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  1. Whenever i'm at a crosswalk, waiting to cross where people can make right turns, and the walk sign goes on, I always check to my left/rear to see if any cars are coming and either wait for them to turn, or make sure they have come to a complete stop and seen me before crossing. Same when i'm getting to the other side, i'll make sure anyone in the turning lane has slowed down or sees me rather than just assuming they will see me and stop. Drivers are definitely only paying attention to their left half the time and at T intersections where they have no oncoming traffic from their left just assume they can turn without looking. Right of way means nothing when you are dead or in a wheelchair.
  2. Yeah, I'm already pretty cautious on campus due to the sheer number of people walking around looking at their phones with heads down and headphones in but I'm going to have to be even more cautious. I might practice hard stops too so I can get a better feel for stopping hard, at least better than I currently have. If I had more experience with hard stops I may have been able to stop quicker and avoided hitting him. But at some point, there just isn't enough room.
  3. Well...it happened today...going to class, in the bike lane like a good person who follows the rules, not going too fast, certainly no faster than bikes go in this area, probably slower. Dude walks right across the bike lane without looking or anything, luckily there is still some distance between me and him, though not much, I try and slow down as fast as I can, can't fully stop, but get down to maybe 2 or so mph and I put up my hands to deflect. Luckily the guy was a somewhat beefier dude and not some 100lb girl, but I was able to use my arms to push off him a little bit, twist the unicycle away from him and bail. He stayed standing, I landed on my butt, my unicycle traveled for 10 or so feet before tipping on it's side and stopping. Dude: "Sorry, my bad" Me: "Dude, what the fuck, it's the bike lane, fucking look before you cross it" Maybe I was a little harsh, but maybe next time he'll look before he crosses a street(for bikes) and not be a dumbass Luckily I was uninjured other than i'll probably have a small bruise where I landed on my butt. Luckily my unicycle tipped over in the grass so other than some dirt on the pedal where the pedal finally caught the ground it was undamaged, so good job on the padding @Rywokast I was worried it was going to be damaged but it looks just fine. Frankly this guy was lucky I was on my unicycle and not my mountain bike. This is a slightly downhill portion of the path and people can go at a good clip on their bikes there. Had I been on my bike, my hands would have been on my handlebar and I would not have been able to push off him to deflect away from him and would have just plowed right into him and we both would have gone down. ugh
  4. Heyzeus

    Ninebot Z10 Carving?

    I would wait to see what the KS16x is like. According to kuji's video it was very nimble, and with it's high pedal height one should be able to do tighter turns or lean into turns more without pedal scraping. Plus with it's 3 inch tire, it might just be in the sweetspot between the largness of the ninebot tire at 4 inches, and the 2.125/2.5 inch tires of the 16s/18xl. Reviews will tell but if you can wait for more impressions it might not be a bad idea, especially with ninebot's reported customer service issues.
  5. I bet she was on the right and you were like, "hmm the left looks like a good side to pass on" and then as you got closer she just moved across the path narrowing your passing window space before you could re-adjust. I swear this thing has like some sort of gravitational pull to it that causes pedestrians to meander on over to the side you want to pass on. If i'm not getting stuck dealing with people walking in the bike lane on campus, then i'm getting stuck dealing with people who walk all over the sidewalk rather than staying to one side or maintaining a straight-ish line. On campus, we have 2 side by side bike lanes, one for each direction... The other day a guy was walking in the middle of the bike lane, in the bike lane for going the direction I was going, except he was walking towards me, looking at his phone. I just slowed down real slow, like walking speed, stayed centered in the lane, and when I was a few feet away was like, "dude, bike lane"....he goes, "oh sorry" and moves. le sigh
  6. Heyzeus

    Tesla version confusion (and a few more Qs)

    It is a gorgeous wheel, The other day I was riding it to class wearing a shirt with a TIE fighter on it and then realized, oh man I really am repping the empire today.
  7. Heyzeus

    I think I want to buy an euc but not convinced yet.

    See my thread here for my helmet speaker mod: might give you some ideas as to things you could do with your helmet. Though my helmet is an open full face helmet, in a closed helmet, it might still be too isolating or prevent you from hearing surroundings.
  8. Heyzeus

    How bad were you hurt?

    https://old.reddit.com/r/ElectricScooters/comments/bcacx9/can_we_talk_about_injuries_and_safety_i_wiped_out/ Not me, but thought this was a good example giving morep roof of the value of a full face helmet. Even on things not euc. Hope that person has insurance because those teeth are going to be expensive to fix, few $K easily
  9. Heyzeus

    1600WH GotWay ACM - $1000 OBO

    Man I want my shell rhino lined, that would be sweet
  10. Heyzeus

    State of the EUC industry?

