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  1. For people who hasn't been following all the threads, here is a general description of the firmware 2.2.8.
  2. @Demargon @Дмитрий Анатольевич If your current version is earlier than 1.1.x, A Correction must be done after the upgrade! It can be found in APP-Setting-SCV Correction-Car body turnning and fowarding correction (Called Turning and Forwarding Adjustment on IOS, Make sure that your V10 is perpendicular to the ground before correction. As shown here:https://image.ibb.co/cU649J/140_B78_D5_31_E5_4561_9162_4_D4_F49_EA2779.png)" So the red error lights actually is a sign to wait for your extra correction. @Jrosenzweig Jason was right, IOS is apparently more stable than Android APP, and we
  3. @Stan Onymous @maltocs The 2.2.8 should be slightly better than 2.2.7 in terms of overheat, since we have done some more optimization. @Demargon @Дмитрий Анатольевич I'll get back to you soon.
  4. I'd like to share some insight about the temperature showed on App, and we've noticed there's lots of confusion. Actually the temperature we read from the App is not from the heat sink, but from one of the core processors on the control board, and V8/V10 all do the same way. The engineers had been concerning that the temperature from the heat sink might frighten off riders because they thought it would be a much higher degree. Here is the thing, the "overload " is triggered by the temperature of the heat sink, which means it has no connection with the temperature showed on App for now.
  5. The demo version had sent out 12 hours ago, and @maltocs can get yours today or tomorrow. I'll be able to get more in depth insights from our team soon.
  6. We have refined the V10/V10F firmwares based on 2.2.6, which has released and paused couple of weeks ago because of the incorrect speed limit. We’d like to invite 3-5 riders to test the V2.2.7 firmware before it’s released to public, please send me your InMotion APP ID via private message if you’ve any interest. We appreciate if the chosen ones can make the test within 3 days and share their thoughts with us, thanks in advance. Here are some insights of the V2.2.7: Max speed 40 kph Tilt back: Triggered by the output power of the wheel, begin to tilt at 72% of r
  7. @Stan Onymous Thanks for your feedback. Actually the quite a lot of engineers are not very good at riding, so we need a better product manager rather than engineers. An ideal product manager should be a very good rider, and be able to think and make decisions like a rider. Most of Chinese companies don’t have that core decision makers IMO. @UniVehje The speed limit was not intentional, and we’re working to make it right now. We still have a chance to keep the previous version when next release is available.
  8. Try to turn off your bluetooth of your phone, wait a few seconds, connect the wheel again.
  9. Good call, that makes lot of sense!
  10. We've paused the firmware because some valuable feedback from you guys, and we'll keep working on it for a week or two, and then @eddiemoy will help us to test it before we release it to public again. For those who has upgraded already, don't worry, the firmware itself doesn't have any safety issues, and you can upgrade again when the next version is available, and also I'd like to provide you some insights of the firmware 2.2.6. The biggest difference that we can recognize is that the new firmware provide two modes which are A and B, actually after my communication with our team, I rea
  11. These guys are insane, and I'm so glad the wheels survived through all these tortures.
  12. @RelaxMore Have you tried to use the "APP—Vehicle->setting->SCV Correction->Car body turning and fowarding correction" after your upgrade? Please put the wheel aside as attached while you're doing it.
  13. @WARPed1701D Sure thing, I’ll address the aggressive tilt back issue of V10 shortly to our team. @TechShizzle Of course, we’ll provide motors for Jason for sure, and you’ll be taken care of. @Stan Onymous Let me figure out if there is way to provide an option to convert the firmware back. BTW, the new firmware will be available for IOS at 6/26.
  14. You've already emailed me right? I'll help you out there!
  15. Will come back to you soon about this.
  16. Eco and sport sound great! I thought the IOS version is already available, let me double check it.
  17. @eddiemoy @Mark Lee I know you've been annoyed by the acceleration of the V10F, especially the not so responsive start. Our team has been working on it for weeks, and there should be an upgraded firmware version released on the App by the end of this week, and we hope you like it. Thanks again for your feedback.
  18. The first batch from factory were about 200 units and they had been divided for multiple dealers, because some dealers used air shipment, others use sea shipment, and the customs clearance time varies for different countries, also some dealers fulfill the orders immediately while others may hold a bit, so it's not possible for us to set a deadline date for end customers to judge if they'll have that potential effect, but we're always here to help to replace motor for customers who has this problem.
  19. You're right. The scratching noise most likely come from a stone got stuck between the motor and the heat sink inside of the shell. Because the gap of heat sink fins is 3mm, which is the same with the distance between the top of the heat sink to the motor cover, so a small rock can easily got stuck there and make the noise. So the first step is to check if there is any stone got stuck there, and if not, we should suspect the bearing.
  20. You can also email me about this problem, bob.yan@myinmotion.com
  21. I'm sorry but it's supposed to have 200 units have potential effect of that, and 25th May batch belongs to that.
  22. Yes, we're planning to do that, but the engineers are fixing the problems these days, and they will do it once they have enough time.
  23. Yes, it should be like that.
  24. Thanks for your advice, and I guess it's doable. I'll let you know once I got a confirmed answer from our team.
  25. There is only a small potion of the bad vendor motors, and there wasn't any identical features, but you should have found the problem once you start riding if it's a defective motor.
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