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  1. I live In Philadelphia and ride on the streets or bike trails. I have never ridden more than three consecutive sidewalk blocks during my 1500 miles of riding. I will only get on the sidewalk when the street is busy AND the traffic is high speed, or has a very narrow or no shoulder. The sidewalks are too crowded in center city and too broken up and or narrow in the residential neighborhoods.
  2. Jerome


    This is how we do it! .. ummh I mean this is how they do it! I rode with these guys and ran for coffee and polished their wheels when they were here in Philly. I should have gotten autographs. Thanks to "VEE" for an excellent video of the epic ride!
  3. Congrats to our very own ACTURBO - Chris!! He was part of the 105+ mile group ride by the Glydiators of DC. We are not worthy. When I grow up I want to be just like Crhis. Cool running man.
  4. Congrats!! I have been contemplating doing a 150 km+ ride on my KS18L but chicken out as I was afraid that charging at high rates plus riding for hours might be too much for the batteries. You have given me new hope for a try. I respect those who aren't afraid to go fast, BUT, endurance riding is really where one's character is truly tested. Bravo!!
  5. EUCs require power to stay balance, often more than is required to go fast. Their required power to stay balance s proportionate to the force of the forward or rear leans. The force required is a result of the weight of the rider and the angle of the lean. Power in watts is what the wheel-battery has to supply to keep you up right and moving at "X' speed down the road. There are two aspects to this required wattage "continuous" and "peak". The wheel safety features can handle continuous power and warn you of impending danger/overload. Rapid acceleration from a standstill or while in motion will test the "peak" power capabilities. These "peak power" spikes can be many times greater than the wheel's designed limits even though they might only be a fraction of a second in duration. The wheels at that point will shutdown because, then at least the electronics and battery won't be destroyed. Tilt-back is the safety feature to force a slowdown. Beeps/warning messages will not likely be perceived and decoded by your brain in time to correct the problem if the rider causes a "peak power" spike requirement over a certain time duration. The kinda short response: Anyone who rides at or near the wheels maximum speed rating as a matter of fact should be aware that any bump, pothole, object the wheel encounters on the terrain may cause the rider to be thrust-ed violently forward or backwards from which a peak power spike requirement will happen with potentially dire consequences. Anyone who leans forward or backwards at such and angle that puts the wheels continuous power outlay + the peak power outlay over the limits is going down long before they react to any warning signal. A tilt-back "might" save them as the system can initiate it faster than a human can react. In the end, however, it depends on how large if the peak power requirement spike.
  6. Great post, you should copyright it! There is nothing an E-wheel advertiser could say that is more accurate or compelling.
  7. You should put the above in a macro and just hit a key to post it in the next thousand or so exchanges. I suspect many high speed enthusiast will have moved on to Dualtrons or similar scooters, paramotoring or ..?? in the next year or so. Those who stay and are in it for the long term, I pose the following question - Why should you be allowed to ride your EUC at high speeds on streets, bike lanes, trails, sidewalks; presenting a danger to others and yourself, without the need for insurance, personal-vehicle identification and some system to determine your riding qualification to ride such a vehicle or any vehicle? This contradiction won't get pass even the small minds of the bureaucrats for long. The bike analogy doesn't hold up. "Few" cyclist can hold 30+ mph for long periods of time whereas anyone and their mom can buy a EUC and ride at 30+ mph speed until the battery dies. CA PEV laws work because "most" people stay below 20 mph on there various pevs, and the enthusiast like Marty stay in the 20's (usually the low end). The EUC is unique compared to any other PEV in two ways. It can go 30+ mph in the streets if needed/required, 20 -25 mph in bike lanes and 12.5 mph or less on sidewalk with a footprint no greater than a pedestrian. The second (except for the ONEWHEEL) is that EUCs are the most susceptible to bad terrain creating a fall/crash and serious injuries. When commuting, local touring, errand running and recreational riding no one wears anything other than a helmet (many don't wear that) when using manual, gas, or electric personal vehicles, BUT EUC riders. If people want to be classified as a bike/E-bike then dress like a cyclist when you ride, in regular street clothes (or spandex if the spirit moves you) with or without a helmet (depending on the law or personal risk assessment). This will take care of the speed problem by Darwinian probabilities, or to paraphrase a Clint Eastwood mantra "A person should know their riding-risk limitations and ride accordingly. I respect riders like House of Job and Tishawn and many others who give themselves no unfair advantage over the people they ride among, cars and trucks not withstanding. No matter house fast House of Job flies down a street wearing his baseball cap, he will never bring as much negative imagery as someone doing it looking like Ironman. Right now looking like Ironman or one of King Arthur's knights might be seen by the public as quirky even be well received. That will all change when people realize why the EUC rider is wearing the armor and what the effect would be if he hit them. The short response is - EUCs and all other PEVs should not be ridden over 25-29 max mph without restrictions and regulations. PEV riders should not ride at speeds greater than those where they feel no need to wear anything more than a helmet if that.
