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  1. Jerome

    I just ordered MCM5 as my first wheel.

    A 14" wheel would not have been "my" first choice for the mean streets of NYC, BUT, all sizes can be made to work for the determined and vigilant rider. The learning process can be frustrating but is "very" rewarding once it clicks. Ride safe and enjoy!
  2. You are correct and you also answer the original question of why Wheel makers "don't" make large wheels as zippy as small ones. You have to provide more power, which is probably seen as a waste of resources. Once the large wheel gets moving it's going to leave the little wheel in the dust. Please note that more power only relates to straight line acceleration and not nimbleness. You can't make a large wheel as nimble as a small wheel.
  3. I am probably twice your age and went from a Ninebot E+ (16 in) to a KS18L seamlessly. What you will notice most is how much heavier it is and although you can handle it well, you're not going to be able to flick it around with out some hips/upper torso effort like you can with the S1. I found it easier to balance as it is more planted with the wider tire and heavier weight. It rides so much smoother than smaller wheels because it soaks up bumps and road irregularities much better. You will feel you can ride it anywhere to anywhere and .. you probably can with that large battery and more than sufficient power and speed. Enjoy!
  4. Jerome

    My KS18XL Trials, Tribulations, and Failures

    Huh? The V10F couldn't climb anything without over-heating. Over heating on the third of three brutal climbs doesn't concern me as I will never run into such a situation where I live. What does concern me is how it will handle 90+ temperatures this summer when doing 25+ mile rides. I will know in about two months or so. Is a MSX in my future. We shall see.
  5. Jerome


    Its easy to understand IAN's (Speedyfeet) business model. He would like to earn a living. If we as consumers buy a first production run Wheel and it has problems, it is only an inconvenience. The seller who has to make it right might not only lose the profit on the sale but go into the red, depending on what it takes to resolve the problem. This doesn't even take into consideration all the emails he has to respond to in a "timely" manner. Jason (eWheels) will bite the bullet usually as he has a range of product sales that help off-set some of the loses, BUT, even he is not Walmart and had to draw the line with the Z10. Better to lose money from loss of sales than to lose money because of sales with all the customer management/pacification require to boot. IAN gives a "Two year warranty" on what he sells, so he can't take chances on first production runs. He did it with the KS18L because of KS's reputation but got bit in the butt, with the handle/ lockup/trolley-battery issues. A fall in the pit should sharpen the wit. Jason will roll the dice again, but be assured he is nervous and keeping a very watchful eye on the first production run of the 16X.
  6. Jerome

    Curbs ! - my biggest challenge so far...

    Riding up a curb is more of a advance skill. You have to time your hop just right and really squeeze the wheel such that it hops with you! I don't do it. I ride in the street or bike paths. I do very little pavement riding. If I need to get on the pavement its usually at the start of a block, in which case I use the cut-out. Riding off curbs or modest stairs is fairly easy. I don't do that much ether because of the strain on the axle with my 245 lb riding weight. There are probably a lot of things you should be practicing before hoping the wheel. GL.
  7. Jerome

    New KingSong 16X Rumours

    I have no interest in a seat, BUT, I definitely would pay for a cover for my KS18L at a modest price including shipping.
  8. Okay, thanks. I got it working again by un-pairing the King Song Music from my phone then pairing anew. I feel I will doing that again many times along with re-booting, etc. Such is life.
  9. Oh bother. I saw the sliders and raise the music volume to no avail. What do you mean by re-boot? I turn it on and off several time with no luck.Thanks for the help!
  10. I know there are threads on how to turn-off the "beloved" "Bluetooth is connected", but mine doesn't come on anymore. I also can't play music even though it shows KS Music paired with my phone. I do get the "Please decelerate message" and the KS Bluetooth still works with Wheel-log. The KS app still works, the horn works, etc. Any ideas? (KS18L)
  11. In the UK Speedfeet.com is the place you should buy. It's a no brainier. They give a 2 year warranty and have a reputation to maintain. At 18 mph maximum speed you will be good with a KS18XL or MSX. The axles should be okay for your weight unless you plan on doing a lot of drops off high curves, steps, or extreme off-road. If "off-road" just means riding on dirt/gravel, around rocks, then you should be okay. EUCs are pretty safe in and of themselves, but they are very unforgiving if the rider pushes the limits, does stupid things, or is not constantly vigil of the path ahead. That said riding one is addictive like perhaps no other vehicle. Hope to see reports of your learning process (Pictures, video?).
  12. I don't think they are interested in competing with eucs and scooters for the powerful long range commuting consumer or power hungry enthusiast. They are USA firm and law suits are waiting in the wings. They wanted to create a new kind of "fun market) and they have been successful. You don't put out a product that looks DYI and cost $1500 with "PINT's" performance specifications and expect to be picked up by Wal Mart.. They have come out with the PINT which they hope will attract new disciples. I predict their next step will not be a faster model with more range, but safety improvements to the XR. I see the claimed top speed being made safely actual maximum speed. I see a better warning/tilt-back system before nosedives. They may move to a more powerful motor and battery but it will be to achieve the above mentioned goals and not to be faster or have more range. They are following the Boosted Board-Apple model-designer clothes model. You build up a brand not based on being the best but by being the "Brand". Future Motion wants to protect their BRAND image and is not driven by short term sales potential. Speedyfeet has publicly stated they would like to check out the OW. I suspect Jason has made inquiries. FM instead sells direct or through SKI/Snow board shops. That says a lot. I predict in the near to intermediate future the only changes you will see is the PINT's price drop maybe $100, the XR's price drop $100-200 and an XR deluxe emerged with safe 19 mph speed and euc level warning and safety features and a better PINT like appearance. When you tie you business models to the whims of the enthusiast its a slippery slope to oblivion. We don't see much Gotway/INMotion/King Song fanboy banter anymore. That's because "enthusiast" are driven by performance specification above all else. The Only question that remains is will the Chinese/Koreans go after OW. If they do victory based on superior product/performance will not be assured, I use to ride to Jacksonville, Fl every March during "Bike Week" and "passed" dozens of Harleys along the way on my maxi-Honda scooter. They would be annoyed BUT I was on a "Jap Bike" and they were on a Harley. This is what Future Motion hopes to accomplish.
  13. The battery chemistry of today uses some form of a lithium compound. The predecessor of the lithium chemistry was NIMH (nickel metal hydride). The OW is using some derivative of an older chemistry. I suspect they did this to separate themselves from the "Hoverboard fiasco" several years ago. Any battery with lithium in its name was a red flag, until TESLA ad Computer/CELL phone companies eased the consumer's fears. (The airlines never forgot and have not been d)
  14. True That. I think in this country OW will be more popular than EUCs. I think EUCs will always be at the bottom of the PEV pantheon. Ironically, however, I think the EUC ranks will grow with "Converts" from other PEVs as much as from first-timers. EUCs are the superior pevs from almost all points of view: You don't have to worry about theft, routine maintenance, portability, speed, range, how much you weigh, or terrain within-in reason. Why then do I constantly state that they will never be but so popular you may ask? It is not the learning curve itself. It is the primordial, absolute certainly people have, young and old, that they could not ride or don't want to ride "that thing" just standing on two pedals with nothing to hold on.