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  1. Cool beans, thanks for sharing. Be careful with the PINT, it has a small battery and that is the worse thing to have in a self balancing device. It also doesn't have a good warning system, especially for beginners. I sent you a "private note" I would like to discuss the CB in more detail.
  2. Hi Lilian, I notice you have a 'CYCLE BOARD ELITE". How do you like it? If you have that why an EUC?
  3. Yes, yes and yes. The key thing is to ride within your limits of comfort-ability. Some want to ride at speeds beyond their feeling of comfort and compensate with protection, deluding themselves that they will get them through crashes relatively unharmed. This is true on paper only, not in real life. For every example of someone taking a fall and their protection saving them, there are many who take a fall without protection and suffer no worse. More importantly is to not have a crash and concentrate on that. Many cyclist ride at speeds equal or greater than EUC riders, and wear a helmet at best. If you saw a cyclist riding down the path ( not off-road single track or bmx track) wearing a full face BMX helmet and body armor you would wonder why he was riding if he felt that vulnerable. EUCs are either viable PEVs for the general public or are too dangerous and should only be ridden by risk-taking enthusiast. If the latter, I end with a quote from the HBO show "Boardwalk Empire" .. "you can't be half a Gangsta".
  4. Yep, That's how I dress with knee padding built into the jeans. Only the helmet makes me look like I am wearing anything extra and most people are getting use to idea that wearing a helmet is a acceptable thing for riding a bike/Pev.
  5. Jerome

    INMOTION V20 ??

    What he said. Further I am not so sure re-introducing a Minipro clone is a bad idea. Rental scooters have captured the public's imagination and now disdain. Even traditional liberal places are banning or restricting any form of PEV because of the growing public out cry (note this means bureaucrat's interpretation not actual metrics). At 9-10 mph cruising speed the MiniPro/E2/E3 type devices may appeal to people as a last mile solution that doesn't required advance skills (not quite as easy to learn as an e-scooter but miles ahead of eucs, OW, esk8) and has a smaller foot print than e-scooters. They just have to make sure they disassociate themselves from "Hoverboards". They are also slow enough that they might not be included in or effected by future draconian legislation. Enjoy your 30+ mph PEVs while you can because the clock is ticking. I plan on riding the hell out of my EUC, but I have an e-bike for when the bad news happens.
  6. Hehe, Of course this discussion was going to turn into attack and defense. I will therefore throw out a few "observations" that hopefully do neither. The general public including bicyclist, toddlers to 80-year-old, gang-bangers to the horse and dog set, think the EUC is the coolest thing going., EXCEPT the ESK8, OW "enthusiast". The general public, however, is not interested in trying to ride an EUC. I use to rationalize this unpopularity, but NOW I concede they don't want to put the effort in to learn and feel they wouldn't feel safe riding EUCs even after they learned. (see last bullet item) Those who grew up in or around the skateboard culture will prefer the esk8 and OW by a wide margin over the EUC, which is foreign. The general public will basically only embrace e-scooters and e-bikes. (see last bullet item) Technical "maximum" speed, range metrics are only relevant when the riding conditions and rider is a major part of the equation. When you look at a trip that is point A to Point B (do something at point B that is in a building) back to point A, Pevs that can't easily be transported, or are not allowed in, are not useful even if they have the required speed/range to make the trip. Even though EUC riding itself is the coolest thing going, rider's with the BMX helmets armor/pads/vest, etc. are not very cool looking to the general public. (unless you are in a Darth Vader suit with a cape and back full-face normal motorcycle helmet ;}) This is why bones are being broken as it's very hard to get big city/small city/suburban dwellers to put on anything more than a helmet at best to ride a PEV.
  7. My brother had a major catastrophe during the high winds a few weeks back. A tree fell on his house and thankfully no one was hurt. That took away my charging station so I didn't ride the Perkiomen. It's a 76 mile ride up and back for me.
  8. Hi John, Well I was suppose to do a 50+ mile ride, but I knew I needed to charge somewhere on upper SRT. I saw that I could charge in the restroom near the Valley Forge Visiting Center and there was an outlet exposed in the Norristown Transport Center. The first option (VFVC) would be straight forward, the Norristown option I thought might take a little stealth. I was home the other night trying to fit a laundry bag over my KS18L that I would use for stealth purposes when I accidentally hit the power button. The excess material clog the wheel from turning and blew the control board .. all in under 5 seconds. No EUC riding until a new board comes and is installed. Binks00, it was John JAS3 who rode to Greenlane on his KS16s, not me. John, when I am riding again you are welcome to ride the 50+ mile ride or any part with me. I am working up to a 100 mile ride.
  9. Thanks, it looks like a Minipro clone. It's a day late and a dollar short .. good luck.
  10. I can't find anything about the "launch event". I see no new products on the Inmotion world or USA sites. What gives?
  11. I was on an E-Bike when I saw you on the Wissahickon Bike Trail, hopefully I will be on my KS18L next time.
  12. Hey John, With that kind of range do you now have a KS18XL or ?? I don't see how you could ride the Perkiomen trail end to end. I started the beginning of the gravel section for about 100 feet then turn around as it was "loose gravel" at the start. I don't mind packed dirt/gravel (Forbidden Drive), but loose gravel is not enjoyable at all. Is it loose gravel for most of the route or does it vary and are there any paved portions after Oaks? My brother lives up near the end. I have an E-bike with fat tires that I will ride the trail on and then see if I want to try it on the EUC. I expect to do a 55+ miles ride on Wed, or Perhaps Thur or Fri. The upper and lower portions of the SRT are too crowded on the weekends.
  13. I keep and unofficial tally of the various Pevs I have seen "randomly" (meetups not counted) on the SRT: 6 x Boosted Boards, 1 x Boosted Mini X, 3 x ONEWheel, 4 x E-bikes, 2 x Velomobiles and 3 x EUCs.
  14. The above says it all. People buy Onewheels over EUCs. If the above is true there are probably more OWs in Florida than eucs is the whole country. All of the pros-cons for the OW are subjective except for the fact that they have too small a battery and motor to be a safe "self-balancing vehicle". Increase the power, battery size and add a better warning system and their sales will continue to trounce euc sales. Scooters have captured the imagination of the general public. E-bikes are beginning to make inroads with those seeking a pev commuting vehicle. OW have captured the imagination of the under 40 enthusiast crowd. ESK8 rider's will always have a niche of followers. Waaaay down the road and bringing up the rear in ridership are EUCs, which is fine by me.
  15. It is off high. The good news is it seems to be consistent. I have found if I multiply the stated figure by .825 I will get the actual MPH/Mileage.As far as gps readouts are concern only take speeds reported that stay steady for 4-5 seconds as real.
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