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  1. Ok that's great information that I will use accordingly. I will post some photos up shortly & thank you again.
  2. I'll definitely do another diagnosis soon and update you guys on the status. I have a feeling I need to buy a new motor and main board.
  3. Charge status was fully charged. It has been sitting for a few months now
  4. I definitely did all of the steps mentioned below. Wheel never spun freely. Thanks for the input and highly appreciated. PS I'm super late
  5. Thanks a lot I'm super late with response "Tesla started slowing down and turning off while I was standing on it riding". It would not self balance as intended. I guess I have to get a new board then.
  6. Rode in the snow for a few hours then it started to shut off when I brake. I kept restarting and I noticed the gyro getting weak at about the 3rd time It shutoff It wouldn't restart at all. When I press the power button now, it doesn't start and only the light ring comes on. Stuck.
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