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  1. Yes indeed, I took a little liberty.
  2. This is all very confusing to me. Law makers should legalize EUCs as bicycles or Segways, or ??? and not required them to have insurance be registered, have tags. Why? Oh yeah, because they are green and compact and make great urban transport vehicles by themselves or as part of a first-last mile scheme and are fun to ride. Really? No Pev would be considered an acceptable transporting device if you have to wear a full face helmet and full body armor to ride to the store to get a box of fruit pop-cycles. It's either ATGATT (all the gear all the time or a worthless exercise). If you don't wear ATGATT then one is "assuming" they won't have a bad fall in those instances where they are not wearing ATG. Does this mean that when they are wearing ATG they think they will have a bad fall? This discussion of various protection paraphernalia seems akin to discussing various drugs for handling severe indigestion, with no one mentioning how about not eating the foods that cause it. No matter what you wear the impact from hitting concrete-asphalt will hurt and most likely hurt you. Protection may stave off cuts, road rash, gashes, blunt force trauma, etc. The impact, however, is always transmitted to your body. Wrist guards help protect the risk but the shock then goes up the arm and elbow and/or shoulders take the shock. You hit a pole/curve in a fall; a helmet may protect your head from blunt force trauma, but then your neck and spine take the shock. EUCs are probably the most dangerous transport device for a given speed out there. The danger goes up as the speed goes up as does the likely pain and injuries from a fall. You don't want indigestion, stop eating the things that cause it. You don't want to have to wear Gran Prix motorcycle gear to ride to the library, then ride slow enough to maximize one's fall avoidance capabilities. The question is not what equipment should one wear in case of a fall, but at what speed are you wiling to fall. The true believers-risk takers feel no speed is acceptable to fall. They don't plan on having a bad fall so wearing inconvenient protection is not for them. Those whose faith is not as strong try to hedge against a bad outcome. They want to ride fast and free like the true believers but have protection in case things go wrong. I fall into the category were the majority of EUC riders likely fall. Our mantra is akin to one of Clint Eastwood's often repeated axioms " a man should know their limitations" Man in this case meaning everyone.
  3. I ordered one, but it will probably be too "Small". I ride a MC as my primary vehicle and I don't like the idea that I dress heavier for the EUC than the MC. I wear a MC jacket that has padding, shoulder, elbow, back protection, knee pads under Kevlar lined jeans, steel tip over the ankle boots and a typical no face protection skateboard helmet when riding my KS18L. I don't look very intimidating because my protection is hidden under normal looking clothes. I wear the same minus the knee pads and plus a full-face helmet when riding my MC. The helmet stays with the bike when I reach my destination and while on the bike with the helmet on I look to be dressed appropriately for MC riding. The POC design is about a far as I am willing to go for face protection. .. if I go at all. I get you Chris and Tishawn about being comfortable while riding and also on not scaring pedestrians and even bikers dressed like one is riding the most dangerous vehicle in the world.() I have well over 30,000 miles of riding on e- kickscooters and e-bikes in which I never wore a helmet or any other protection. I rode around 200,000 miles on motorcycles during extreme long distance rides and rallies going to all 48 states and several Canadian provinces with out a "get off" at speed. Was I lucky? YES! and that's the crux of the whole matter. Chris, whether you and Tishawn (and others) get hurt in a way that a full face helmet would have prevented is a question for oracles and seers. Alertness, due diligence. skills, etc all should be maximized, BUT, after that, who gets hurt and who doesn't will be a question of chance. EUCs riding is more like an addiction. If one is truly aware of the dangers why ride one? Many "delude" oneself into thinking that you can guarantee their safety by wearing as much protection as possible. This is an exercise in futility. The day I assume I will vs can have a face plant, will be the moment I will likely not ride again. I enjoy the wheel because it feels like freedom. Rolling down the path dressed like a mid evil knight does not. For me it is a question of, in the words of "Dirty Harry" .. do you feel lucky, well do you punk" Marty get well man! You have been an inspiration and seem like a very decent human being. Do what you have to keep riding those wheels.
  4. Wheel makers don't throttle speed or set full performance throttling just to limit speed. They do it because speed is only one variable in the power requirement equations. It takes power to keep the wheel balance. The more your press forward the more power it takes to keep the wheel level. Sooo when you are pushing the wheel to go faster than it was intended you are increasing the battery drain two fold. 1. power required to make the wheel go faster 2. power required keep the wheel balance. If a bump, sudden tail-wind, or any other act of man or nature forces the battery and motor to give out more than they can, a cut-off will occur. I find people who put faith in their protective gear are very reluctant to have a friend drive them in a car at 20 - 35 mph and then open the door and "dive out geared up". Please note that I don't condemn "adults" for taking risks, just because they seem unnecessary by "my" standards. I ride a motorcycle (don't own a car) and that mode of transport seems unnecessarily risky by the majority of people I know. What I fear, however, is that the "risk" takers will be the cry babies that blame the machines when things go wrong. If you ride a EUC you can get hurt regardless of skill, safety gear and precautions. When you "tinker" with said technology then the possibility of getting hurt increases in general, even if not for the "lucky". I wish you and your followers great fun and success. Please however, don't ruin it for the rest of us with threads and videos about how the machine failed, or certain brands are dangerous or with lawsuits. Ride safe.
  5. Jerome

