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  1. 25288-00001_aa miniPRO Battery Charging and Reseating (1) (1).pdf MiniPro Service Request Form (1).docx Hope these help those who open dead or hibernated batteries in their MiniPros or lites. -Suf
  2. Dear S, Thank you for the information and sorry that the miniPRO battery is dead. The unit will be replaced, and our distributor will be in touch with you today to make the arrangements. Kind Regards, Gene Gene Northam Vice President of Global Service Segway Inc. 14 Technology Drive Bedford, NH 03110 USA segway.com T: 603-222-6069 F: 603-222-6001 C: 603-264-9688 CONFIDENTIAL: This message may contain confidential, proprietary, and/or legally privileged information and is intended only for the addressee named above. If you are not
  3. Segway is sending something to us from Los Angeles. Either a MiniPro or a battery. I e-mailed support, and called them (option # 2) in NH. When I separate the battery, and directly plug in the charger, nothing happens for 2+ hours. In their service request form instructions they ask us to separate the battery and see the LED light ON the battery. Ours did nothing. IF I unplugged the charger from the battery wait a few seconds and plug the charger back into the battery ALONE, I get 4 red flashes. I told Segway this and they are replacing something from the dis
  4. Christmas buy Segway Minipro 4 days eariler. Open Xmas day and dead. No lights. Only the charger light on the power brick is green. Call / e-mail / option 2 gets me an e-mail okay to break battery seals and take off Minipro. Directions state charger battery directly OFF the segway. Check to see if light on battery itself, is on and what color: nothing. If I unplug the charger cord from the battery and then 15-30 seconds later plug it back into the battery I get four red flashes then no light ON the battery itself. What are the 4 red blinks code fo
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