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  1. Yea, I’ll PM you now . ~$45 within the continental US
  2. King Song 14s with 73.9 mi. This thing is in great shape. Barely ridden since my commute is so short and I’ve been riding my MSuper more often lately. Need to move this as quick as possible due to some personal issues. Bought from @Jason McNeil at Ewheels less than 3mo ago as a replacemt for my 14D. Will ship within the continental United States. For some reason I can’t post a photo I’ll try to add them in the thread but it’s in great shape.
  3. It’s not . Lol. My cat tries to run with me when I ride in the House . Scares the crap out of me ...thinking of she doesn’t move and I run her over . ? so I now lock her in another room while doing my inside wheeling .
  4. 30 right here ! Think I’m one of the youngest .
  5. what's the average cost for a set up like that...no drone racing leagues around here, but no unicyclists either so won't let that stop me
  6. Yes yes, sorry . I always forget about that wheel
  7. It’s not just the Tesla ...No king song or GW wheels have this feature. (Well ....the 18L will , but it’s not out yet )
  8. This is very similar to what happened with my 14D. It shut off on me twice . (As in fully powered down resulting in the wheel cutting off and going “limp”) The first time was at a low speed coming off a1-2” lip on my patio . I picked it back up , powered it on and all seemed fine . Continued on for about a mile went over another small bump (slightly raised section of sidewalk..again about 1-2” ) nothing major at all. This time I was moving at close to 15mph the wheel shut off and dropped me on my face . I again picked it up and it powered back on normally. Rode it very slowly to work and then
  9. It’s my general rule of thumb to always read the warranty and return policies of any site when purchasing online . In doing so, you tend to find little tid bits of pertinent information such as this.
  10. Parts When parts are available in limited supply, we may reserve these for our Customers. Please be advised that if you are ordering a part that we’re running low on, we may be forced to cancel the order if your Wheel/Scooter has been sourced from a third party. Having access to parts & accessories is one of the perks of being an eWheels Customers. I took this directly from the eWheels page. I understand it may be frustrating, but replacement parts such as these pads are in fairly limited supply.
  11. Being that the wheel has such a small battery capacity, 65% standing still does not leave much "meat on the bone" while traveling at speed. The battery drops quite a bit while riding. So 65% on a 420wh battery leaves you with very little useable speed. If you watch the battery meter on your app while riding you'll understand what I am talking about. So no, it's not limiting you at 65%, its limiting you once the wheel gets down around 40% (due to battery usage while riding). As for the "whine", I've owned quite a few different wheels over the last few months and my 14D and 14S were the qu
  12. That's one way to put it....certainly a rush (of blood flowing from your face)
  13. Exactly! The wheel goes instantly limp, pedals drop forward...and so does your face. It all happens so fast (at high speed) that you really have no time to react. Try standing on a wheel that isn't turned on. Same feeling only at 20mph. It's not fun. ☠️
  14. This was the main selling point for me on the Msuper T. I love the look of the exposed tire. Hey guys been a while...glad to see everyone is still here. This was my 666th post...maybe i should stop now
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