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  1. Good news! After 2,5 weeks and 250€ later my 18XL is riding again. New main board did the trick. KingSong support was not very helpful.
  2. @Jake mulla KS18XL ja voin suositella. Harva osaa sanoa olisko 16X parempi sulle vai ei, enemmän riskiä ja odottelua ainakin. Mun pisin kertamatka on ollut 55 km ja akkua vielä yli puolet jäljellä. Painan 75kg ja ajan aika kovaa, usein polkuja.
  3. What is the wheel under you during this trip? i’m planning to ride a few hundred kilometers this summer using 18XL.
  4. Sounds too early for dead cells but not impossible. You should find new batteries through resellers, Aliexpress or directly from Inmotion. Ask the place you bought it from and also from service@imscv.com should be possible to replace yourself.
  5. How old is your wheel and how many total kilometers? You probably have some dead cells in your battery pack. Don’t ride it until you get a new pack! It might not have the power to balance you when stressed. I just had a bad faceplant myself riding a wheel like that.
  6. Your rim seems fine. Try lowering the pressure and adjusting the tire to better position. Try to get it centered while increasing pressure.
  7. Didn’t you take the 18XL on that hill and it kicked you off? That’s the behavior I’m talking about. I don’t know about older kingsongs, my comment was not about brands. And you are right about the extremes. I’m one of those people also who like to go to extremes and want to know that my wheel will perform well. That’s why I like that you do these tests. I don’t have any hills like that over here but I often ride on very difficult trails that can be demanding on the wheel. I think my point is that I’d like to go anywhere without having to think about whether the wheel can manage. One way to know is having seen you do it first but it’s also really nice to know that the wheel won’t let me ever go so far that it will fail and I have to carry it out of the woods while dripping blood from my face
  8. In my books even the V10F beats Nikola on this test. Here’s why: Number one task of the wheel is to protect the rider. Number two is to protect the wheel from damage. Only third most important is to take the rider to the most extreme hills. The V10F is kicks off the rider too easily but that is still the only correct behavior. 18L/XL does the same but not that easily. They will never cause a faceplant or get destroyed by testing their limits. It’s another issue how large their safety margins are. The Nikola didn’t only fail on the third task but failed BIG TIME on the two more important tasks. It caused a faceplant and got broken. It also didn’t report the temperature accurately. Marty was commenting that it’s a cool running wheel while some parts were overheated to the point of destruction. Same goes for some other Gotways. Their performance could be an illusion because we don’t really know how close to their limit they have been and what the real temperatures were. Only way to know is to have a faceplant and a broken wheel. On some other wheels we can safely test where the safety margins are and they simply let you know that it’s time to stop. Having some protective behavior naturally also has to limit the performance. The manufacturers must set the margins large enough to cover all possible scenarios (same with speed limits). In my books this is the right way to do it. I understand why some people don’t want that, you get more performance but then there is always the risk of not knowing how close to a faceplant you are riding. In any case, while I applaud Marty for doing these tests (very entertaining), we should remember that a wheel isn’t bad just because it overheated on the overheat hill. Unless you really need to ride those kinds of hills (say, you live and work in San Francisco and your daily commute goes over the steepest roads) you will almost never encounter anything like that. The 84v Nikola will do fine and seems like a great wheel.
  9. https://e1on.com/collections/sahkoyksipyorat one seller in Finland. I don’t know how reliable that is. Probably don’t have stock here and you could just as well order from some European reseller. Aliexpress works well and is much cheaper. No customs or taxes either if you purchase from right shops.
  10. If you don’t ride aggressively you don’t need to wear all the protection all the time. But a full face helmet is a very good idea to have always. Buy a light one that is comfortable. You should always be prepared for the wheel to cut out suddenly. It is rare but it can happen. If it happens, you will fall on your face. Just happened to me and I didn’t have my full face helmet on because it was just a slow and short ride. I will not make the same mistake again. Teeth through lip is not nice.
  11. About 6000 km (3700 miles) in 1,5 years. First proper faceplant just happened.
  12. That really sucks. Now you have to wait for another new board and you need a new charger also. And probably fix the charger polarity yourself. Any idea what is the reason for changing the polarity?
  13. The report by @US69 was 15%. That’s 8.5 degrees. Sounds pretty good. I personally happen to like flatter pedals anyway. More comfortable.
  14. It will be interesting to hear what you think about the 16X compared to your 18L. I’m very tempted to buy the 16X but think it’s too similar to my brand new 18XL. I would at least need to test it first.
  15. Weunicycle at ebay. Looks like same as twheels at Ali. They want me to ship the board at my expense to them and they ship it to kingsong for repair. All this will take 5-6 weeks so I just bought a new boar and get it in 3-4 days and get back to riding. I might still ship the broken board for repair later and get a backup back. Kingsong support just stopped responding after saying they don’t understand what is wrong.
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