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  1. This gokart kit was announced by Ninebot today: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ninebot-electric-gokart-the-coolest-gokart-ever#/ It's basically a frame that you attach to the minipro that allows you to sit and steer it like a gokart. The most interesting thing I saw about it was the top speed: Given that it looks like you just attach the minipro and can start driving, it must mean that whatever firmware is in the cart can override the minipro's speed limit. Unfortunately that firmware might also disable a bunch of important stuff, like the self-balancing, in order to get the gas/brake pedals to work.
  2. Unfortunately I don't know anyone nearby with a miniPRO that I could swap batteries with. Looks like I just need to get a replacement.
  3. One weird thing that happened was yesterday I charged it up until it stopped charging (40%) then took it down a long hill. By the time I got to the bottom it was showing 3 bars and the app was showing 54% charged. So I guess the regenerative braking is capable of charging the battery past 40%, but not the actual charger.
  4. I haven't ridden it all the way to 0, but after riding it for 10 minutes it drops to 1 bar and imposes a reduced maximum speed so it is pretty frustrating. In the app it still gives the 5700 mAh rating but says it's only charged 1912 mAh. So I guess it's using the 4800 mAh max that the stock charger goes up to to compute the percentage.
  5. The charger light goes green but when I turn on the Segway it says it only shows two bars and the app says that it's only at ~40%. I contacted Segway and they told me to disconnect the battery and try charging it. Didn't help. When the LED on the battery itself turned solid green I reconnected it but it still was only at 40%. I don't think it's a charger problem because I've tried using another charger and it doesn't make a difference. This of course happened 190 days after purchase, 10 days past the Segway warranty on the battery.
  6. I have had my MiniPro for 6 months now and have just over 1000 km on it. Today it decided to stop charging past 41%. Is this indicative of a battery cell failure?
  7. Yep, I also suspect it's the reason I lost all my red screw covers within the first week, because the flattened tire must have popped them off. Thanks, I'll be sure to do a biweekly check from here on out.
  8. THANK YOU everyone! I just checked with a pressure gauge and as you suspected, my air pressure was INSANELY low, like 10 psi low. I feel really dumb for not thinking to check this, but I guess the pressure must have been that low when I received the miniPRO and I just assumed they came properly filled. I pumped them up to 45 psi this morning and rode it to work, and WOW. It's like I have a whole new device. Faster acceleration/stopping, and it also fixed an annoying clicking noise I was getting with the right wheel. But most of all the range - I burned only 10% of my battery over the 2 mile commute. Which is about 5 times better range than what I was getting before. Crazy, but when I think about how much harder riding a bike is with flat tires, it makes sense. I guess I will cancel that warranty claim I sent in to Segway...
  9. I don't have a pressure gauge but I checked them with my hands and they feel pretty low. I'll pump them up and see if it helps any. Thanks for the tip! Unsure if it will double my expected range though... The coldest temperatures I ride in are around 10 C.
  10. Thanks for the replies so far. I have some screenshots of my commute this morning: Fully charged: After 3.8 km: I do recall getting a bit better range the first week I had it - maybe 6 miles with the stock charger? I recall it going completely dead in the middle of a longer commute I made in that first week, around the 5 mile mark. Though part of that commute was uphill.
  11. I've owned my MiniPro for three months now, riding it about 5 days a week. I ride it to and from work each day, which is 2 miles there and 2 miles back over flat terrain. When I get back home (after 4 miles) I've got one bar left of the battery, and will have actually been at that level for the last half-mile of my commute with reduced speed. I suspect I could go maybe 1 more mile on the battery before it died. Next time I go out I'll try to get a screenshot from the ninebot app confirming the exact battery %. Since it does get me to work and back each day (which is why I got it) I haven't felt the need to complain. I just assumed that advertised range of 14 miles by ninebot was some hypothetical maximum achieved by a 80-pound person going downhill in a vacuum, and being a 190-pound person I should expect less range. But this seems like a lot less. But looking around on the internet is seems that other people of comparable weight are going up and down hills and still getting a much further range out of their miniPro. So what gives? Should I file a warranty claim for a faulty battery, or is this to be expected? I have tried out the charger from More4Mini and it does get me maybe a mile extra range, enough so that I'm not stuck at a reduced speed for a chunk of my commute. But if there is something wrong with my battery, I'd like to know.
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