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  1. SpeedyFeet confirmed ‘new’ 84v 2400wh monster w msuper x control board are available. 4-6 week turnaround time. And I just signed up for the motorcycle safety training class ... too many hobbies! http://ncmotorcyclesafety.org/ At least I have all sorts of Christmas gift options this year.
  2. To clarify - Ian stated that the latest Monsters have the new board but the 84v stock he has/had is the old hardware. Jason let me know that he has stock of the 100v. I am glad we have quality vendors to work with and fully support their efforts to provide this service. No complaints from where I stand. Cheers!
  3. both jason and ian were ambiguous in responses. that's ok. i have come to my own conclusion that my decision comes to extended range on older hardware build or shorter range on newer hardware build. ian's video of the 84v failure, my 200 lbs weight, hilly riding terrain, and the 100v description from ian's site "For those wishing to do very long rides over challenging terrain. We would recommend if you are looking for road riding and its not challenging terrain then stick with the 84v" led me to this conclusion. Short of waiting on the next wheel, the 100v is best fit for me.
  4. Received confirmation from Ian re: hardware used in latest Monsters: Ours are the normal version, the latest version are having the MsuperX boards fitted. My bottom line question is this: Does the 100v version prevent what occurs at 1 min 30 sec in the video below? I encounter the type of hill that zapped that Monster on 90% of the rides I go on.
  5. I sent two emails to see if I could get additional info on new 84v monsters are equipped w the updated hardware. Jason replied with what he had in stock and speedyfeet didn’t respond. So no independent verification of U69 statement. If verified I’d buy the 84v no question. Marty’s right on about the monster ... part of the reason to own is the massive range. I’ve exhausted my research on voltage, consumption, heat, gauge, axel diameter, etc. If the 100v is ‘safer’ that would be a major plus. The KS 18s is the perfect fit for me but I’m approaching 2000 miles and
  6. In my area the city council continues to review appropriate governance for scooters. One thing appears to be clear - the police don't consider scooters a priority: Raleigh’s police chief says she doesn't have the resources to police riders who are not wearing helmets and riding on the sidewalk. "It would be difficult to prioritize the scooters, as being the No. 1 concern when we are dealing with firearm violence, mental health and when we are dealing with community engagement," Chief Cassandra Deck-Brown said. https://www.wral.com/e-scooters-will-continue-to-roll-around-raleigh
  7. Does anyone have any experience with their town/city implementation of modern electric transportation governance? The City of Raleigh did not regulate or create any updated rules on birds and I’m interested in submitting a plan for SET (sustainable electric transportation).
  8. I rolled up the the coffee shop on my ks18s and this English guy whips his phone out and show me an article about the mystery Batman guy in his hometown. Thought I’d try to solve his mystery by asking.
  9. Anybody got any idea who the Batman is riding around Tunbridge Wells UK?
  10. I think Michael gave a good pro and con on the Monster. The confusion is the 'nasty kickback on 18L' maybe should read 'nasty kickback on Monster'.
  11. I emailed both speedy feet and jason re: updated hardware in new 84v Monster. i'll let you know.
  12. US69 and M3 - how can we confirm 84v has the upgrade? that could be the deciding factor.
  13. Thank you for the quality and quick feedback. 1. Size - the taller configuration fits me well. 2. Robust-ier hardware - I’m all about this. With the available tear down videos of the Monster I would be more inclined to make room on my workbench for an EUC. I haven’t done this w my 18s due to my inability to find step by step and it’s my only wheel capable of my commute. BUT the larger battery makes sense right? same $ for less miles per charge? If I’m willing to tinker and maintain I believe the 84v is obvious choice. Fire and forget leads me back to the 100v. 3. Olde
  14. Currently own KS18s and it is great. During my daily rides I'm like 'could it possible get any better?' Alas, I am interested in purchasing another wheel. I do not have an interest in anything smaller than 18 inches. The Monster was always my obvious choice as my next wheel BUT the new 100v and its smaller battery and the new MSX has me thinking (and waffleing). I'm not a small guy at 6' 200lbs and the 22 inch wheel seems so cool and perfect for long rides on the greenways of North Carolina. The price is way high for that Monster! And could the 'one off' 100v configurat
  15. E-scooters allowed by Raleigh NC City Council - "One of our community values is getting people on bikes and walking. I am just really frustrated about where the conversation is going, instead of embracing the new technology and being the city we want to be," said City Councilwoman Nicole Stewart. https://www.wral.com/e-scooters-will-continue-to-roll-around-raleigh-at-least-for-now/17919032/
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