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  1. I promised @s.m. to send him a controller board in exchange for a GT16 board he already sent me, so I still have the need to finish this project... So after some months thinking about it and buying some modules, I finally decided to use a ESP32 module: As I said before, I have not enough experience to programming, but I'll do my best to finish this projech. I also moved from PADS to Altium because of professional needings, so I'll make the board in Altium and (maybe) I'll try to export it to KiCAD. I just need some time...
  2. It surprisingly dries very fast (no fabric, only PVC). You only need a cloth to clean it.
  3. I bought an Itiwit X500 two weeks ago. Best inflatable kayak ever tested (and I already had severak kayaks, like surfskis, freestyle kayaks and a K1 flatwater kayak...)
  4. Finally I still need to improve the code (as you know, I'm not the best programming guy ), but at least it's working
  5. Problem solved! Today I'll try to monitor my Ninebot One S2 charge
  6. As I said, a DC/DC failure... I'm trying to solve it...
  7. I had a problem with the DC/DC converter, it seems it doesn't work properly with the voltage supplied. I need to debug it but I need some time (yes, I'm still going to my workplace...)
  8. I don't know if this is a problem in other countries, but at least it is in several countries in Europe... At least in Spain, the EUC's are not illegal, but the main problem is that the maximum allowed design speed is 20-25km/h, and obviously our favourite EUC's (from Gotway, KingSong, Inmotion, Ninebot...) are sold with maximum speeds way higher than the maximum legal speed. I thought a little bit about it and I guess it'd be a good "solution" if the manufacturer could sell the EUC's with a maximum default speed up to 25km/h (call it "max safe speed" or whatever), and it could be "u
  9. I'm looking for a really cheap Ninebot One C / C+ / E / E+. I don't mind if the battery/motor/controller is damaged, I only need the chassis and the enclosure (even damaged, I would repair it). I'm based in Spain and Germany.
  10. Ich wünsche die Mten3 zu testen, wenn du mich lässt
  11. I would say a Gotway MCM5 ( I guess the Mten3 has a smaller battery for your purpose...), or a KingSong KS14(D or S)
  12. Well if you can wait one more month, I'll upload the design of the ChargeDoctor I made: But first I have to test it...
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