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  1. Pierre G

    Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    @Chriull thanks for your really detailed explanations. I think you'r completely right it's probably something due to my acceleration because i was just accelerating at that time -after a STOP sign (the road was flat btw). And moreover because the GT16 is really more reactive in the playing mode, I think I just accelerated to quickly, because I was used to set it on "walking mode" which does not allow those accelerations. @Tomek & @Smoother thanks for the advices. For sure I will be more careful in the future & I will set a different speed limit (at 30-35km/h). On the other hand, I know it's kind of new way of transportation and moreover I knew that Rockwheel is a company that ofen experiment differents concepts of wheel or electric bikes&personal electric way of transportation. But because I think those way of transportation will be more and more democratized, those constructors (even if there are in China..) should include a much more detailed & clear product description sheet with clear recommendations. For example I heard that in the next version (v3) of the gt16 the wheel will be able to reach 70km/h !! In my opinion this run for speed is really not a good idea because one time some child or even adults will die obviously. Especially since many people do not even wear helmets ... So if those way of transportation are more and more used peoples should also be more and more aware about the potential risks. I was lucky to have already experienced some falls on my mountains bikes but people without any experiences aren't ofen wearing protections... Ps. I have wrist guards and gloves actually, but I forgot to take them when i leave my work that day.... It was really stupid of me yeah ! Thanks again to all of you !
  2. Pierre G

    Issue with rockwheel gt16 (v2)

    Hi everyone ! So first of all I would like to thanks this forum's community : thanks to all of you I learn a lot about EUC and after a lot of reading I decided to buy a rockwheel gt16 (v2) 858wh. So thanks to all of you (especially to Scatcat for all of the topics talking about the gt16). - excuse me for my english it's not my mother tongue - I moved recently to LA and in order to go to work I then decide to buy this EUC wich combine an attractive price w/ a good speed and a good range. Because it was my first EUC experience I have practiced a lot on a parking lot during 2-3 weeks to get able to control the beast. I first started with the walking mode and set the speed limit at 25km/h. After 1 week I set the speed limit at 40km/h (first beep at 40, second at 41) and I have never exceeded this speed since. After 3 weeks I started to go at work everydays and everything was fine. I start to learn some basic trick (e.g. pendulumn...) and I was always aware of the GT16's beeps (especially when the battery was running out, I was slowing down). I even install a speedometer app on my phone with an alarm set up at 43km/h, in case of i couldn't hear the beeping (because yes, these beeps are not loud enough especially when you wear a helmet ! - plz for the next version make those beeps louder plz !). The only thing I found annoying was that I had to put my feet really forward because the pedals where a bit small. Btw, because I knew that the tiltback could be really surprising (and quite dangerous) the first week of practicing I even set up the tilt back at a really low speed to experience it. So, long story short, 3 days ago I was going back to my home at a classic speed (around 30-40km/h). This was the first day than I set up my unicycle in "playing mode" (after some practice in that mode). The battery was more than 80% charged and I'm sure (according to the absence of beeping or alarm coming from my iphone speedometer) that my speed wasn't superior to 43km/h at any time. The bicycle lane was the same one I used everyday (without bumps & quite recent...) but after few miles the tiltback suddently goes on ! Obviously I fell off and I burned + skinned both hands rather badly + got a stiff neck during 3 days (hopefully i was wearing a Bell Sanction BMX/Downhill Helmet + knee protections and a leather jacket but i forgot my gloves at work this time....that's my bad). Without those protection I could be dead (I fell head first) and I know what I'm talking about since I'm use to do mountain biking. Last but not least my -almost brand new- gt16 is still (miraculously) working but the the front shell + the front lamp are completely broken . So there is 2 bottom lines of this : 1) what is the point of having this kind of feature (the tiltback) !!! It's all but useful (even at really low speed I was not able to avoid a fall...) so a tiltback to slow down yes, why not, but THAT???!!! It's way too sudden/rapid and i would say that it's incomprehensible and moreover unconscious ! It's should be way more progressive ! 2) Why did the tilt back start?? The speed that I set up for this sh.. was 55km/h, to be sure that it will not be activated when I'm riding (i double check after i fall).. My only explanation is that it's come from the "playing mode" that I set instead of walking mode, but it could not be a reasonable explanation, right ? I'm thinking of some kind of bug/glitch coming from the motherboard but I do not have any explanation... And it was not raining (it's LA...) so it could not be some waterproof issue. Moreover it's really annoying because except that I was really happy w/ this product. Does somebody has any explanation ? I do not want to fall again for sure :S ...