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  1. IPS i5 has just been officially announced Tony lee just confirmed it to me that another model, called S5, is coming for July of this year no specs at the moment but it looks bigger, (hopefully more powerful) and seems to have a similar casing to the i5
  2. Well, the specs are in any case interesting especially 16" for around 10kg and the very high torque as suggested by the experimented journalist. I was thinking to invest into a IPS zero which had the same weight, is smaller (14" is more sensitive to irregularities as I understood) and is supposed to be safe as well. Now I am quite undecided. The "made in Europe", the Lipo batteries (longer life expectancy and safer) and all the advertised news details speak for an high technological development. But it is expensive, for sure...
  3. Since the first reviews start to appear on the net after the official and mediatic show in London, I think that a thread to gather all these links could be an interesting reading for everybody. Here is a French article very positive about the wheel : http://www.lesnumeriques.com/trottinette-electrique/uniwheel-mark-i-p30253/avons-essaye-uniwheel-premiere-gyroroue-vraiment-europeenne-n48125.html they had only two legitimate complaint about this model: ridiculous battery size (ok it's easily removable so it is not so important) and a limit speed of 18 km/h. For the rest it is certainly from an engineering point of view the best model on the market with plenty of new details that nobody was thinking before. 10kg for a 16 inch wheel that's seems to be the lightest one in that category Ninebot and Solowheel have now a new competitor (budget wise)
  4. I had exactly the same experience as you this week. I choose for the refund in the mean time and they said they will contact me when they find a new carrier. Sadly it means, no wheel for Christmas.
  5. Gabriel


    Guys, there is no delivery possible at the moment! maybe this is of interest for someone interested in IPS Zero or other IPS models but it turns out that my order for an IPS Zero 340 from iamips.com (official factory) could not be delivered it seems that the chinese customs rejected my (and other) wheels in the freight because they were assimilated to hoverboard which have bad reputation at the moment (batteries catching fire, explosion,..). So now I have valid reason to really hate these hoverboards ... I was luckily refunded without any problem from IPS but nevertheless I will spend my Christmas wheel...less .... IPS informed me that they will contact me when a possible shipment is possible so, waiting ... Btw: I heard a lot about Tony in this forum and some issues others members had. Actually, I asked a quote from him as well and there is not so much difference between Tony (ipselectricunicycle.com) and official iamips.com. The only difference is that Tony offers additionally wire transfer which saves you the Paypal fees that you have to pay when ordering by official IPS store. But when I consider what happend to my order I am happy I did it over the official store. Additionally the 340 wh battery was assembled just for this order so it means you are guaranteed to get one of the latest produced models out of the chain.
  6. Gabriel


    Thanks @playdad for these infos, is it possible for a foreigner to order IPS products by using the websites that you mentioned, or is it restricted to the chinese market ? I have ordered my Zero from Iamips.com by contacting Run Meng as indicated many times in this forum, but nevertheless a direct online shopping would be nice as well. the 340 wh version is not even mentioned on the website of IPS, but was available by contacting Run Meng who said that in this case the unit would still need to be assembled for this order. So it seems that certain (standard) versions are prepared per batches and available on stock while others versions, eg. with larger batteries, are prepared unit-wise for each new order. ordering an IPS product still requires quite a lot of know-how... thanks a lot everybody for sharing your experiences :-)
  7. What is interesting is that the IPS 151 is the first IPS model to have more than 340wh batteries. Even the top model LHOTZ is limited to 32 cells / 340 Wh. Besides of the longer range, this model might also be safer in comparison to a similar IPS 121 because of the higher number of cells (?)
  8. thanks a lot @simon for your feedback about your personal experience, So it seems that ordering via both websites is possible and at the end a good service is there as well. Let's wait now on some feedback about the Zero to confirm that it is not only nice on paper.
  9. I suppose that these information comes from this blog http://www.electricunicycleonline.com/blog this is pretty disappointing that information has to be gathered from all over Internet to understand what IPS is releasing or not. The official website from IPS does not provide any up to date news at all. I can't judge the quality of their product yet (still waiting on some news about the zero), but for sure marketing and communication is not a strength of this company.
  10. Hi everybody, Some doubts arise about the contact to choose from for contacting the company IPS, following a post on Facebook two websites with two IPS representatives appears on Internet: chang Yuming from www.ipselectricunicycle.com and Run Meng from www.iamips.com. have you guys ever order something (and received it) from one of these contacts ? Which one is the official one ? I suppose that one of both is a reseller.
  11. Gabriel


    doesn't look easy indeed, as for fixing front and rear lights ... the only accessory proposed IPS is this trolley backpack: http://www.passiongadgets.com/3in1-ips-trolley-backpack-for-x3-x8-q3-ips-rockwheel.html
  12. Gabriel


    Same question for me. I would be interested as well but living in the Netherlands.
  13. in the same category of not being an unicycle and not being a skateboard, but with 3 wheels (1 driving, 2 driven) : http://www.autocar.co.uk/car-news/new-cars/volkswagen-last-mile-surfer-electric-scooter-revealed this one is announced for mid 2016 (£700 in the UK so roughly EUR 1000, 11kg). But what is really surprising, this is who is behind this project: Volkswagen ! When one of the largest car manufacturer starts to build electric powered and foldable tricycles (I don't have a better name for that), it sounds like the market for electric personal mobility starts to be taken seriously from the side of the industry.
  14. Congratulations for your new wheel, i am also eager to know more about this model that looks very reliable, stable and silent. I had the statement from IPS that after unlocking the wheel to 30km/h there is only an audio warning but no tilt-back. It would be interesting to know whether the beeps by 25km/h are still active at this stage or not. Are the lights really efficient to ride in dark areas ? have you the impression that the advertised 2,5" wide tire brings more riding comfort in comparison to the other wheels that you tried ?
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