    if I was a dealer I wouldn't want to take the legal risk that could come with shipping someone a wheel to rent and try out and who knows what they do with it. Go bombing down a hill, fall off and the wheel keeps going and flies through some stores front window hitting a kid. Then they claim the wheel malfunctioned and I get sued, no thanks. But if I had a physical storefront I would probably try get a store in an area with a plot that had a semi closed in zone in the parking lot area with some parallel bars in one section, and a padded raised 6 inch curb around the perimeter. then I would get a couple ninebot c+ and let people who sign a waiver use those in that specific area to learn how to ride. The ninebot c+ are super durable with their inner metal magnesium frame and can take a huge beating and keep going and are plenty powerful to learn on and are cheap. The fact that they are beat up doesn't matter cause they would be beater wheels, I wouldn't trust them riding around the city but in a 40x40 foot plot, sure why not. Want to ride for 3 hours in that area, sure have at it, you can ride all day in that area for all I care, eventually you will want to leave that area and to do so you'll buy a wheel, hopefully from me. Sounds like that works well for @The Fat Unicyclist Also, because I'm immature: That's what she said.
  11. Heyzeus

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    Put something like a large battery safe box similar to what hobbyists use to charge batteries on deck of boat, attach box to catapult, connect up fire sensor, put euc in box to charge. Fire starts, catapult launches that bitch off the boat, now it's the ocean's problem to deal with Rube Goldberg it.
  12. Using vibranium should meet most use cases Someone in that thread was saying that the material may not be the issue so much as the way it's forged. That if it were to be cnc machined that would probably solve many of the issues though the inmotion pedal looks like it's issue may be more design than the material its made of
  13. Heyzeus

    New generation of electric motors?

    Don't be so negative The pulse glider is coming any day now... /s
  14. I did a simple mod to my Bell Super DH to make it easier to listen to music while riding and still hear exterior noises like cars and people. Though fair warning if you have the volume up on these and are going fast and have wind noise, you won't hear your unicycle beep most likely if you push it past it's limits. So if listening to music, I highly suggest having alarms set up in wheel log, especially with the pebble watch and suggest being a bit more conservative with the speed alarms to be safe. Or turn the music down lower when going higher speeds. Motivation for mod: Trying to keep earbuds in while putting the helmet on was a pain. Trying to keep the earbuds in a position where they didn't hurt my ears was a pain. Not to mention earbuds were a bit too isolating and so I was only wearing one in my right ear. All together it sucked and needed to change. Speakers purchased: https://www.amazon.com/UCLEAR-Digital-Definition-Speakers-Compatible/dp/B00RW10WBC/ref=sr_1_4?keywords=helmet+speakers&qid=1554352556&s=gateway&sr=8-4 Here are some pictures of where I put them in the helmet: https://imgur.com/a/U4zv256 I put them in the highest and forwardmost position you can in the helmet, pushed right up against the cheek pads and where the chinbar piece meets the bottom of the top helmet. With the chinbar removed: Speaker Front and Back: How I attached them: The speakers come with some 3m sticky backed Velcro fuzzies the size of the speaker in the above picture. The speaker has the Velcro hooks and the sticky backed fuzzy round piece is what I stuck to the inside of my helmet (the speakers also come with some thicker foam pads like half a centimeter thick or so that one could use in other helmets to make them stick out more if they were too deep in the helmet) You can see below that the attachment surface isn't flat and even. That foam curve is how the helmet comes, I didn't cut it out, so unless I wanted to go @Rehab1 and modify and make my own plastic piece to glue in there to give more surface area, then the surface area available for my point of attachment was limited. But the speakers are light and so it doesn't need to be attached all around. The point of attachment is strong enough to hold it in place when not being worn, and when being worn my head is going to be putting enough pressure on it to keep them from coming loose. So far I haven't noticed them coming loose and the attachment seems plenty strong so yayy. Where they are positioned, I don't notice them putting significant pressure on my ears or causing any annoyance or pain. My ears barely touch them, but I have small ears. Right side: Left Side: Alternatively you could easily position them in these two positions, I didn't because the music didn't sound as good and in the first one it pushed against the back of my earlobes too much Left side Lastly I took a tiny drill bit and drilled two tiny holes in the back of my chin bar so that I could run a thin twist tie through so as to tie the wire out of the way so it wouldn't hit my neck while riding Overall, pretty easy mod, speakers aren't bose quite comforts but they get loud enough to still hear the music when going ~40kmh (be careful of not hearing wheel beeps though), they sound as good as most sony/jvc etc. wired earbuds that you might get for 15-30 bucks at frys/microcenter/bestbuy whatever. So i'm overall satisfied with the sound quality and loudness, ymmv though.
  15. Heyzeus


    I did a simple mod to add speakers to my Bell Super DH. I did a write up on it since I know some of you here have purchased this helmet. See the topic here:
  16. Heyzeus

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I thought that was tutting in queue
  17. Heyzeus

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    is this only sending alerts/voice alerts for the alarms you have set in the app? (like the speed alarm 1, 2, & 3 under the alarm settings section in wheellog) Ie: It doesn't echo/forward the the beeper alarms direct from the wheel to the phone. Or have you added the feature so that when the wheels beeper goes off wheellog sends an alert? I thought the data sent over Bluetooth didn't incorporate what the wheel was beeping for, like it doesn't say whether the beep is due to a 80% motor power or whether the beep is just due to successful connection or if the beep was due to very low battery?
  18. Heyzeus

