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  1. Of course. the power pads are essential on the monster.
  2. For off-road there would be a real advantage with the Suspentions. But beware the independent suspension adds a lot of instability to the driving. The 2 padals must work together. In any case, the weight and the large size of the GMP make it a wheel for the road.
  3. 106 kph x 75% = 80kph = 50 mph
  4. We can always compare. But for GMP a free speed of 106 klm / h is higher than the sherman. A 3500 watt motor is much better than the Sherman. A 24 inch wheel is more stable than Sherman. A 3600 watt hour battery is always more than a sherman. 😉
  5. I would like to compare this test with ks 18S 🤩 20200701_110559_2.mp4
  6. Moi j'ai la gear s elle est parfaitement compatible Moi j'ai la Samsung gear s 1 elle est parfaitement compatible jusqu'à la version 2.0.20 (anglais)
  7. The latest version does not connect with the S gear watch. Does it work with pebble?
  8. After English version 2.0.20, I can not use my samsung gear S watch anymore. The application closes as soon as I start the watch application 😢 I have to reinstall English version 2.0.20 and to be able to use my S gear watch. Is there a solution?
  9. Beautiful works perfectly well with a Bluetooth headset
  10. I feel that the ideal compromise between comfort and stability is like that A stable support at the front and supple at the heels. Like running on your toes
  11. I ordered a pair on aliexpress. I will make a comment after trying them. 😁
  12. I would like to know if anyone has tested blade shoes on an electric unicycle?
  13. I am very impressed with the results. At low speed it is more reactive. At high speed it is more precise. With the impression of sticking on the bitumen. And an incomparable smooth ride. The rounded shape of the tire increases cornering efficiency. It is now a racing machine ?
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