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  1. @RichieV We found it especially helpful for newbies to get over their fear of stepping on a unicycle, gaining confidence and understanding the general dynamics of balance and turning. Once they are comfortable enough, the transition to actual riding with comfort is quite fast. It is especially helpful to newbies who have no one to hold their hand or teach them to ride.
  2. @WARPed1701D , lmao, absolutely genius.
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/solowheel/solowheel-brush
  4. As you guys already know, the learning curve is usually a stumbling block for anyone interested in unicycles. The interest is there but onlookers most likely think you need to be a 'circus act' to balance on one wheel. It is with this in mind that Solowheel just launched the Solowheel Brush to get past this obstacle or at last make learning less of a circus act. The bristles are a perfect combination of strength and flexibility. I don't remember having so much fun in the production of a video. We don't take ourselves seriously but rest assured, the brush really does work. I hope you like it.
  5. Hey fellow solowheel riders, Hey guys, since most of your ride often and some on a daily basis, your experiences are a valuable resource, especially to those who are interested in becoming part of our community. We want to feature and showcase you to get the word out. Share with us how you got into riding, the difficulties and challenges you faced while learning, how long you been riding, commute or just fun, what kind of terrain, how do people in your neighborhood react etc.
  6. @Ombre That is exactly the reason why we are dedicating resources towards building meet ups from the ground up. Please reach out to me personally for more information. franklin.asongwe@myinmotion.com
  7. @Biped PhilTo the best of my knowledge, e-rideables are governed by the "Consumer Product Safety Act". In other words, e-rideables are equated to bicycles and are not governed by motored vehicle standards or requirements. Either way, I encourage you to do local research. This does not mean that we shouldn't ride responsibly. Personally, I avoid speeds that could place me or a pedestrian at risk. Of course, when you ride, don't drink and if you drink, don't ride. Lol. That is just me.
  8. @RichieV Of course. Use whatever e-rideable you want. Here at Solowheel, we believe that the more riders join, the bigger the pie and we all benefit in the long run. The most important thing is for everyone to enjoy the ride.
  9. @WARPed1701D That was my understanding. Lol, I know what you mean. I was bitten by the Solowheel even before I learned how to ride it. Please stay in touch and spread the word.
  10. @meepmeepmayer You can rest assured that we are paying attention. I couldn't agree with you more about the importance of organizing weekly events as opposed to once a month. I am confident that it won't fail as long as we have enthusiasts like you. Thank you.
  11. @Ombre I completely understand the difficulties of bringing people together. This is one of the principal reasons we are channeling resources towards helping organize and grow these group rides. I know how frustrating it can be to put so much effort into organizing these rides, only to have no one show up. Please do not be discouraged even if you have just one person. Still go out and enjoy the ride. Stay in touch, we are in this together and wherever we can assist, you can count on that. Based on our experience so far, the weekly rides is the best way to grow your local meet up group. Riders are more likely to include it in their calendar if there is some consistency. We can look for fun activities to include with the ride. Please stay in touch and reach out whenever you need advice or assistance.
  12. @WARPed1701D The goal is to eventually have riders in every city, so if we get a request for a particular city, like Miami, we are more than willing to accept and support accordingly. Please wherever you go stay engaged and reach out to us for any assistance or support you might need.
  13. I prefer to view you as a pioneer. Hang in there and keep riding. The EUC culture is growing and I am sure down the road, you will have company. If you chance to visit Southern California, we would be delighted to have you join us. Keep riding!!
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