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    EU and especially the USA are lands of lawyers and bureaucrats. Our "own" home grown "ONE Wheel" limits their product to 15 mph before push back, I suspect out of fear of law suits and destructive legislation. No way an US firm is going to make a wheel that goes 30 mph. That's moped speed. The top Gotways can dog 50cc Hondas, Yamahas, Vespas, etc. Any US firm that built a EUC that goes over 13-15 mph would be the victim of a class-action suit before you could say "face-plant". If EUCs stay microscopic in numbers like they are now, then people will be able to satisfy their need for speed for a while yet. EUCs will never be the total rage because of the learning curve and price. They could proliferate, however, at a significant enough rate to draw the attention of the general public. No one will be able to justify how 30-40+ mph vehicles should be allowed on sidewalks and bike paths, require no license, registration, liability insurance, certifications etc. Check out what happen in Singapore, that initially had very progressive and tolerant attitude towards Pevs before the need for speed soured them big time. Some here are salivating for 40-50+ mph wheels. I plan on riding the heck out of my wheel in the coming months - years? I won't be waiting for the fat lady to sing. The singer in our case will be the Doors and "..this is the end, the end my friend.."
  6. Jerome

    Best Long Range Wheel

    You can't improve range and keep the same performance without gaining weight and cost. The closest wheel to your requirements with greater range is the King Song 14S and then the MCM5 as you mentioned.
  7. Jerome


    Very Nice! How much do you weigh?
  8. Jerome


    I don't get riding seated on on a EUC. It looks more like riding a little pocket bike/scooter. What's the point? It may not be easier but it is a different riding experience. Marty you looked like the only grown-up at times, riding (standing) on your EUC tall and proud.
  9. Jerome

    Brand new Z10 not charging

    Whether Ninebot's scooter thrust works out or not, it is always a bad idea to get too arrogant in the business world. They may get a rude awakening when they see bureaucrats in full gear. Twelve years ago an auto chain flooded the market here in Pennsylvania with cheap gas scooters. Many riders were careless and dangerous in their driving habits. The end results was "all" kick scooter types (gas/electric) were and are still banned in the entire state. Given the profile of the average EUC enthusiast, I doubt you will lose many sales steering people to the KS18XL or MSX. The alternative would be to lose your good name or go broke.
  10. Jerome

    The Photo Thread

    Got it. Thanks for the heads-up, this will have to tide me over.
  11. Jerome

    The Photo Thread

    My fingers have been crossed hoping for a "long" video.
  12. Jerome

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Huh? In a cutoff you don't know your in trouble, You simply hit the ground. The pedals are dipping forward because he is accelerating to hard. Riders, especially but not limited to new riders, are likely to blame themselves about as much as someone coming home busted from a casino is likely to say he was a big loser. Other than the MSX , no wheel is perfect and the Z10 is no exception. Cutting off, however, is not one of is imperfections.
  13. Jerome

    Can I join the party?

    Welcome! I am 6' 4"+ and rider weight is 240 lbs and the KS18L fits find. It is a little more powerful than the 18S, but the extra power probably won't be required. Have fun! I will be curious to see if you can ride it seated at your height.
  14. Jerome

    King Song KS18XL

    Jason will the larger pedals be available for KS18L owners by themselves?