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  1. TomOnWheels

    Community effort to improve KingSong app text

    Oh yes please, if we can change the voice or disable "bluetooth is off" when powered on... So embarrassing in office !!!
  2. TomOnWheels

    Daredevil's first wheel...

    Exactly ! It is in preorder status... No idea when exactly. There is a specific 16X talk on this forum, maybe some people have extra info on it...
  3. TomOnWheels

    Daredevil's first wheel...

    16 or 18 inch is just a question of habits... 18 is more comfortable, 16 is probably a little bit more agile... if you have a hole or stone on the road then you will feel it less on 18 inch wheel. Maybe you should wait for KS16X it suppose to be very powerful (like 18L) and very agile... Also fist to keep in mind, and I'm really saying that as a 5 years EUC veteran: Safety first. Remember there is only one wheel and when it fail you usually end up in hospital. Pushing a EUC to it's limits usually always ends really bad. You probably should find something in between big fun and face plant :-)
  4. TomOnWheels

    KS18L latest firmware

    I spot some new settings for side lights and also ghost mode that has a direct on/off switch now... I'm not sure it was there before...
  5. TomOnWheels

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    yes @Marty Backe, this is really highly appreciated ! Actually I was expecting some posts/tests from you before I got my KS18L but you was playing with Z10 at that time :-)
  6. TomOnWheels

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    I think it's good to know limits of the wheel (well for safety at least...) and your usage of it shows that there are users with this specific requirement. It's probably a quite low % of users but good is that thanks to users like you we all will have better and stronger wheels. I specifically bought my KS18L to use it only 50% of its power. I'm just feeling safe knowing that there is 50% of motor power, just in case it is needed and that all electronics can hold the stress.
  7. TomOnWheels

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    How many of you are climbing this kind of hills on a daily (or even weekly) basis ? It's a test, just to put the wheel to its limits, and see how much it can gives. It's not something user will do every days I guess. I probably never pushed my KS18L to that temperature in all 4000km I did on it...
  8. TomOnWheels

    Add speed lock to KingSong wheel?

    Using KS mobile app you can setup alerts and a limit. For example: 1 beep if over 18 and a tilt back when over 20. There is a code that you can setup that lock access to all settings of the wheel.
  9. TomOnWheels

    Interest in an Android Wear app? KS only for now.

    @Zanonithanks for all efforts and work ! Finally my Huawei Watch 2 has landed in my mailbox. App installed, it seems to have lot of issues to connect. Sometime it connect after around 15 seconds sometime I have to try several times... Notice also as my KS18L is password protected, battery status seems not to show (always 100%). Speed is in Mph instead of Kms, so maybe there is a way to overwrite the default locales ? Thanks again !
  10. TomOnWheels

    Riding mode

    Just don't pay attention to names... it is wrong. In fact it sounds be soft, middle soft, hard mode. And yes hard mode just give quicker response when you accelerate or slow down, when a soft mode is soft and you feel the time between action/reaction of the wheel (making it probably more easy for beginners...)
  11. Trolley is made from alu and conductive so it make sens that when you have a big antenna with handle that is isolated form your hand, you get more ESD. Also when riding there is a electromagnetic field that is probably having a side effect of protecting from ESD the electronics... All that is only a theory and usually it's quite complicated to fully understand what is going on. In my company we usually put electronic equipment inside a anechoic chamber and send to it electromagnetic impulses to see how it reacts... This is also mandatory to get CE label to it and to be able to send it on European market... And yes, usually it can never be fully fixed with software... You need to properly protect all the electronics.
  12. TomOnWheels

    KS18L latest firmware

    Updated to 1.12 about a week ago... All good... No issues but also it seems nothing new except some extra settings for lights/LEDs...
  13. TomOnWheels

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    This is the way to go ! Safety first ! I'm EUC user for now almost 5 years... I was Solowheel user so that was max 20km/h and I never understood that talks about 'we need something with bigger speed limits'... Now with KS18L I can do 60km/h but I setup the fist beep to 25km/h and 2nd to 28km/h and then 30km/h... This is to keep me going over 25km/h only on some very special occasions. Maybe this is because I'm in a big city where the top speed is limited by traffic... But yes, safety is the most important for me.
  14. TomOnWheels

    KS18XL total mileage...

    Seriously ? 40km/day ???? Wooow !
  15. TomOnWheels

    Kıngsong ks18xl bag

    Me too, I want one !!!!