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    ACM battery Packages

    Here is the link to their shop: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/1908673?spm=2114.12010108.0.0.5217615bxs9Hqy Just click on accessories zone and then select the wheel you want accessories for and you should see the batteries I personally have never bought from them so don't know how quality their shop is or how their shipping times are, I think some others here have but don't know if recently.
  2. Heyzeus

    ACM battery Packages

    That would be my guess, from what I've seen the ACM2 1600wh has two packs total, alie express green fashion shop's max size battery for the ACM is 800wh so, i'd assume there is one 800wh pack on each side...haven't opened one up to check but that would be my guess. the 1300wh supposedly just uses lower capacity cells but the same number as the 1600wh so i'm guessing it has two equally sized packs also. I do not know how that compares to the msx though...someone who knows about the msx will have to answer that one for ya
  3. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    I'll let someone else who knows more about the z10 be the definitive answer but my understanding from what I read here is that if it takes a charge then the battery voltage hasn't dropped so low as to be disconnected by the bms and need "jumpstarting" if I am interpreting what I've read correctly it seems that if the battery voltage drops too low, the bms fully disconnects it from the system to prevent further drain and to protect the battery. It is in these cases where the battery may have dropped below 3.2v and where it will need a jumpstart but where there could potentially be damage to the battery. If your wheel turned on/beeped but wouldn't work due to low battery but still took a charge then you may be fine from a battery perspective. Others feel free to correct me if I am wrong
  4. Heyzeus

    ACM battery Packages

    From ewheels old.product page on the acm2: https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-acm-acms-16-800wh1300wh/ Also according to this guy's research in this post the ACM is 20s6p https://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/10546-so-i-live-at-the-top-of-a-steep-hill/
  5. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    I personally wouldn't trust any wheel that was delivered DOA regardless of manufacturer. For an inherently unstable platform with no safeties or redundancies I'm just not going to put myself at risk with something that doesn't work straight out of the box. Sure maybe you can jumpstart it and get it to work but you really shouldn't have to and if it's got issues up front then there's a strong likelihood that it might have issues later...when least expected. Lull you into a false sense of security and then bam. There's enough potential problems that could go wrong with one of these things why add something else into the mix. Every time the wheel would have some weird behavior or let's say you thought the wheel cut out but you really overleaned it, or pushed it past its performance capabilities, well you're going to wonder did it fail because of me or did it fail because it's got a bad cell. To me it just wouldn't be worth the risk and I would be sending it back...and that's besides the fact that for the price it should just be working out of the box. Not telling anyone what to do just you know rambling my thoughts
  6. Heyzeus

    Beware the stroad!

    This was interesting. Can see good reason to plan routes around residential streets when possible even if it's a little bit extra out of the way if one can do so instead of going along on high speed roads. Getting hit by a car pulling out of a drive way is a lot better than getting hit by a car running a red light. Obvious stuff is obvious I guess but the article really helps one see the distinction between the two.
  7. Heyzeus

    New 16″ unicycle from King Song

    Practicing new techniques (backwards, one legged), training beater wheel, try and seal it and make it a wet day/rainy day wheel for when it's wet and muddy out and don't want to get your nice wheel dirty, memories, to build up a wheel collection for your signature photos...so many uses
  8. Heyzeus

    I Woke Up Today With Tinnitus

    have you seen this: Not permanent fix but may help, YMMV https://www.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/3oauru/if_you_have_tinnitus_this_simple_technique_might/ https://lifehacker.com/this-weird-trick-might-give-you-brief-relief-from-your-1794093023
  9. Heyzeus

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Those nikola pedals look beefy. I hope Jason stocks some extra pairs, would be tempted to buy them, rip off the rubber and put on the sandpaper like grip tape. Hopefully they will be compatible with the acm/mcm eucs My size 12 feet need larger pedals than the acm/msuper pedals.
  10. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    doesn't the rim still have bearings that the axel has to go through or are you saying the suspension takes a lot of the stress off the bearings and they last longer. https://imgur.com/a/G4jbz4f
  11. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    Curious if bearing replacement is commonly needed on higher mileage king song/gotway wheels. The fact it accumulated so many miles though is encouraging for those with ones that haven't had problems that they aren't going to spontaneously have problems 800 miles in. Makes sense that bearings wouldn't last forever but don't know how many miles a bearing should last as to be able to judge whether 3,700 miles is a short, standard, or long bearing life Do motorcycle wheels have bearings on their rim/wheel hubs that need to be replaced every so many thousand miles?
  12. Heyzeus