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    Yeah I have wheellog and a pebble watch and that's what I use to let me know when I am over 45kmh, only have the one speed alarm set though at any thing below 100% and a current alarm.
  19. Heyzeus

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    how did you go about installing a second beeper, did you just buy another got way beeper and splice the wires into the other ones wires. I think I need to replace my beeper at some point, the sound it gives off is not nearly as loud as my mcm4. Sometimes it will be a lower volume and tinny and other times it will be loud like I would expect it to be, I think it's partly blown out or just defective (assuming there isn't some connection issue causing it). Adding hardware that sends a Bluetooth signal when the beeper is sounding would be a cool mod. Some Bluetooth transponder that sends a audio signal of your choice when it notices current on the beeper lines.
  20. Heyzeus

    18XL top speed firmware update?

    This is my biggest concern on my ACM2. I currently have the tiltback disabled and a wheellog alarm set for 45kph. The 80% power alarm can't be disabled which I think is a good thing...but... When that 80% power alarm kicks in can vary depending on your batteries current level(from what I understand of it). So at 100%, 80% power alarm may not trigger till 50kph, but at 30%, when will it trigger, what about at 20%? I haven't ridden that low but when going 40kph it can be hard to hear those beeps with the wind in your helmet. It would be nice to also be able to listen to music without worrying about missing those beeps and face planting. in addition to attempting to echo the beeps/play the wheel warning over any device connected to the wheel by Bluetooth... I wish, instead of disabling tiltback, gotway gave you these two options: 1: set the tiltback to either kick in at a set speed or at 80% power where whichever is hit first triggers it or 2: disable tilt back all together for any specific speed but leave tiltback enable for when the 80% alarm is triggered. Tiltback can be jarring to some I've heard, but you could have a soft slower tiltback that gets more aggressive if the use keeps trying to push through it. If it started tilting back at 80% slowly then it could do so in a way that slowly reduces your speed without tipping you off the back. Honestly even a jarring tiltback is better than a cutout if it's about to get to that point. With a tiltback you have some feedback and warning, "ahhhh crap, my wheel is tilting me back" and can prepare for a worse case scenario and mentally position yourself to respond. But with a cutout...no time to respond just smack into the ground.
  21. Honestly it was slightly believable up until this point. If you had stopped right before that it would be very questionable whether it was an April fool's joke or not
  22. Heyzeus

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I wonder how well this forum's wheel preferences/wheel demand mirrors the wheel demand @Jason McNeil sees through his sales. Ie: Are the wheels that are popular on here amongst members also the most popular on Jason's site as reflected by sales numbers or do we represent an echo chamber where what we like and want is often different than the average person buying a wheel. If this thread is any indication, it really doesn't look like the Nikola will sell too well, initially at least, compared to the 16x, though if post launch impressions are really good who knows. I know there are quite a few people on here who may not have otherwise tried it but got turned on to the MCM 5 through Marty's and others impressions of the wheel. I know he probably can't disclose it but I would be curious as to what the initial order quantity is for the Nikola versus the KS-16x. I would expect lower than the 16X but if Jason's sales numbers don't reflect this forums desires maybe they aren't so different. /ramblings
  23. Heyzeus

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I could see it flipping out in a tumble possibly and then getting ripped off. Hopefully the force required to open it is enough to make that an unlikely scenario though. I know some ninebot c/e models had that problem of the handle getting damaged during a crash though theirs were often in the half open position all the time
  24. Heyzeus

    Wheel slightly off center

    I've seen a few people mention their cases being off center to the wheel. It seems to just be a gotway QC fit and finish issue, and if the wheel isn't rubbing the sides/insides of the shell I wouldn't worry about it. Look at the pictures of the msx on ewheels.com, you can see that some of the photos show a wheel where there is less of a shell gap on one side than the other. https://www.ewheels.com/product/new-gotway-msuper-x-msx-1600wh-battery-2000w-motor/ As for balancing, once you develop the fine motor control in your legs you will find that transitioning to other wheels is easier and other wheels may have different balance characteristics but because you've developed that fine motor control you can compensate for that different characteristic quickly. For example: my mcm4 is the 340wh version, there is also a 680wh version. Mine has one battery pack, while the 680wh one has two. As a result one side of my shell has nothing in it, while the other has a ~4lb(guess) battery pack. So it should be weighted more to one side than the other. Don't really notice it though and if I didn't have the trolley handle on and other visual indicators of the front or back of the wheel, I wouldn't be able to tell from ride feel which leg the battery pack was facing. Tried flipping it around and if felt like it road the same either way. Also switch between my ACM2 and mcm4 with no issue other than being depressed about the slower speed of the mcm4. Other things like which leg you naturally favor, the way your feet point, or how much you bend your knees will have more impact on your ride form than that slight balance issue.
  25. Heyzeus

    KingSong protective covers are now a thing...

    How dare you take care of yourself before cleaning off the wheel /s This is a great testimonial for this cover. Are you sure @The Fat Unicyclist didn't pay you to injure your shoulder and go to the hospital just for the publicity