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  1. Charles McLean

    Gotway Msuper X 33MPH Crash....

    Glad you're ok! Stay safe! Thank goodness you were wearing the appropriate safety gear. Many people learn that lesson the hard way. I highly recommend wrist guards. They've saved me from a broken wrist once and saved the skin on my palms several times. Good luck!
  2. Charles McLean

    Buying New Tesla, any mods or issues to be aware of?

    Nope, @Marty Backe the Suburban rear tire rolled right over the wheel. I think what saved it was the fact that the pedals folded in and as the wheel was spinning the Suburban rolled over it when the wheel was laying flat on the ground, so the bulk of the weight was placed firmly on the pedals and pedal brackets and not the shell. I would have expected some warping of the wheel, but nothing ... the wheel still rode great and I actually rode it another 3 miles home with no issue.
  3. Charles McLean

    Buying New Tesla, any mods or issues to be aware of?

    I can't speak for everyone, but I've owned a Telsa for about 6 months now and I can honestly say (at least for me) this thing has been a beast! I crashed at 34.3 MPH on the first day I got it and aside from a few scratches on the shell ... there were no issues at all. No cracks, no loose screws ... nothing. Rode like it was still brand new out of the box for the past 6 months. I have over 750 miles on it. Last week I was riding and hit a hidden pot hole in the grass an my Tesla rolled out into the street and got run over by a Chevy Suburban going 25 MPH!! I picked it up, dusted it off and was still able to ride it back home and it rode great! Aside from some superficial cracks in the shell that I could repair with my plastic welder, and some missing plastic pieces that broke off and I couldn't find after the crash, the wheel is still completely functional. I did however, order a replacement shell from @Jason McNeil at EWheels.com because I can't find some of the small pieces that broke off. But, if I didn't order a replacement shell, I'd still be able to ride my wheel around with no issue. It rides great, it just looks like hell. I took it apart and there's no internal damage ... it's all superficial shell damage. I know everyone's experience is different, but I haven't had any issues with my Tesla or my Tesla shell. Like I said, it's a beast!
  4. Charles McLean

    Night rides

    To put that in perspective, the average car low-beam headlight is 700 lumens and the typical high-beam headlight is 1200 lumens. So, this head lamp is like having 4 cars following you with their high beams on! Crazy!
  5. Charles McLean

    Dualtron II EX

    Between that rear carry handle and this folding front handlebars, I think the Dualtron II EX has potential! https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Dualtron-folding-handle-stem-Stem-only/32734984805.html
  6. Charles McLean

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Hey, do me a favor and strap on a 20 lb backpack and put the wheel through it's paces so I'll know whether or not it can haul my 205 lb butt around and still be fun! ? Thanks!
  7. Charles McLean

    100V MSuper X ... check it out!

    I just saw this video posted today on Youtube from EUCGUY. It has the 5 pin charging port like the Monster 100V, so it definitely looks to be a 100V MSuper X.
  8. Charles McLean

    Publuc transit

    Nah, I've been to Tampa ... you're fine! Just ride around Dale Mabry and you'll be good!
  9. Charles McLean

    Publuc transit

    I'm usually in suit, or slacks, dress shirt and tie while riding around DC. The only time I get stopped is the folks who are curious where they can get one and how far / fast they go. But, every other time I ride around my home town in VA, nobody bothers me and I get stopped all the time by police who are curious about the wheel, but nobody ever harasses me. Virginia has a law that allows personal electronic assisted devices (hoverboards, e-bikes, EUCs, etc) to ride on any roads with a speed limit less than 25 MPH, or on any bike lane or sidewalk. The only restriction is keeping your speed below 25 MPH regardless of where you are riding.
  10. Charles McLean

    Publuc transit

    I'm up in the DC area several times a month on business and I always bring my Gotway Tesla with me. I typically get a hotel within a mile or two of where I'll be working and then just keep my car in the parking garage and ride to my meeting. I also find it makes parking soooo much easier, since if I'm just in the area for a quick day trip, I'm not so concerned about trying to find a good parking spot. I just park and then ride my Tesla to my meeting. It's so convenient and I've never had any issues with law enforcement. In fact, typically when I'm riding around, I have the local police stop me and ask me where they can get one for themselves. ? Plus, the trolley handle on the Tesla makes it easy to take it around all the shops, hotels and metro that I never travel to DC without it anymore!
  11. Charles McLean

    400km and still waiting on first crash

    @Ipsiain While I fully support your right to ride around with no gear, I do not recommend it. Whenever I go riding, I always wear wrist guards and elbow pads at a minimum. I learned those lessons the hard way, having scraped all the skin off my hands when I fell around 15 miles an hour from a bump I didn't see while turning a sharp corner. The impact also landed directly on my elbow and while all the skin is in tact, the direct shock from pavement impact traveling from my elbow to my shoulder took about a month to heal properly and get full rotation of my should back to normal. I'll also typically wear knee pads and a helmet as well if I plan on doing any riding above 15 mph. It's not a matter of "if" you fall, it is simply a matter of when. You will fall. I've got over a thousand miles between my Tesla and MSuper V3T and am 100% confident in my abilities, but there are a ton of things outside your control while riding. Cars that don't see you, forcing you to adjust at the last minute, road conditions with unexpected bumps or pot holes, mechanical failures of the wheel itself (motor cut-outs when hitting a bump at the wrong angle), etc. Too many things outside your control that can go wrong. Personally, I'd rather wear the gear and not need it, then not wear it and wish I had. Anyway, I just want you to be safe and enjoy your wheel. Do what you will. Just be safe. Good luck buddy!
  12. Charles McLean

    how wide tires could you fit in a gw tesla?

    Wow ... yeah, that's a fraction of a hair clearance. Is it even ride-able?
  13. Charles McLean

    how to stop pedal scraping????

    @Rehab1 you are awesome. There I said it. Awesome.
  14. Charles McLean

    New Design for Balancing Electric Unicycle

    Yep, looks identical!
  15. Charles McLean

    how to stop pedal scraping????

    Use this!