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  1. Are EUC's legal in your location? If not legal on road then I'm guessing they are likely not to be legal on pavement (sidewalk). Despite it being her fault, the fact you should never have been there in the first place trumps (no pun intended) your claim and you are the one who may be on dodgy ground. Or maybe I'm wrong.
  2. Thought I would share my faceplant experience, as I came off my Tesla in similar circumstances to Marty. The irony of my fall was that I was rushing to get off a road as I hate riding on roads where cars are also present. My hurry was literally my downfall. I hit what I like to call a NASA road bump. I call them NASA bumps as they are the ones that launch you unexpectedly upwards ‘into space’. I’m sure many of us have been there, you rise maybe only an inch or two up from the footplates, but at around 20mph you know when you come back down you have got a big decision to make. That decision has to be made in maybe less than half as second. It’s the do I try to ride it out, fail and have a very bad faceplant or do I accept I’m going down and have the ‘luxury’ of a partial step on the way down. There’s also the do I try and get a tad of braking in to reduce the fall speed, but this is balanced up with the risk of not getting a final step in to help with an element of breaking the fall. To this day I’m still not certain of the exact process of the fall but I opted for the left foot lead step, this was followed by deep gashing of left knee, and bad cutting up of left elbow, badly scraped hip. Remarkably I had my iphone in my right hand, and it remained there intact and undamaged throughout the whole episode. Was I wearing any safety gear? No. Am I stupid not to do so? Yes, absolutely. By very good fortune, despite it being a September day here in the uk, it was really very cold, so I had multiple layers of thick clothing on top. As I was out on a long ride I had my small carry backpack on. I believe this helped save me from a lot more pain and damage… As my fall continued I must have flipped flat onto my back. I still have etched in my memory the sound of jumper ripping and tearing and I ground to a halt skidding flat on my back along the rough tarmac. Simultaneous to listening the disconcerting scraping was the dawning in my mind that my fall had been partially cushioned by the backpack and I was sliding to a halt lubricated by the backpack containing a fast charger, water bottle and more spare clothing. I’m talking about those thoughts that all happen within around 1 to 2 seconds in the moment and its kind of fascinating looking back now and thinking just how much you can think and contemplate during those moments in time. It felt like my slide went on forever. It still tickles me now that my first thought on grinding to a halt was along the lines of ‘that went well’ and ‘I think I’ve got away with this one’. Trust me when I say you don’t lie around in the road for any longer than you need to when your mind clears and you realise there could be a vehicle along to finish you off any moment. I got to my feet. This is when you start to appreciate you haven’t quite ‘got away with it’ as you first thought. The pain kicks in as does the realisation Mr Tesla is sat beeping contentedly in the middle of the oncoming lane of traffic. Time for fast moving and see the damage to my Tesla. No damage at all. Quick power off and back on and it’s fine. It needed to be as I’m now around 35 miles from home and getting back on and riding is the only real option. Having to get back on immediately is a good thing with hindsight, I think if I hadn’t at the time I may have been more concerned about a remount at a later date. The ride home is ample opportunity to lament your failings, and to truly appreciate the smooth transition from adrenalin to pain and ultimately to regret. This fall was the worst of my spills in the 4000 or so miles I have travelled on my Tesla. All 3 of my falls have been the result of potholes/divots/bumps – call them what you will. And all 3 have been as a result of not seeing the pothole due to looking at or concentrating on other things (it’s just not possible to monitor the quality of the upcoming path 100% of the time is it). The first two were at the limits of “run off” speed and were at around 11-13mph. Trust me when I say you do not want to go down at around 20mph as I did in this fall. I was very fortunate indeed not to suffer much more significant injury. Balanced on one wheel, we are always only a second from disaster. Happy riding everyone, and please be careful and wear appropriate protective gear. Marty, I really hope you are ok man and wish you a speedy recovery. It’s truly a shame that in your country you have to think twice about seeking medical help. Watched your video of the crash aftermath and my first thought based on your description was that you have cracked/broken a collarbone. Hope I’m wrong. Thanks for all the videos you post on your channel, Peace.
  3. Wow, that is serious mileage. I assume you are probably commuting doing those sort of distances over a prolonged period.
  4. Took delivery of my Tesla back on 19th January 2018. So as at today I'm 198 days of ownership (nearly 8 months). What can I say, what a fantastic wheel. For anyone considering a wheel purchase this wheel should be high on the list especially considering its price and the power of the motor relative to other makes with higher prices. On the Gotway App I have now entered the top 100 in the world for distance travelled (on one individual wheel, obviously). You can find me there at number 99 (The Man of Mead) with 4,980.70km travelled in those 198 days of ownership. That's 25.15km on average every single day (or put another way 15.62 miles every single day for nearly 8 months). How many miles/day (or km/day) do you average?