    But...with a full face helmet...with Bluetooth music/calls....how will you mind the beep I want to listen to music on my headphones while riding sometimes but I usually end up using only one earbud so I can hear the beep
  13. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    Yeah, I noticed that but was confused by that conclusion (not saying it's wrong, I am not an engineer) because it says: So how are these burning up in box, just sitting there, I would think it wouldn't be having passive current going through them when off, and I wouldn't expect high current flowing through when off (again not an engineer could be wrong, just seems like it would be weird). Are the failure ones somehow getting turned on in shipping or maybe they die immediately when being tested at the factory but the nature of the failure isn't such that you notice it just after switching on the first time and so they got boxed up and shipped out. Just seems weird to my admittedly untrained eye
  14. Heyzeus

    [EcoDrift.ru] Ninebot Z10: A Diagnosis of Common Issues

    This is how you go out of business right? Or at least in a ideal world it would be, but with a billion potential customers in china business just carries on as usual. Especially with their profits from their other products (scooters etc). I would like to think that they aren't selling the parts only because they are identifying the fault/fix in the board and manufacturing new ones, but I doubt that is the case given radio silence. If you can comment, do you think the failures are due to bad design where the parts they used aren't spec'd right and sometimes fail as a result (and will eventually all succumb)or do you think it's bad part quality control where they just got a batch of bad sensors or something that can't handle the power of their given specs and fail @Jason McNeil of the failures with the controller, do you know if all the failures have been out of box / post ride or have these failed at speed. I'm curious if these hall sensor defects/other controller defects have resulted in the wheels just acting funny on startup or actually have thrown people from their wheels mid ride. If it's the latter then I imagine this would be a dangerous wheel to be going off trail given the higher current/power demands in those scenarios
  15. Heyzeus

    WTB EUC - SF Bay Area or SoCal

    I was wasting some time this morning reading this write up on various brands 18650 cells. 3500mAh league: Sanyo NCR18650GA, Panasonic NCR18650GA, LG MJ1, Samsung INR18650-35E I know nothing about the finer points of these batteries or li-ion cells in general other than the surface level stuff so this isn't a counter to your statement or anything...but I did find it interesting, when trying to find out more about the batteries in the 1600wh version of the ACM2 (sanyo ones). I don't know how they get the 1600wh figure though, doing the math from Jason's old product page (3.5ah * 3.6 nom vol * 120cells) gives 1512wh, king songs figure of 3.5 * 3.7 * 120 actually matches the 1554wh listed capacity on the 18xl, so I don't quite get how it works or where gotways calculation comes from or if it's just marketing round up
  16. Heyzeus

    WTB EUC - SF Bay Area or SoCal

    Well that takes the wind out of my fun sails. Though that bug makes more sense to me (as far as how it would exist), though it's funny they didn't catch it early on.
  17. Heyzeus

    WTB EUC - SF Bay Area or SoCal

    Gotway selling process: "Man I want to sell this wheel, it looks pretty good but the mileage is so high no one will buy it...I know..." *powers wheel on *chucks on bed *too tired to dance, let's out life affirming beep instead "zero miles, well no one will believe that" *rides for 5 miles *Makes sale listing "low mileage learner wheel, just a few bumps and scratches" "Thanks Gotway" ...what an odd bug to exist.
  18. Heyzeus

    WTB EUC - SF Bay Area or SoCal

    How many ACMs do you have lol? Didn't you just sell one too. I take it your plan to open a business competing with Jason (www.acmwheels.com) fell through
  19. Heyzeus

    KS 18XL mudguard - Found

    Found some original KS insoles mudguards https://www.ebay.com/itm/TACCO-613-Luxus-Orthotic-Arch-Support-Full-Leather-Shoe-Insoles-Inserts-/301981772216 If you found something stiff enough it might actually just work or cut something out of cork or out of a sheet of coroplast
  20. I believe I've seen @Marty Backe say he likes the ride time, ride distance, and top speed screen of the wheellog app that is on the secondary screen of the pebble time (though currently doesn't function/update), like being able to push a button and it shows secondary info Also I imagine current wheel temperature might be good to have. Perhaps also an option to show battery voltage along with the overall percent for some I like the look of it, though I only have a gotway and ninebot c+ currently i'm sure i'll have a KS someday and so this would be cool to have as another option to wheellog since it doesn't really support newer android wear smartwatches without a phone link from what I've heard.
  21. $2 to manufacture $60 dollars to sell, broken shortly after. Seems about standard for the quality of things these days.
  22. Soak these in epoxy, let dry, insert fists, ride unicycle Sorry my suggestion sucks, hope you heal fast
  23. I was thinking of getting some mountain bike gloves and just wearing those under a wrist protector that's one size larger or so
  24. I really need to save up for a full face helmet Remember, implants are 5-10k a pop, veneers $700, crowns 3k. Wrist, elbow, shoulder injuries are expensive too. Also if a wheel fails and goes flying into some car or a person it makes the community look bad not trying to tell you what to do but "pennywise, pound foolish" is a saying for a reason, and in the process of one component frying some other component could be compromised but not fail fully till under heavy strain,good luck and be safe