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  1. 14 is spoken for internally now the 16 is available to the gent on text with me Other than that this was a bit much for me here. I wish you guys the best and be safe out there. mod can delete thread I won’t be checking it or leave it as it might be an all time classic.
  2. This is such a good reminder why I don’t use social media I will also accept payment in the form of a donation to my Local Boys and Girls Club or SPCA
  3. wow, ok. these were gifts for Christmas. The units were set up when they arrived at our home on Christmas Day, charged and ready to go. There was a charger present that day but it left with the other 2 units that belong to the person who gifted them. If I was to keep them and it looks like the 14 might stay based on demand, I will just buy a charger vs bothering the person who was so generous. so in looking to sell these I was thinking craigslist or ebay but when I searched for info on these things (had never seen one) I came across this forum and noticed how amped you guys are and figured this would be the best place to sell im a mid 40s Dad of 3 and work for a globally known firm which we can discuss and you can look up on LinkedIn if you send me a message and you actually want to buy them i don’t know if I’m more insulted by being accused of trafficking in stolen goods or that if I chose a life of crime I’d be so shitty at it that I’d be selling stolen unicycles
  4. As New they were ridden once NO CHARGERS SF Bay Area or Ship to you at your cost 16S - $850 14D - $450 Take both? Saves me time and you money.... happy to send more pics or answer questions although I know nothing about them other than I don’t want them, thx
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