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  1. Thank you for your reply Jag-Rip i know exactly what you mean, and if people call themselves a dealer then be the part. carry inventory parts and machines, but there are to many that just sell the product for the money and that's it, I guess that what most people want. if most people bought locally then the dealers would have to carry inventory or at lest that's what I believe and expect.
  2. hi everyone i look forward to getting my feet on the P my question to everyone is why not support your local dealers? As opposed to trying to save a couple bucks? Our company strive to make costumer service everything, you need to get a reputable dealer someone that has been doing this for years not just someone that has a nice website and a good price. i would rather meet the dealer put my hands on the the product I want to buy and know they have stock and knowledge for service and know I'm supporting the locals that live around me.
  3. Dann you are soooooooooo right! That's good the sooner the better. if we get to see you I will personally thank you and put your name in the draw a second time on me. thank you again and I hope to see you at one of the events. mike
  4. We are at the sannichton fair on September 5,6,7 and then at Cowichan valley exhibition on 11,12 and 13th with the draw at the end of the D&D industry supplier trade show on September 17 so I hope you make it to enter the draw and please introduce yourself. mike
  5. We are giving away a Ninebot C+ on September 17/15 after the,D&D industrial suppliers trade show. after a $5 demo you are entered in the draw. good luck to all that are entered Mike Ride The Glide your Ninebot dealer on Vancouver Island and Western Distributor
  6. If you can try and get over to Victoria, it's just as nice and a little less traffic. mike
  7. Hi so two days ago I let my nb1 E+ started this shaking when trying to get on and when I'm riding, it's calm when doing a steed forward speed but speeding up or slowing down it shakes, not fun! So what is the way to remedy this? Other then park it and get another.
  8. I find you have to want to really want to learn how to ride it and with all the videos you have watched you are half way there, it will become second nature and get easier but you will always have to remember what you are on and what can happen if you don't pay attention. im 50 and just started riding the Ninebot E+ and love it it's so much fun, it's a great way of getting around,although around here those bicycle people give you very weird looks. anyway get one, go slow and take your time and you will wonder why you didn't do it sooner. PS. If you can hold someone's arm for balance it helps
  9. so I watched this video and I have to say half of what they say is true. #1 first off walking with the SBU is nice because you use the seat like a handle you don't have to pick it up you just roll it. #2 it's not like a bike, you do bring it inside I do I take it in the grocery store and anywhere else. #3 the seat,it's not a very comfy seat but you can ride it and stand to give your but a rest. in the video at the end if you want to learn and get off on the right foot have someone walk with you while you hold their arm for balance and remember you ride from your core. mike
  10. I was out on my one today for 90 minutes and have more then have the battery left to go, that's enough my feet and legs had enough. mike
  11. Hi Jag i learned how to ride a unicycle on the SBU, it is nice to have a seat, when your butt gets sore you can stand and then before you know it your ready for a eu with no seat. so maybe just start with no seat and get a Ninebot one ( only because I don't know the other brands you are referring to ) it's a very nice ride and more stable over the SBU. but don't be shy and hold on to someone'arm while you start your practice, the hardest part to ride one is getting on. have fun mike
  12. hi all, has anyone here bought or rode the SBU and if so what did you think of it in comparison to your euc? i myself learned to ride a unicycle on the SBU and although I like the ride, I don't find it even close to as good of the stable rid I get from the Ninebot one E+ any way I would like to hear what people think about the SBU thank you mike
  13. Has anyone here bought a coolwheel, and if so what did you think of it? mike
  14. we are just starting and we are "one" strong more on the way. mike
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