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  1. This is welcome news. So far xiaomi’s line of escooters have kept my attention. Living in the US both these companies are familiar to me giving. At least I can say I own one or more of their products. It would be a shame if they are not planning to offer this for public ownership. Thank you for the updates. I love the old gas scooter images above and on the spec sheet. Saw many like them in my newsfeed last week. Many other wonderful 20th century photos featuring mail carriers, early adopters, and the traffic stops on such.
  2. exactly the kind of thinking I was hoping for. I have a customer who's been printing parts for almost a year and have no doubt he would help me with this. I can choose the color too. just saved me 13 dollars. a tip of the hat to you.
  3. this is my first post. my ninebot one s1 is missing battery cover the small silicone part by the pedals. $2.20 is cost but shipping will cost at least 10 dollars on top. my question is what are some other parts to stack with that will probably need replacing anyways. all of them are fairly cheap for the plastic covers and such. or any other vendors cheaper than Segway store. I'm in central va so no local pickup available. if this is already mentioned elsewhere I'm sorry any advice would be appreciated.
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