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  1. Jerome

    Tesla cut off crasch

    Sorry to hear about your accident. I hope you heal fast. I think the "obvious" cause is riding in the rain. You probably have done it many times, and others will chime in that they do it all the time, but for me I believe it is only a matter of time and enough wet weather riding before something bad happens. I am glad you are not giving up on eucs, although I wish you would give up on riding in the rain. Ride safe!
  2. This a follow after about 500 miles on the KS18L and reading/seeing the experiences of others about the three other new products. I would still buy the KS18L, BUT, now only because I don't like the square look of the MSX. I thought I would never need more than 30 miles range, but now that is the length of my typical leisure ride. I think the MSX is fantastic wheel and as reliable as any on the market. I like the idea of letting adults set their own operating parameters. If the MSX looked like a Tesla, I would have made that my choice. With the coming KS18XL, I would prefer that over the MSX even if the MSX had more attractive looks.
  3. Jerome


    I love the "normal version'. This looks like a video game, but does conjure some mild interest.
  4. I think one does get exercise from riding a EUC. I always work up a sweat in warm weather. The problem is the exercise is isometric and gives no cardio reward. In the warm weather one could lose weight just riding a EUC (if for long periods), but alas, still run out of breath climbing a flight of stairs. My knees particularly, however, are getting stronger. I walk or use a kick scooter for cardio exercise. The EUC is a pure transport/fun vehicle for me.
  5. Compactness Portability Last mile solution or full point A to B commuter Take it with you almost everywhere, so no worries about theft At home on crowed sidewalks and bike trails, yet can hold its own or surpass alternatives in bikes lanes of with car traffic No maintenance items like chains, gears, brakes, cables Cheaper than alternatives with the same or greater power, speed and range Negatives: No local brick-n-mortar dealer support, Not airline friendly
  6. Jerome

    KS-18L: Bigger Batteries?

    I might do a <=15 mph range test also, but just for curiosity. I am only interested in the 100% to 20% range, as that is best for the batteries and my sanity. I weigh 240 lbs so the difference might prove interesting.
  7. Jerome

    WheelLog Android App

  8. Jerome

    WheelLog Android App

    My KS18L links with Wheellog. I sometimes have to run the KS app first. I can't however, ge the Pebble watch to show Wheellog. Pebble watch is paired to my phone as it buzzes for messages, etc., just no Wheellog.
  9. Jerome

    Kiwano KO1 - One Wheel Scooter

    I have no idea whether learning to ride electric "pogo sticks" is easier, the same or harder than learning to ride an euc. If it is significantly easier I see them out selling eucs 10-1, even with their low speed. It's almost laughable to see them stating that they can go 22 mph, when their "paid pros" are doing 20 kph or less. They should send one to an euc or perhaps OneWheel you tuber we respect. The Unobolt has potential .. seemingly. I saw a you tube of the Kiwano and it's performance was pitiful.
  10. Jerome

    KS18L vs GW Tesla

    I got the data from eWheels site and early videos on the KS18S. Based on your "correction" they must have re-thought the limitation requirement some where down the line. No worries.
  11. Jerome

    KS18L vs GW Tesla

    The quibbling over a few mph is of little significance. The 16" ACM2 and Tesla will do 30 mph or more. The KS18S (*after 600 freaking miles), KS18L (after reasonable 120 miles), Msuper V3s+, 84V Monster, 100v Monster, MSX are all 18" wheels or larger and all can do 30 mph or more. Instead of worrying about the maximum speeds in relationship to each other you need to consider the following: Ride each at 30 mph directly at a wall, parked car, pole, or other stationary item and see which one stops in time to avoid hitting said item. The one's that stop in time should be the pool you choose from.
  12. Jerome

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    Okay Sunday at 9 am Temple Boat house parking lot. Have fun you two on Saturday!
  13. Jerome

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    Gotway has handled the board and battery situation nicely. Beware, however of the weakest link, the wiring to the motor. You are very handy, I would beef them up and rest easy climbing any hill the wheel will go up.
  14. Jerome

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    I am not sure why the tester thought the board would fail before the wires fried? The motor wires look like #14 gauge which is suitable only for the lights, they are certainly not adequate for the circuit board or motor. If I had a Gotway I would just replace the battery wires and motor wires with at least a #10gauge wire or triple up on the #14s and fagetaboutit. Depending on wire insulation to prevent fusing is a very bad idea. Given the amps Gotway allows its motors to receive, I am surprise the wires didn't go poof.
  15. Jerome

    Philadelphia/South Jersey/Delaware

    I'm late responding but 9 am Sunday is the only available time for me.