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  1. I don’t know how much weight matters. But I would just test and feel what you like. I usually use medium for leisurely and long rides. Hard mode for off-roading or fast riding. Are you on 2.0?
  2. Tervetuloa! Suosittelen koeajamaan isompia, jos saadaan miitti aikaiseksi. Pääsee sitten vähän pidemmillekin ajeluille. Kevyistä malleista työmatkoihin voisi toimia myös V8f, kuitenkin jo vähän vakaampi ja nopeampi kuin nuo 14 tuuman mallit. Mutta sekin jää nopeasti pieneksi, jos vähänkään innostuu. Sitten pitää jo ollakin eri mallit siirtymisiin ja huviajeluille. Venäjältä en ole tilannut. Virosta taitaa myös saada. Euroopasta löytyy kyllä järkevään hintaan täällä kyselemällä, jos ei sitten Kiinasta tilailu kiinnosta.
  3. Sounds like a great plan. And thank you for informing me about this trail. If I get holidays fixed right, I'm planning to ride from Helsinki, through the Baltics and through Poland to south of Europe. No exact plan yet, but this trail might fit perfectly to my plans.
  4. Excellent idea! I almost wish I'd have an android phone just to use this feature next summer. I'm planning to do some long distance riding through Europe. Your next feature could be a wheel sharing service for those who like to travel and for those who have multiple wheels. Like AirBnb for EUC.
  5. Let’s agree to meet at least. We might need to see what the weather is like that day. It is rare to be able to ride here in January. But if the weather seem nice, we should try to ride also!
  6. Let’s do it! It’s dark out there, but why not do some riding also? I’m sure we can find at least some wheel for you. I have a V8 available if logistics work out. Where are you staying?
  7. I found the limit on 18XL (2000W 2.0) acceleration. Battery: 38 % at rest, probably very low during my extreme acceleration Volts: 71 at rest 45 km (28 miles) and 3 hours of riding before the incident Temperature: +1C (33F) Speed: 42,5 km/h (26,5 mph) I was on the last straight before gettin home. Ground uneven sand path that was frozen. Very good grip. I was riding very hard for all day and enjoying strong accelerations. I wanted to have one more go as the path was straight and empty. I pushed really hard but nothing that I hadn’t done before. I started at maybe 20 km/h and got up to 42 km/h in a matter of meters. I was doing a superman acceleration and hit a couple of bigger bumps. I felt I’ve gone too far as the wheel didn’t follow as quickly. I was already in an extreme Michael Jackson position when I felt a little pedal dip and went down. I’m ok, nothing really hurts. My wheel is ok too, just scratches. I think the Very cold batteries at this point dipped too low to support that kind of leaning. Remember to keep it chill below 50 %. This new responsive feel is too addictive.
  8. Onnittelut uudesta! Mulla vielä kokeilematta tuo. Seuraavana sun tarttee ostaa joku iso pitkän matkan pyörä! Tuo QC on kyllä harmi. Gotwaylla olisi periaatteessa hyviä malleja ja huhujen mukaan tulossa vieläkin parempia. Kiinnostaisi varsinkin uudet mallit, mutta ite oon vähän laatunörtti ja häiritsee huono laatu. Pitää vaan kestää tai toivoa muilta myös uusia malleja. Toisaalta ei kellään muullakaan valmistajalla mitään kovin erikoista laatua ole. Kiinalaisia ne on kaikki. Mut joku raja pitää kuitenkin olla
  9. Itse olen ajatellut sellaista aluspaitaa, missä on suojat mukana. En tiedä sen virallista nimeä. Mutta sitten voi sen päälle takin valita erikseen lämpötilan mukaan. Suojat sisältävää ajotakkia pitäisi sitten olla useampi eri vuodenajoille. Tai sitten valita takin siten, että alle mahtuu kerrospukeutumista paljon. Tuulen pitävyys on mun mielestä tärkeintä kaikissa ajovarusteissa.
  10. Thank you! Good idea adding Siri shortcut. A button on the watch app (or Flic -type button support) would be great also. BTW, is there a possibility to create my own shortcuts for DarknessBot or can I only use the ones preprogrammed on the app? I'm thinking using Siri to change riding modes.
  11. This is an excellent idea for future, especially for European riders with ever stricter speed limits and enforcement. Please add to the wishlist.
  12. I think most of them got bored when the forum started to turn into brand vs. brand wars. Happened when more and more people came to ask what wheel they should buy. We even had an idiot some time ago jumping into controversial conclusions and then praising himself with fake accounts. Can you imagine? Anyway, the forum membership is already about 11 000. 100 000 riders would be maybe 30M / year industry as not everyone buys a new wheel yearly. This forum doesn’t represent an average EUC rider.
  13. I've done the update and everything was smooth. Kingsong app wasn't even needed. I did the update on DarknessBot and changing speed limits back to max was also easy using it. The pedals feel harder, especially on the hardest "experient" mode. A bit closer to the usual Gotway feel. But the hard pedals still don't feel stiff or lazy to respond. This wheel feels pretty responsive. I really liked it before but now even more. It is difficult to explain the feel. Only thing that comes to mind is that there seems to be slight amplification to your movements in the algorithm. Like if you lean forward the wheel knows you want to accelerate and amplifies the movement slightly. The pedals can stay rock hard and you don't need to lean so much but the wheel still goes like mad. Turning in tight corners feels better also. Feels like the wheel stays with me better and is more ready to accelerate quickly out of the turn. It feels harder and more sensitive at the same time. And of course it is now completely silent. Testing video coming soon...
  14. UniVehje


    Maybe Oculus Go Also @Marty Backe, if you are not into high end gaming, go for Oculus Quest or Go. You don’t want to be strapped on a high end PC all the time.
  15. I’d be just fine with that. It’s all about how it feels. If you are measuring the acceleration with a timer you’d better be wearing all the protection to find the limit anyway.
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