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  1. Open the lid and put the magnet in the inner side if the battery allows it (or maybe a thinner magnet)
  2. I just bought a new Ninebot One S2 to keep developing the DIY EUC controller board, and I only need motor, batteries, electronics and pedals, so I won't use the housing. These are all the parts I provide (included original screws and silicon parts), except the LED strips: My idea is to sell it for 80€, only the battery shells cost 36€ in Aliexpress. You can pick it up in Valencia (Spain) or Berlin (Germany), I can also send it by mail if you pay the shipping cost.
  3. They're just patching a board instead of doing a new and proper layout, that way they save money using old boards. Like adding an external air conditioner to your car (yes, it works, but not so reliable and poorly aesthetic, right?)
  4. Wait wait wait! Don't tell me they just added an additional board to the old MSX board... Are you serious???
  5. It seems like they also modified the DC/DC converter... you can see it doesn't use a high-frequency transformer anymore. Anyway, I can still see lots of possible improvements to this board.
  6. Welcome to the club. Al least in the spanish group we're quite a lot of people with the same problem (I guess it's a FW problem) The RW Firmware doesn't seem to be quite debugged anyway...
  7. As I say in the title, I'm looking for a cheap-ish damaged EUC board to test and continue with this project: A Ninebot board would be great (as I already have the original FW in my computer), but also opened to other boards. Preferably in Europe (because of shipping costs).
  8. I'm thinking about getting the schematics from a Ninebot One S2 (mine). The problem? Multi-layer board and (probably) need to destroy the board to access to the inner layers Does anybody have a Ninebot One S2 damaged board just to test?
  9. PDF attached. Not very clean but the connections are the same. RockWheel_sch.pdf
  10. I'm sorry, I had no time to update it! I will do it today, I promise
  11. Let me finish the schematic, I can post it at the end of the week. Actually it's already finished, but I need to order the symbols.
  12. STM32F103C8T6 https://www.st.com/en/microcontrollers-microprocessors/stm32f103c8.html
  13. It was a possibility, but as I'm not an expert in programming, I just want the programmer feel comfortable In any case, I would look for a uC with more pins than the used in the Rockwheel board (it's running out of free pins to add extra peripherals like the handle switch, fan control, an external memory for logs...)
  14. Great! So tell me what microcontroller you are comfortable with (STM32F103 or another one) and I can update the board and add more outputs
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