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  1. Topkek

    InMotion V8f

    Think I’m gonna wait for people to do some serious all weather miles before purchasing.
  2. Topkek

    InMotion V8f

    Anyone know when the v8f will be released?
  3. For use with my MSX, need a watch. The pebble seems to be outdated. Will any gear OS watch work fine? 🙏
  4. So is this a Gotway designed wheel?
  5. Basically same angle as my 18XL.
  6. My MSX, with the updated rear light, has flat pedals. I wanted the angled pedals, so I could get that locked in feeling. I guess everyone has different preferences.
  7. Interesting. Hard braking on my MSX I sometimes get wobbles, what could be the reason for this? I ride in soft mode. Sorry for off-topic, I’m going through all the 16X threads and thought I’d ask.
  8. I changed the handle switch and now I have the problem another rider on our group had lol. Rockwheel store, been very helpful. Sent new board and switch.
  9. Have the new board in, going to go somewhere with grass both sides wearing some protection to test it. I’m not sure about the change of speaker surround. Both red and silver are plastic and seem to be scuffed by the grip tape, maybe just cosmetic change to match the red light.
  10. Mine are silver speakers. What colour are yours? Yes I replaced the board. As you can see above no hot glue issue, no burned mosfets.
  11. No hot glue, no burn marks; not sure why it failed.
  12. Here’s my old Tesla v2 board.
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