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  1. Dear Fellow Unicyclists, Soon I may be visiting some of the countries mentioned in the topic and since I am taking my KS along I will be gratefull for general overview of any restrictions/regulations you may know of regarding riding there. I have spotted some information in different parts of this forum but some of it seems outdated and aome dilluted/not very precise or contradictory. I am interested both in cities and smaller towns/rural areas. If and how the police treats/reacts/approaches you. Are there any unwritten EUC rules and practices? Obligatory safety equipment maybe? In return I am glad to share the EUC status quo here in Poland: Although not regulated by law (when you're riding you are actually considered a pedestrian), at the moment the EUCs seem to be accepted both in cities and in the country. Some guidelines have been issued fot the police to act according to the circumstances. So if you do not disrespect and do not pose danger to pedestrians, cyclists, general traffic, etc. the police should ignore you. Of course insurance and safety gear is always advisible but I have never been or witnessed any riders being stopped to check/verify that. Thanks for any information regarding the above in your countries or in the countries you have ridden in. Cheers!
  2. hal2000

    Ks18-L magic smoke ;( after falling off

    18L may be more managable than 18S but this does not make it a learner's wheel. It's simply too heavy and still too big for the purpose. Xolition is right. Buy a (preferably used but driveable) light 14"/16" wheel (at this stage you can even save weight by getting it with small batteries). Learn, sell, upgrade. This way it will not be expensive at all and definately less expensive than destroying 18L while learning
  3. hal2000

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    Not so sure about that...
  4. I meant after you disconnected the batteries (at least you knew what to do, I was just watching my wheel dying in my arms ).
  5. @Juick And have you tried to restart it?
  6. hal2000

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    @US69 Thanks for the clarification. In a shopping mall? I believe we have +1 in these circumstances from Czech Republic This wheel just hates shopping. Told ya.
  7. When did you order it/ when was it shipped?
  8. hal2000

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    They are based in my city. I have no experience with them but if you are looking for more or less the same prices as theirs and superfast friendly customer service I would check out eunicycles.eu. They are also based here in Wroclaw and specialize in KS and InMotion. I've bought 3 KS wheels with them and am very happy with customer service and aftersale warranty and support.
  9. hal2000

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    So did it happen while trolleying or riding?
  10. Just a little update - the wheel has just been serviced and the "parking position" functionality has been restored for the right pedal. Also eunicycles.eu suggested to replace the tyre due to its being worn, which I did. So - almost a brand new wheel now!
  11. hal2000

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    My question was regarding the circumstances of the failure. Was it "death by trolleying" or something else? Having in mind the fact that Mr Olsen is an active YouTuber, EUC enthusiast and forum member I was surprised that I missed the sad news about his KS18L. Also, considering the fact that riders safety and life may depend on the reliability of the board I would not be so lighthearted about it and I'd rather expect these boards to be treated just like (I believe you meant) 'sensitive' medical equipment rather than cheap consumer electronics.
  12. hal2000

    KS18L Range Test - 200 lbs rider

    @Henrik Olsen Hi! Is that true that you were also affected by KS18Lockgate? Would you be willing to share deatails on the circumstances? Cheers!
  13. hal2000

    Ks18-L magic smoke ;( after falling off

    Looking back I would say that KS18L or any other large (18"+) wheel is the worst choice for a learning wheel. Also the "L" in KS18L does not stand for "Learner's wheel". It stands for "Lock guaranteed sooner or later" but that's another story. Second-hand 14 or 16 inch would be my choice for taking first steps. Something that worries me is that with this speed the wheel landing on its side shoud not "crash and burn". Some scratches - yes. Smoke - no. This should be under warranty repair or replacement.
  14. Soooo.... The KS advertising slogan should be "different day - another lock" 2 weeks ago I had my board replaced as the aftermath to Lockgate. I left the sensor on and it worked well. Today I rode it to work as usual and when wanted to return home the wheel refused to start. What happened resembles the case I quote below with the exception that my wheel was/is unrideable. This is becoming REALLY annoying. I was wondering what "L" in KS18L stands for... I think we all know by now.
  15. I think I would stick to EUR 950 but could offer free shipment to UK...