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  1. Basically same angle as my 18XL.
  2. My MSX, with the updated rear light, has flat pedals. I wanted the angled pedals, so I could get that locked in feeling. I guess everyone has different preferences.
  3. Interesting. Hard braking on my MSX I sometimes get wobbles, what could be the reason for this? I ride in soft mode. Sorry for off-topic, I’m going through all the 16X threads and thought I’d ask.
  4. I changed the handle switch and now I have the problem another rider on our group had lol. Rockwheel store, been very helpful. Sent new board and switch.
  5. Have the new board in, going to go somewhere with grass both sides wearing some protection to test it. I’m not sure about the change of speaker surround. Both red and silver are plastic and seem to be scuffed by the grip tape, maybe just cosmetic change to match the red light.
  6. Mine are silver speakers. What colour are yours? Yes I replaced the board. As you can see above no hot glue issue, no burned mosfets.
  7. No hot glue, no burn marks; not sure why it failed.
  8. Here’s my old Tesla v2 board.
  9. Just tested mine and it works fine, no trick to doing it.
  10. Excuse my ignorance of electronics. When I fit my new board, is there some way I can test it without riding - leaving it on all day leaned up against a wall for instance?
  11. Anyone bought a Tesla v2 yet? Any issues?
  12. I was wondering this, do I need to re-apply the glue to connectors when I change my Tesla v2 board? What’s the best stuff to use?
  13. From a lot of time on my v8, I would estimate that I was travelling at no more than 15mph; was just maintaining constant speed when it cut out on flat road. I received the Tesla last Wednesday, rode it Friday night around hundreds of cyclists then Saturday short ride to shops then Sunday morning it cut out. Didn’t get opportunity to test it off-road or do any high speeds. Sorry to bring this up in the nikola thread.
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