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  1. I would say a Gotway MCM5 ( I guess the Mten3 has a smaller battery for your purpose...), or a KingSong KS14(D or S)
  2. Well if you can wait one more month, I'll upload the design of the ChargeDoctor I made: But first I have to test it...
  3. 20 in Spain and Berlin, after that I'll release the design for everybody
  4. Time to send the Gerber files to the manufacturer!
  5. I just saw this device in Aliexpress: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/4000272862342.html It seems to be a development board with battery, which can be attached to the wrist, and programmed using a ESP32 module... What about using it as datalogger for our wheels? What do you think about it? Can it be easily used with Wheellog or EUC World? @Seba
  6. Okay, you convinced me to use XT60 connectors...
  7. Yes sure, I need to buy some more components but I'll test it. I contacted the MPS Area Sales Manager to confirm if the MP157GS is capable of working with a 7.5V-to-450V Wide Input Range. I understand it is (according to the fact that it's "exactly the same device"), but I want to be sure...
  8. Actually take a look to the schematic on the last page of the MP157 datasheet: Even though the input is from an AC source, the input to the IC is rectified, so it should be the same if a DC input is used (from the charger). I asked to the company for stock of the MP9488 and they recommended me to buy the MP157 model, according to them it's the same device but different name (?)
  9. Thanks for the link! I didn't even know if it existed... According to the step-down regulator, I found (and bought) this: https://www.mouser.de/ProductDetail/946-MP157GS
  10. Well yes, but they should be able to be soldered to the PCB, and I guess they're not robust enough if soldered directly on two copper pads... Anyway it's NOT a charger, it's just a charge monitor
  11. Power input and output (instead of GX ports, but I was also thinking about MOLEX connectors...). I chose D-Sub because they're very easy to solder and make custom cables
  12. I understand from the charger, the wheel has no fans
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