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  1. Ipsiain

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    Yeah, but did you adjust your pedal angle to compensate for the tilt? I think that its self is the issue. So the tilt back actually levels the pedals
  2. Ipsiain

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    I believe gotway wheels are programmable this way.
  3. Ipsiain

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    “ i hate the squealing sound the low pad wear tab makes when i step on the brakes, so I don’t use them no more “
  4. Ipsiain

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    “ I hate the beeping tone my car makes when I don’t wear a seatbelt so i disconnected the speaker. “
  5. Ipsiain

    Foot position on your pedals

    I can ride for a good 40 or so minutes depending on where my feet are positioned. Its just the further back my feet are the more i have to use my toes for pressure, hence the calf strain. I guess one could call it exorcise
  6. Ipsiain

    The Photo Thread

    Kirkcaldy... no wonder they wanted to leave. My parents uprooted and moved the family to Vancouver Island as a child. We lasted 6 years , then my dad made the call to move us back. Image is an artist’s impression
  7. Ipsiain

    The Photo Thread

    Cloudy sunset with king robert the bruce
  8. Ipsiain

    Foot position on your pedals

    Very imformative. Im used to just planting my feet and keeping in the same position untill i stop and get back on, usually i can’t get the exact same position and it feels better or worse to ride. The further forward i put my feet the easier it is on my calf’s and perhaps i can ride a bit smoother at speed, but it feels unusual to me
  9. What is your desired foot position, in regards to heel/toe over hang ratio? Inside (at wheel) or outside? (pedal edge) And angle? ( where are your toes pointing, in/straight/out ) do you change your foot position depending on terrain? Speed?
  10. Keith, I love that picture. It pretty much sums up the theme of this post in one simple snap. It’s the best one ive seen on this site! Quite a different look wearing a suit, but i think it will catch on. Your wife got to accesorise with a bag and scarf, i’d say it’s only fair you get your wheel! I’ll always carry my wheel in my car from this day onwards, Just incase I get the opportunity to upstage a bride on her wedding day!
  11. Ipsiain

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    I see that wink, but seriously I think you could only implement your role game if you had a split second warning before hand. With a cut out the wheel is limp before you know whats happening and you wouldn’t have anything to push off of to adjust your position to start your role. So you are essentially just a rag doll.
  12. Ipsiain

    I cant ride my 1200$ Electric Unicycle.

    That looks exactly like my day one. Except instead of starting out holding a bench, a drunk guy walking his dog saw me struggling and offered to help me out by holding me up by my belt from behind.
  13. Ipsiain

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    Good question. I only go forward so I haven’t a clue. Im interested to find out though
  14. Ipsiain

    I cant ride my 1200$ Electric Unicycle.

    Grass is your friend. Learn on grass
  15. Ipsiain

    I cant ride my 1200$ Electric Unicycle.

    Try balancing on one leg without moving the wheel forward or back. One foot on the pedal the other on the air. Then put ur foot back on the ground when you lose your balance. Try and hold ur balance with one foot on the pedal for a couple seconds, gradually It will become easier, then its just a case of putting your other foot on the other pedal