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  1. Ambient temperature 20º, controller 70º+ (Z10 beeping because high temperatures). After a couple kms of somewhat steep slope offroad hill. Z10 not the best managing temps. KS16x and gotway were just fine at that time doing the same hill.
  2. I tried to google it I read somewhere that safe to touch dc voltage is around 60-70 so every dc electronic domestic device that sells in EU should be less than that value but I can't find the info. Maybe I'm wrong... About Kingsongs, well... it's easy to stamp a EU sticker on the wheel (same goes to 9bot ones or other brands)
  3. I think so. The cable gets mildly warm and connector is just cold. I bought the Z10 cable plus connector here (It's a bit on the expensive side though): https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32983145164.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.9a0d63c0uCEISj
  4. Probably an order of magnitude higher. It's a cheap one. It was just curiosity. I upload a picture of how I managed cable conection. This way you can just put out the polimeter once you have tested all charging values or keep it as you like. I was testing 7A charging, transistors get hooot at 7.5A. I'll keep 7A as default since I live in a rather mild/cold region. My batteries never reached more than 36-37ºC.
  5. @Rotciv The charger is working very good I attach some pictures od the charging process from 10% battery at 30min, 1h and 2h charge times. Max battery temps were 36º iirc may I ask you a question guys? Why do you think the Z bms cuts off at 58,67V instead of 58,8V (4,2V x 14 cells) At 58,67V the cells are not at 100% nominal capacity, isn't it?
  6. Omg... that's a roasted bms... Will you repair it ? It's better to stick to 6A charges I suppose :s
  7. Following your instructions I managed to get my Wate 6A charger working fine. Trimmed voltage at about 58.65V (the potentiometer is very sensitive). So far charge speeds are about 3x faster than with original charger. I used a Peacefair digital multimeter instead of the DROK 200139US (couldnt find the drok in Amazon Spain) but I suppose it will do ok for monitoring. The most "dificult" part was soldering the GX16-3 connectors because I am not good at soldering but in the end I did it ok. Trimming to exact 58.67V was a pain in the ass, I ended up setting it at 58.65V. I will attach some pictures later in case anybody find them useful. Thanks for your help, this charger will be very useful with long extended rides ;-)
  8. I doubt about voltage. Not much benefits and they will have a hard time selling legally in EU about DC max voltage safety limitations.
  9. If I didn't already have a Z I probably would buy a KS16X not for the customer support (in most cases there are none in both brands and you have to repair it yourself) or reliability (there are Z with sevral thousands of km with no faults) but for performance/range/battery/price. Right now, depending on your country if you own a EUC you need to be ready to: 1) Order parts to CN and spend time reparing yourself 2) Send it for repair at your local shop spending a lot of money
  10. I might prepare the charger this weekend. Would the thin wires of the original charger by segway work with higher amps than original? I bought an aftermarket cable in order to not cut the original one but I found out that the aftermarket is even slighty thinner than original (not by much but thinner) Probably will interchange and use original cable for fast charger (6A) and aftermarket one for original charger (2A). What do you think @Rotciv
  11. This is level pro of battery modifications
  12. Bought the material from aliexpress. Waiting for it to arrive. I measured volts from original Z10 charger and I read 58.5V
  13. Thanks for your advice Rotciv, so you recommend the Wate 6A over the Yzpower 6A? (I don't know how to trim the voltage, my electric knowledge is limited, I could defend myself though with some directions) Thanks again
  14. Hi Rotciv, I'm about to buy a Yzpower 58,8V 6A charger for my Z10. Do you think it will be safe a 6A charging? If I understand correctly you are charging at 7.5A without problem. I'm worried about the section/diameter of the internal cables. Don't you think those are a bit too thin for that amperage? I would use the charger on extended routes from tiem to time. I usually charge with original charger at 2A overnight. The charger I have in mind: https://es.aliexpress.com/item/32814788160.html?spm=a219c.12010612.8148356.6.335d2aaedDOhOI
  15. Thank you both Lefteris and MRN76. I can't afford to brick the wheel so I think I will pass until it's more easier but I appreciate all the work you did so far. Regards,
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