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  1. I commute to work a lot before dawn and on 18L it was a nightmare for fellow bike commuters whom I met on my route every day who were travelling the opposite direction. On my current 18XL no issues at all so I assumed they fixed the problem.
  2. Overlean is a killer and in this case you always learn the hard way because when you overlean the tiltback (if the wheel has enough power to apply it) actually works against you. It's like with cars - if you push your car over its limit nothing will help you, be it a TC, ABS, ASR etc.
  3. Superb wheel, minor scratches, EUR 1750, shipping included. EU warranty from reliable seller (eunicucles.eu) till March 2021. Pics available here: https://forum.ecojazda.pl/index.php/start/gielda-kupie-sprzedam-zamienie/489-sprzedam-king-song-18xl-1554wh-duze-pedaly-na-gwarancji
  4. @Seba Do you know of or have you experienced first hand any significant (or minor : ) differences between 1.11 and 1.12?
  5. I have experienced a similar fall on K16B. Series of beeps, the fall, the wheel on its side turned on, green lights, ready to ride. 16S has slipped away from underneath me a couple of times. Personally, I think that (in my case at least) those incidents were due to the engines not generating enough power for my weight (100 kg plus 20 kg of gear). Since I switched to 18L and later to 18XL none of that happened again... PS @Lutalo You mentioned your son's fall. What wheel was he riding? And what weight/height is he/was he then?
  6. It was originally 16B. I rode it before the last upgrade. This is 800W engine and I'm a bit heavy but I found it great for 20 km/h chilled-out cruising. A lot more comfortable than the original thanks to its bigger tyre. I didn't have a chance to try off-roading though. Next time we meet I'll make a video of it in action : )
  7. Behold the 20 inch KS Monster! Our friend from local forum made this: He is my hero. The latest upgrade - active suspension ; )
  8. But how do you know that it is 30% better in terms of acceleration and 50% better in terms of braking? Where do the numbers come from?
  9. Just keep in mind that the guy who wrote it sells Gotway wheels : )
  10. Thanks for doing the maths for us : ) It felt great to realize that since I switched from my car to EUC, over a period of 2.5 years I have prevented the emission of almost 2 tonnes of CO2 : )
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