  5. I generally try to avoid dirt tracks but you all know sometimes it’s necessary. Anyone any ideas how to clear the mud from inside that accumulates ( I assume it’s dirt accumulation). As eventually my Tesla starts to sound like a steam train as you pull away with a “choo choo” sound as the dirt rubs on the wheel. Hope this post makes sense. Anyone got any suggestions for getting rid of the problem without taking the casing apart? Out in the wild I have often been able to remove the bits that get stuck (prodding and gouging with a thin stick) where the shell meets the wheel but it never seems to solve it. Help!
  6. Solved! Thank you for your reply. It worked 1st time as soon as I put my phone number in as the account name (not the motor code, which was the error I was making). Many thanks meep meep
  7. Help!! Got new iphone x, transferred everything to the new phone (by back up on pc and transfer eveything to new iphone). When I try to access the Gotway App on the new phone and connect to the wheel, it doesn't work. Does anyone know how to move your app to a new phone. When I try to log in with the 9 digit motor code, it says that code is taken. Thanks
  8. Only had my Tesla for around two weeks. Have only charged it around 3 Times so far, but the first thing I noticed was the temperature the charger gets to while charging. Worryingly hot.
  9. I have kept the packaging the Tesla sat in on delivery. So mine sits perfectly upright when not in use ??✅
  10. Thanks for your replies gents, really appreciating all the tips, advice and your own personal stories of your own learning experiences. ??✅ Laughed out loud at the “seconds long packs of fun distributed thru 20 minutes of sheer terror”. Goinpostal.
  11. I see what you mean about keeping one fixed position or constantly changing position. I agree its more likely to be comfortable in 'constantly changing' positions.
  12. Hello Gents, quick update for day 4. I have just returned from a quick 2.4km bout of practice. Had to stop as my feet and my back are aching. Yesterday I went out 3 times including one trip of 3.8km. However, on that trip I found myself repeatedly having to stop because my feet and my back were aching so much. Probably had to stop at least 4 times for little breathers to wait for the worst of the aching to go away. Is this normal for a beginner? Right now I'm wondering how I will ever get up to riding 10-20+ miles in a day (which is the ultimate goal). Right now I can't really hack more than 1/2 hour at a time.
  13. Thanks for your replies so far everyone. Seems like my problems are common ones, and the key to the progress is really more practice and experience which only comes with ride time. The other recurring theme seems to be to adopt a relaxed posture. Problem is I’m impatient to become an accomplished rider. While waiting around a month for my wheel to be delivered I avidly watched many many you tube tuition videos and expert rider videos so maybe I have become too used to watching riders cruise majestically down the streets and am expecting to be doing the same too soon.
  14. New Inmotion V8 arrived from SpeedyFeet (thank you Speedy Feet) yesterday (Friday 5th January), to great excitement. Unfortunately, the weeather here in Northern UK was terrible so couldn't get out. So day 1 of practice consisted of around 1 hour of standing on it and some wobbly transations across my office (around 3 metres wide). It felt like I was learning a little just getting the feel for balance. Wasn't long before right calve and right ankle in a bit of discomfort(!) Today (Saturday 6th January), better weather and a trip to a stiff fenced basketball area, identified as ideal for EUC practice. It has paths around the outer area of the basketball enclosed area so scope for doing circuits over an area 'around the outside' of the basketball pitch. Practiced for around an hour, but that was enough as fatigue set in. Really pleased with progress, and was able to ride multiple circuits around the exterior of the basketball court. Please note this was not by any means in a very controlled manner. Two particular areas I want some help/feedback with: 1. Foot position - after a while I placed my feet further back on the foot plates and I thought (but I'm not sure) that this seemd to give me better control and 'feel' for acceleration and braking. Is this issue of foot position important. Quite often, I'm so unsteady mounting that I don't get my feet in the same position on each side!! 2. The wobbles - as I felt I was improving and ventured to try going faster, I found that the wheel seemd to develop the wobbles. Any tips? 3. Ride in a straight line - Often I struggled to go in an entirely straight line, could this simply be a combination of me being a learner and not having enough speed makes me unstable and more prone to deviate off the straight line? Finally, one other thing I would say is that this thing makes you new friends! Virtually every passer by was stopping to watch or to chat, mostly in awe of this machine noone seemed to have ever seen. Little do they know how bad my riding is compared to you more experienced guys on this forum! Looking forward to tomorrow and going again
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