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  1. Had one that blew up. It was the silver speaker one though. It pulled like no other wheel, like a train. Not sure I will ever experience that urgency and effortlessness in a wheel again. Even msx torque and 100v nikola felt like nothing in comparison. Still waiting for a damn refund after 6 months.
  2. Jeez I wanna at least try and hear beeping. People have to tell me I’m beeping usually 😂
  3. I think they’re all like this aren’t they - placement on board? We don’t have proper hot weather here anyway, surely would only be an issue in Nevada or similar climate right? Hopefully these big battery high power wheels will lead to better boards.
  4. My 84v msx is on 2717 miles and looks okay. Was hoping to get to 10,000 miles with just tire changes.
  5. Topkek

    MSX 2200Wh / 2170 cells

    Which 2200wh msx on Ali is the one everybody buys? Can’t make my mind up, c30 msx pro or 2200wh msx.
  6. Any update on this? I really want to buy a c30 ms pro but weary because of these failures.
  7. Sorry about this. I’m holding them for someone. I’ll post again if they’re not sold.
  8. Some scratches from off road use. Will post pictures when I get some time.
  9. I think the silver speaker version was the first production batch.
  10. It was the silver speaker. Probably same as above just different conditions; not sure. I couldn’t claim for refund because I sold it. Still trying with aliexpress though as the third buyer was reimbursed. Wasn’t going to post anything about it but fed up with being messed about by the seller and Ali for recourse. I think they made some alteration possibly when they went to the red speaker. It rode like a dream, effortlessly; just preferred my msx for long rides.
  11. The Tesla v2 I sold exploded, maybe the above occurred with added water ingress possibly made worse. If it’s the same seller they will ask it to be returned.
  12. I sometimes get wobbles braking hard from high speed, msx and nikola. Are wobbles under braking caused by too low PSI? My legs feel straight, maybe slightly bent. My foot placement is same each side.
  13. Yeah the tramlining effect seems to come out of nowhere for me. I could ride all day then I’m like what the hell was that lol. I’m riding at 30 psi currently.
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