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  1. I was at the annual Christmas works night out, ended up walking in on a couple of colleagues doing coke in the bathroom, it was a bit awkward. I was coerced into joining in (first and last experience). Didn’t notice any effects and continued the night as normal. At the end the night, i get dropped off at the hotel i had booked into but I wasn’t ready to call it a night. I figured I had my wheel in my car so i’d go for a quick spin and explore the area. It was a ride like no other. Not a good experience. Wobbles like nothing else I've experienced and I got lost.
  2. I think we can all agree its a bad idea and that part wasn’t really up for discussion. I wasn’t meaning to debate the premeditated use of your wheel as a form of transport to get from A to B while your wasted. It was more of question of has anyone taken their wheel out for a spin while having a buzz? As shameful and reckless as that may be, who can admit to it and shame themselves?
  3. Firstly, I know this topic is a bad idea, and im not really sure what there is to gain from discussing it, but here goes. Are any of you willing to admit to taking your wheel out for a spin after having a few beers/lines of coke? Legally speaking, in the U.K. if you ride a bicycle on the road under influence you can be hit with a year long driving ban as if you were driving a car. So i’d imagine the punishment for riding your wheel whilst being drunk would be the same... Not smart or clever, but the temptation will be there for some.
  4. Well i’m not going to lie, my mind was wandering slightly during those sequence of events and she ended up invited me into the pub after it all. I’m pretty sure she was just trying to trick me into giving her girlfriends a shot too. A few weeks later i found myself in a similar situation riding past a different pub, but the girl in question was a bit on the heavy side and rough around the edges. I flat out refused her.
  5. In my experience women seem more likley to approach you, rather than the guys just shouting from across the street. One time when i rode past a pub at around 11pm a young lady ran up to me and cut me off, she started asking questions. Mostly about the wheel, but she asked a few about myself too, I guess she was just trying to butter me up before she popped the big question... Can i have a go? I explained to her that my battery was low and I was just trying to baby it to get home. She was persistent ( and damn tidy ) so I reluctantly caved in. I gave her plenty warning on how difficult it is to learn, and it takes many attempts ect ect. She stepped on and as i steadied her with a stiff arm for her to use for balance she slowly lent forward and started to move away, i swung round behind her, following her closly and my hand gently placed on her hips anticipating the fall and grabbing onto her. As her speed increased and the wobbles eased i let go and she was riding all by her self unaided for about 30meters. What she acheived on her first attempt took me 40-50
  6. there are two narrow sidewalks for pedestrians with kerbs and bumpy transitions. It would be easier and quicker walking whilst carrying the wheel than trying to ride the pavement. It’s a slow road. When driving in my car 20mph is plenty fast. There’s a tight bend at the bottom leading to the hill so you can’t carry any speed on your wheel. So your accelerating from about 5mph uphill. Ive not had any issues before, there have been times my speed has been restricted by the vehicle infront. It’s the guy’s reaction, revving your engine behind someone just because you want to go faster. I mean who does that. Gotway acm 84v ( non-tesla motor )
  7. I was riding my usual Saturday commute, which includes a 40 meter stretch on a narrow single track street. ( one way road, steep incline with no space to pass.) the car behind me on this particular day was driving so close behind me revving its engine trying to intimidate me. I just kept calm and continued riding up to my junction, made my turn and the guy shouts out the window something along the lines of, i shouldn’t be on the road. To say i was angry would be an understatement. Except from this one incident ive only experienced the clasic “ wanker “ hand jestures coming out car windows which i find quite funny and makes me smile. What are your negative experiences from other rode users?
  8. have you timed a 100m dash on your wheel to try and beat your p.b.? Id imagine crossing the line at full speed might be an issue
  9. Haha, i think he meant there is no safe speed. Zero mph as in you are only safe when you are not on your wheel. That was my interpretation anyway!
  10. I don’t wear saftey gear either and I don’t feel particularly safe about it. I wouldn’t advise anyone to do the same. Its a risk. And there are dozens of different factors to include. Know your limits, and know the limits of your wheel, and stay within them. Its a personal choice and i guess everyone has their own views and preferences. Personally, i think that if you are worried about falling off definitely cover yourself up for piece of mind. Now if i lived in a country that didn’t provide free healthcare. I couldn’t afford to take that risk and perhaps wouldn’t ride a wheel at all. (with or without saftey gear )
  11. Looking to pass on my first wheel to a local person. ( stirling, scotland ) from memory; top speed 21kph ( higher if you ride past the warning beeps ) 1000w motor 260 watt hour battery good for around 10 km’s Odemeter is around 300km
  12. Im going with the thinking of, the more kitted out you are with saftey gear, the more dangerous you look and the more attention you draw to yourself. No saftey gear and people may think you are just riding a gimmick toy and not a dangerous unpredictable speed machine. I know by law that I am not permitted to ride my ecu on public roads and areas, having said that I’ve passed multiple police officers on the road in cars and on the pavement on foot and not one person has stopped me. Infact ive had police cars give way to me in normal traffic situations as if I were a car. I can only speculate to the reactions if i were kitted out
  13. Two years and 600km and im ashamed to admit that ive yet to buy saftey gear. Its always been on my to do list. I’m well aware of the risk im taking, and i know it may upset some people, but kitting yourself out in body armour kind of gives off an agresive look. Especially if you are in pedestrianised areas
  14. Your wife is beautiful, and she shows an interest in the wheel... does she have any like minded single friends? Sisters?
  15. Couldn’t agree more. I love his style, just so cool, relaxed and loose. I no doubt look like a big stiff, awkward twat in comparison.
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