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  1. Jerome

    Help. Gotway Seized under section 165

    For now it is okay. I wouldn't be telling people it goes 30+ mph! If that sinks in they will be banned or restricted to 12.5 mph. Your full size scooter is probably not faster than the Tesla, yet you can't ride that anywhere you want. We have no special rights as EUC rider's just because we loved them. Whenever I talk about my EUC with curious bystanders I always call it a one wheel Segway. As to top speed, I say it is around Segway speed, about equal to a casual bicycle rider.
  2. Jerome

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    Bump, just keeping this thread alive. Jason, I am still very interested and I awaiting news.
  3. Jerome

    V10F • What is your average and high speed?

    I think the sweet cruising spot is 16-18 mph for many. Depending on the capability of your wheel, forays into the lower to mid 20's will occur when terrain is good and the mind is "cool running". Some go slower and some go faster, but I suspect an average would lead to my above numbers.
  4. Jerome

    120 km on KS-18XL

    Cool Beans! I am planning a single day 164 km ride in June. I don't ride at night so the ride has to be completed between sunrise and sunset. I will therefore attempt it close to the Summer Equinox. I will be riding a KS18L with rider weight ~ 108 kg. I will need to do a full charge twice. I look forward to following your ride. I am especially interested in real-time tracking. Good Luck this Saturday!
  5. Jerome

    Age poll

    I have never gotten a laughed at reaction from anyone while riding my unicycle. The young kids thinks its cool, The "hip-hop" generations think it's real cool. Affluent people think it's cool. Conservative people shown no disdain. Actual little 70 year old ladies think it's cool. I live in Philadelphia where they threw ice balls at Santa Claus during a football game and being "East Coast cool" is a rite of passage. The unicycle isn't prevalent among the young here because it's expensive (they buy Wal Mart bikes. middle age people buy $3000 and up bikes), its existence or capabilities are unknown, it is not available from a brick and mortar stores and their pears are more familiar with bikes, skateboards and scooters. Those in their late 20's through early 40's are more likely to seek their adrenelin rushes from sky-sports, motorcycles, fast cars or more social activities like ski /snowboarding. The one potential negative reaction I have seen was envy to flat out intimidation. Those truly insecure individuals will have to "pooh pooh" your little girly EUC because they are busy doing triple digits on/in their ...
  6. Jerome


    Videos with speedometers in real time are my favorite bar none. Thanks!
  7. I looked at the OW and the only positive I could find was it "Might be fun to ride". On the negative side was the fact that you ride at kickback almost all the time given its low kickback speed ~15 mph. It looks like DIY with its plywood deck and general appearance. The top model the XR has the battery the size of a Ninebot E+, and finally it cost $1800. I invested my $1800 on a KS18L and I am having fun while going 30 miles at speeds higher than the OW's maximum speed with no fear of kickback. However, its always different strokes for different folks. Those who dig the OW, enjoy!
  8. ONEWHEEL and EUCs should be at the top of the list powered vehicles. A motor cut-off will cause a crash. For the rest it's a matter of conjecture unless you defined the terrain. rider skill, speed, weather conditions, etc.
  9. Jerome

    King Song Battery Bank for Extra Range

    Hi Jason, I am very interested in such a product. I "assume" you just plug it into the KS18L charging port in the 75 -25% rage of the main battery? Projected price?
  10. The above is the only way I would consider a travel wheel. The TSA/Airlines have approved the model - like Segway got "most" states to do so years ago for pavement riding. A ten inch wheel doesn't appeal to me as a subway/train to work-home vehicle because of the bad pavements, street bumps, dips and potholes. I rather trolley my 18L several blocks than carry a euc weighing less than half it's weight more than a few yards. The only possible reason I would have to buy such a proposed wheel is to practice skills and tricks and my interest is not great enough in those areas to invest even less than $500.
  11. Jerome


    What!? Link please. By-the-way your "Speed Session" video is one of my all time favorites.
  12. Jerome


    HouseofJob would be third, because he is only crazy. Chooch although clinically insane, would be second as he wears protection so he must deep down "know his limits". Tishawn who has done 45 mph and never rides below 30 mph commuting unless stopped, is clearly out of his freaking mind! I love them all!
  13. I don't get the purpose of a post like this on a EUC forum. People are aware of the EUC "unique" dangers. People have face-planted/crashed at speeds much higher than Ninebot one E+ speeds. People are aware of alternative PEVs. Why would anyone care that you are giving up on EUC riding and buying s scooter. Enjoy and ride safe.
  14. Yes indeed, I took a little liberty.
  15. This is all very confusing to me. Law makers should legalize EUCs as bicycles or Segways, or ??? and not required them to have insurance be registered, have tags. Why? Oh yeah, because they are green and compact and make great urban transport vehicles by themselves or as part of a first-last mile scheme and are fun to ride. Really? No Pev would be considered an acceptable transporting device if you have to wear a full face helmet and full body armor to ride to the store to get a box of fruit pop-cycles. It's either ATGATT (all the gear all the time or a worthless exercise). If you don't wear ATGATT then one is "assuming" they won't have a bad fall in those instances where they are not wearing ATG. Does this mean that when they are wearing ATG they think they will have a bad fall? This discussion of various protection paraphernalia seems akin to discussing various drugs for handling severe indigestion, with no one mentioning how about not eating the foods that cause it. No matter what you wear the impact from hitting concrete-asphalt will hurt and most likely hurt you. Protection may stave off cuts, road rash, gashes, blunt force trauma, etc. The impact, however, is always transmitted to your body. Wrist guards help protect the risk but the shock then goes up the arm and elbow and/or shoulders take the shock. You hit a pole/curve in a fall; a helmet may protect your head from blunt force trauma, but then your neck and spine take the shock. EUCs are probably the most dangerous transport device for a given speed out there. The danger goes up as the speed goes up as does the likely pain and injuries from a fall. You don't want indigestion, stop eating the things that cause it. You don't want to have to wear Gran Prix motorcycle gear to ride to the library, then ride slow enough to maximize one's fall avoidance capabilities. The question is not what equipment should one wear in case of a fall, but at what speed are you wiling to fall. The true believers-risk takers feel no speed is acceptable to fall. They don't plan on having a bad fall so wearing inconvenient protection is not for them. Those whose faith is not as strong try to hedge against a bad outcome. They want to ride fast and free like the true believers but have protection in case things go wrong. I fall into the category were the majority of EUC riders likely fall. Our mantra is akin to one of Clint Eastwood's often repeated axioms " a man should know their limitations" Man in this case meaning everyone.