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  1. This was recently posted in the Gotway Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860 Model name :Gotway EX Motor:3500W Battery :2700Wh Suspension Speed: 70 km/hr Tire size: 20 inch Here is the link to the video. https://www.facebook.com/groups/352845635409860/permalink/612687079425713/
  2. I literally cringed watching that! Lean a bit to far forward and oops ... Always gear up!
  3. I had to replace the shell on my MSuper V3s+ and my 1st generation Tesla for stress cracks right along the pedal hanger that was causing the shell casing to rub against the wheel. I tried to repair it using a plastic welder to reinforce the pedal hanger areas with wire mesh to reinforce the plastic and help distribute the stress forces. But, that didn't do much to hold it in the long run and I had to replace the entire shell anyway.
  4. I can see from the image above that the cover is ABS+PC and it says, "shell" so unfortunately I'm assuming the whole shell where it connects to the pedal hangers is also plastic. In my Gotway MSuper V3s+ I've had to replace the entire shell because of stress cracks from off road riding and the weight of 1600 Whr worth of batteries. Now, double the weight and put it in the same ABS plastic shell and there is NO WAY that shell is going to have any structural integrity around the pedal hangers unless they are reinforcing it with wire mesh or some other metal plate to distribute the weight and s
  5. Maybe I missed it, and if so, please send me the link where I can find it ... but aside from the "roll bars" on the Sherman that are metal, my understanding is that the cover over the batteries is plastic that is just stamped to look like metal. Is the entire battery housing plastic, to include the area where the shell connects to the pedal hangers? I was really hoping for an entire shell and cover that was metal in order to eliminate all the stress cracks around the pedal hangers. Also, in the event of a crash and subsequent tumble, the cover cracks and the batteries go flying a lot of the
  6. The LCD is nice ... but honestly, what I really need is a speaker that is actually loud enough so I can hear the 3 beeps at 35 MPH with wind noise and a helmet! That would be a useful feature!
  7. Marty, I wasn't even tracking veteran. Just found it. Thanks!
  8. Anyone have any updates on when Gotway is scheduled to release their newest EUC with suspension? The latest rumors I heard were mid-may ... but that has come and gone and no word. Before I pull the trigger on the V11, I'm waiting to see what Gotway has to offer.
  9. Going from 1420 Wh to 1500 Wh is the equivalent adding what, 4 x extra 21700 batteries? So, now they have 84 cells instead of 80? I'm confused.
  10. One thing that caught my ear in Kuji's video is the fact that he said the main difference between the V11 suspension and the S18 is that in the S18, the battery, shell and rider are all suspended which leaves the wheel/motor free to bounce up and down underneath all that weight, whereas with the V11 it is the rider that is suspended, but the motor, battery and frame all bounce up and down underneath the rider. I'm not sure which is better and I'm weighing the pros and cons in my head.
  11. At a minimum, I'd wear wrist guards and a bike / skateboard helmet. 15 mph is slow enough that you should be fine from most falls. Clearly more protection (elbow pads, knee pads, jacket with shoulder and spine protective padding, full face helmet above 25 mph ... always) is better, but at the very bare minimum, bike / skate helmet and wrist guards and stay below 15 mph and you shouldn't have much to worry about, but I'd still recommend knee & elbow pads depending on how you typically fall. I always land on my right wrist, knee, elbow and shoulder in that order when I fall.
  12. I've got two (2) of the 84V fast chargers from eWheels and both of them fail to charge the battery to 100% anymore. Most of the time, it's randomly charging anywhere between 60 - 80%. They worked great for the first 18 months (I got one for my Tesla and one for my MSuper V3s+). The reason I know it's the charger and not the battery packs on my wheels is that when I use the original Gotway 84v charger that came with each wheel, both wheels charge to 100%. Not sure what I might have done to the chargers to cause them to no longer charge properly. I do keep the chargers plugged into the wall
  13. Holy Bejeezus! That looks like it hurt. I think we've all been there at some point. I hardly ride anywhere anymore without wrist guards since I did the same thing to my palms last year. I hope you heal quickly. Keep us updated on the cutout and whether or not you think the firmware is responsible. What was your top speed on the 16X before it cut out? How much do you weigh?
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