  8. Eeeeh, not exactly. I burned up my KS18L board without even being on it. I was measuring some covering material "on the wheel" with thoughts of making it more stealthy. There was material draped under the wheel and I accidentally press the "ON" button while trying to fit said material. The excess material got pulled up by the spinning wheel and and jammed it. This blew the control board in less than 3 seconds. The fuses DID NOT BLOW in time to save the board. I just wanted you to be comforted by this knowledge as you put the 16X through your boot camp miles from your car. Enjoy!
  9. Gotway has found a way to take away the only advantage KS had on them - Reliability. They left Inmotion reeling on the canvas, and Giant Ninebot wants nothing more to do with the little Honey Badger called Gotway. How has Gotway achieved this? They keep the performance standard high and bring a constant stream of new models or upgrades that their competitors "believe" they have to address in a timely manner. The Inmotion V10/F, Ks18L (first run), and now the KS16X have been sent to market sooner than the normally conservative companies would have like with bad results. When something goes wrong with KS or Inmotion it might required an extensive analysis and perhaps redesign. Something goes wrong with Gotway they stop the presses replace said problem with something bigger/better and re-start. Gotwqy will likely solve Nikola problems faster than KS will solve KS16X problems. To rub salt on the wound, the Nikola 100v version has already leap-frog over the KS16X before the KS16X even has wings. King Song needs to fagettabout it with attempts to hang with Gotway on performance and return to it's strength and put out a bug free product that has satisfactory performance for most and is viewed as a high quality, reliable, premium product.
  10. I doubt anything is wrong with the wheel. You had your alarm set right at 25 mph (locked) and the tilt-back at 25 mph. If you momentarily stress the wheel past those parameters (load wise not speed wise) the cut-off circuit might beat the alarm or tilt-back. You must decide how fast you want to go, but I recommend setting only the 3rd alarm at 25 mph and the tilt-back 29 -30 mph. You want to be warned in advance of tilt-back and you want tilt-back to activate before cut-off. Keep in mind I am using speed settings but actually it's all about the load on the battery-motor-controller. Also remember over leaning and extremely rapid acceleration draws amazing peak current requirements if only for seconds or fractions of a second. No matter how slow you're going, if you lean to far forward or sideways such that the the system is not able to correct, the cut-off circuit may beat the warning circuits. Gotways are more tolerant on this than King Song, but it can happen to them and all other brands. Unlike e-scooters, esk8 boards, e-bikes, EUCs and the ONEWHEEL often use more power holding you up than propelling you forward. That's why the non-balancing PEVs will usually have more range and usable power although they may have equivalent or less battery - motor power. The KS18XL as well as all larger wheels can't be flicked around like a smaller wheel, but they can still be quite agile when properly mastered. Heal quick and ride safe.
  11. Fantastic group ride today. Pedestrians stayed indoors so we had miles and miles of bike paths to ourselves. The heat for me was not a factor and I wore my MC jacket as always. The rider's were great people and a joy to be around. I hope anyone in or around Philly/SNJ/Del with an EUC will join this forum and dialog.
  12. No worries, it happen 4 months after I got it last year. My only really crash where the wheel went flying into the air and came down breaking the poorly designed and implemented screw holders on the inner case of the KS18L. There "were" enough good screws to hold the case together. In taking it apart to replace the circuit board several other holders broke off or already had broken. One side of the wheel has 'no' screws holding the shell so I had to duct tape it. The only solution is to dismantle the entire wheel and replace the inner shells. I will live with the transparent duct tape for now. A bigger problem is replacing the controller board has made me seem like a new rider. I can't go over 12 mph, for xx miles. Then I have to do another 125-150 miles to get full speed. The App is calling my wheel an illegal product.
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