! I no longer have the KS18L, I am loving the V10f, just wish I could reach 45kph on it.
  12. @Nils, thankyou for giving us your review and 1st impressions. I am quite surprised to hear that your V10F overheats alot when riding up very steep inclines, do you ride slowly going up the inclines? I have ridden up some very steep long inclines on mine, but I tend to fly up at great speed, I weigh 87kg. With the upgraded firmware I honestly believe that the V10f can conquer @Marty Backe overheat hill test without failing. I favour the power of the V10F over my 100V MSX when going up steep long inclines, the power delivery is much smoother. Also, is there a delay in acceleration, just like in the V10F? Or is it immediate? Will it now be your go to wheel of choice, over the V10F?
  13. Looks like the 100V Version is out already!
  14. I could see from the Video, that it did appear daunting to you. We are so used to seeing you relaxed and without your headgear. Someone should have given you a hug! ๐Ÿ˜‚There are alot more riders than the ones you met on that day, Alot of them aren't even on that WhatsApp group!
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