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  1. 2000 miles, new tire and tube. Comes with stock charger, stock pedals, stock side pads, seat, fender. £2000
  2. Anyone tried them on the Sherman? Are they good for clearance etc?
  3. MSX tire. Not worth sending, prefer collection. Bought ages ago then sold Msx. Unused. Also have Msx seat £30 Nylonov Msx pedals (new) £150 Russian power pads (new) £150 (maybe sold already, I think someone asked me to buy them) Michelin city tire for Sherman (new) £20 84v 1rad switchable 5A fast charger £50 Preference for collection as no time to ship items.
  4. Gonna check it now. I’m on version 1 and always treated it like a chocolate wheel.
  5. Embarrassing moment. Was trolleying my wheel in the supermarket, it tilted back and I had to lift it with the trolley handle to stop it spinning away. Has this happened to anyone else, any ideas what it could be? Turned it off and on, was okay.
  6. As title, nothing more to say. No longer have 84v msx so surplus to requirements. Would rather London collection.
  7. Anyone know if the msp/msx nylonove pedals fit on the Sherman? Will I have to swap the magnets around?
  8. Just received mine. Do you guys notice an initial vibration when pulling away, more so than Gotway I would say? Struggling to determine what pads to use. The stock ones seem to require more upper body lean perhaps due to location. Didnt realise that pressing the power button turns the rear light off.
  9. I hope the hollow motor bigger battery version keeps the torquey effortless Tesla feeling. I like that the Tesla v2 I had was so effortless I didn’t need pads to push it. Meant that I could be more relaxed so city riding was easy. Long rides I didn’t like it though, msx tire was much better.
  10. Maybe I’m mistaken but I thought I read from EUC service that some issue with bearing was sorted out.
  11. What have they done with the second batch in regards to the hollow motor?
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