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  1. I "almost" want to order the batteryless version from EWheels and swap my batteries back and fourth from my ACM2. It would save me almost half the money. Hmm.
  2. Yeah, that can happen. After about a month your brain gets used to it and it doesn't affect you any more. The downside of that is VR games like the Vive lose some of their effect since you don't get there vertigo or motion sickness that makes VR more immersive.
  3. Racing quads aren't like photography quads. They do not fly themselves. They have no self correcting, self stabilizing control. We fly in what is called rate mode, which flies much like a collective pitch helicopter. If you point the quad in one direction and let go of the sticks, it will continue in that direction until you control it to do something else, pretty much exactly like a cp helicopter. Here's some onboard video shot by one of our faster pilots yesterday, Seth "Poison Pilot" Parker. This video is not sped up, this is what fast FPV Racing is all about. In fact, t
  4. Besides wheeling a couple of my other hobbies are photography and FPV Racing. I am a staff member of "The Other Guys", a tier 1 chapter of MultiGP. MultiGP is an FPV quad racing organization. If you've seen DRL on ESPN, it is just like that. In fact, I've raced with most of the guys on DRL as most are locals and attend our events. Every Saturday (when weather permits), we hold races with 30-50+ racers in attendance. We race 8 quads during each heat and I can tell you it is EXCITING. Chasing eachother around a course and trying to fit 8 quads through a 5'x5' gate at 60-80 m.p.h.
  5. I'm wondering what pricing is going to be like. Looks like I'm going to have to sell more camera gear. I had no idea how addicting these wheels would be
  6. Yeah. It would be a BLAST to set up an obstacle course and take turns running through it for best time with this wheel. I'm always up for a fun competition, I just wish there were some other wheelers close by.
  7. So far so good! I think it is the most powerful tiny wheel made (84v). Since the wheel diameter is only 10" there is a large amount of torque to work with. I've only used it in my shop so far, but when I lean, it picks up speed very fast. Here's a video of a guy riding one up some pretty impressive slope angles.
  8. I'm a pretty new wheeler, having had my first wheel for under 2 months. I decided to start with an ACM2, and I am glad I did! I can't really see how you could improve on the performance. I've rode this wheel 500 miles now and I'm completely happy with it. Today I received my second wheel, an MTEN3 (thanks Scott!). Its snowing right now so I can't ride it outside, but I am riding it in my shop which is filled with forklift, pallets, engine stands, you name it. This wheel is SO maneuverable that I can ride through this obstacle course with ease, doing 180s in the span of 2 feet! I can
  9. Yep, when I first got my wheel, I though I made a HUGE mistake and wasted my money. It felt impossible to get on it. I wondered how anyone could possibly ride these things. Two days later, and I was able to (wobbly) ride around short distances. In four days, I was riding up to 10 miles on the local bike path. It just takes time for your body to learn to balance. What helped me was to use a long leash. Not for balancing, but just to hold in my hand and be able to hold up the wheel when I fell off. It made me not worry about scratching up the wheel too much so I rode more and
  10. Well, I just got back from riding my ACM2 to the post office to drop some packages off. The postman there and I have known eachother for a few years, so he came outside to see what exactly an electric unicycle is. One of the customers also came outside to watch. It turns out he has a video production/news company that makes films about Northern Colorado. He was really interested and is wanting to shoot a piece on EUCs with me. I said I'd be willing to help, get interviewed and ride for piece. We'll see.
  11. I have an ACM2, I also have size 12 feet. I am wondering if the MSuper V3 pedals are larger than the ACM2 pedals. Its an easy swap and if they are larger, I'd really like to install them on my ACM. My feet stick over 4" on my ACM pedals. Does anyone have the measurements of the MSuper V3 pedal? Thanks.
  12. You are going to love it. I've had mine for a little over a month now (my first wheel) and have over 400 miles on it. It is a smooth, fast wheel. Feels like a sports car. I really want to get a second wheel, but I am afraid anything else will feel like a lesser wheel in comparison.
  13. I picked up a GoPro Session 5 today for $75.00 (crazy deal) and stuck it to my ACM2. Here's a short video I made while riding my wheel to work. Man i love this wheel! I've had it for four weeks now and have rode over 320 miles. Speeds were between 20-25 m.p.h. on this ride. Hope you like it! youtu.be/rAh-4x7ehnI
  14. No, I thought tilt back was a safety feature, so I have it set on. I keep a good eye on my battery power and I don't go fast when my battery reaches 20% cruising. Should I turn tilt back off?
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