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  1. I’m wondering if some Monsters are on that same shipment? I can’t wait for my new ride.😁
  2. The message part of this forum says I’m aloud to send 0 Messages a day. But I’ll get my number to you all some how. I’m down to do any ride any day and anytime. I ride the P Canyon a lot it’s close to where I live. So many good trails and it’s pretty flat as far as trails go in San Diego. It also connects to a few different preserves that connect to other preserves. It runs from the 5-805 Fwy split to the 15 Fwy with trails that lead out through Poway. It also connects to other land preserves to the south and north of it. You can ride trails to Del Mar Beach, Fairbanks Ranch, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Escondido and Poway. There are so many fun routes! It might be muddy or maybe even closed on Monday. They usually close most trails in SD for a couple days after the rain. We could always meet at the trail head n if it’s closed take a paved route somewhere else. The 56 Hwy has a double lane bike path that runs the whole length of the Hwy from the 5 to the 15. I think there are only two road crossings the whole length. There is a main bus transit station at the east end just east of the 15. The reason I bring this route up is because at many points along this Bike Path there are so many other canyon trail paths. Black Mountain is not far from this too and if you continue east you can also do a run out Lake Poway. I spent a year exploring this area and there is still so much I haven’t seen I did the SD Bay route about a year ago. It’s so beautiful! Did it with some other local EUC guys. We took boat across the bay from down town. We did a whole loop around the Bay. That ended up being a 50 mile ride for me cause I left from UTC. The route you have marked is nice cause you double backs over the best part of the ride. You can always turn around if battery’s are getting low. It’s is also really safe cause the double lane bike lane is so far off the road. There are also some nice little dirt trail off shoots along the way. There are so many amazing routes all over San Diego! I’ve made a bunch of photo slide shows of a bunch of my routes with photos, maps and mileage. They were all posted on my FB. I have the original videos. They are 5,000 miles EUC rides from over the last year. I just hit my one year of riding EUC this month! I’m going to load them on to my YouTube Chanel as a kind of reference for people to use if there looking for a new route to take in SD County. We can also use them when discussing potential Group Rides. I also recently got the new Insta 360 One X Camera. So excited to start making videos with it. I put all my videos in the cloud so maybe we can do Collaboration videos of our group rides too. I’d really like to double my miles this year and do 10,000 miles. Its going to be an amazing spring this year with all this rain we’ve been getting! If P-Canyon is open on Monday and rideable, the mini falls should be flowing pretty good.
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