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  1. On a very steep hill the wheel is not moving anymore.
  2. You can but that's not the solution due to the nature of emergency situaltions
  3. Part II - in short: - in a drag race it may lose but in a "real race" - longer distance over various quality surfaces it will win - you need to adjust your technique; the biggest challange for me was a quick start - it seems you need to use your loin more than your feet - relatively steep and longer climbs - safe - today I did 16 miles (battery from full to 75%) - I changed the riding mode from commuting to off-road but I like the commuting one more (on any sufaces); - I don't like the cut off switch on it; in case of emergency when you jump off the wheel you normally catch it by the handle, and then it switches off, which in difficult situations and terrain is tricky; also the cut off switch is just next to handle release switch which was confusing - but this one you may get used to; Unfortunately I had to give it back (Ryszard from eunicycles.eu was armed) : ( If you have any questions please ask. Cheers! PS @brockj I have owned XL for the past year and I see a lot of similarities in terms of design - it is smooth, easy to ride, easy to carry (more difficult to trolley unfortunately due to the handle design different to KS); overall it's better and should be considered an upgrade; riding on 18xl is more effortless and chilled though (if you are not in a hurry); one final thing: I am a heavy rider and I have to say that was one and only reason for me to abandon XL; the 2.5 inch tyre was just not enough.
  4. I'll be riding today a little more and will report back here
  5. So, first things first - my wheel history: KingSong 16B, 16S, 18L, 18XL, 16X. Now, to an unbiased review I got it today, courtesy of eunicycles.eu. I am grateful to Richard for entrusting me with this brand new EUC. So, straight out of the box with 47% battery as indicated in the app (4 bars on the wheel display). Shocks pumped to 170 (I'm about 100 kg). We didn't play with the negative chambers. FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Very, very solid build with quality materials. It has the sort of design that grows on you. I love the kick stand, it's integration and descreetness. Handle - not so much (more on that later). I still consider KS18L/XL and 16X "the handlebar kings". Great pedals - large comfortable and gripped. Wonderful front and back lighrs. But you know all that already. So, moving on... THE RIDE As with any new EUC I needed a moment to adjust but once that happened, oh man, I just loved it (default settings - comfortable commuting mode). I took it to all those city streets and routes I hate going through due to their surface quality (potholes, bumps, uneven conditions, etc.) and it handled them great. Some off-road trails as well - not bad, although (if I remeber correctly) the ride was a little bit smoother on S18. Pleasant surprise - riding through gravel was unusually enjoyable nad troubleless. Back in the city (maybe due to its and my weight combined) the ride seemed more stable than on S18. It's important that on both wheels the suspension does not disconnect you from the road, so you still "feel" your ride. I expected more responsivness after watching the reviews but maybe the lack of it resulted from choosing the commuting mode. THE FEATURES AND SPECS Finally someone got the lights right DLR, full beam, front, back. IMHO V11 is the current "light king" (although I miss the side leds and hope they will be available at least as an option). I love the battery bar display which is clearly visible while riding. Despite I don't use them a lot I miss the speakers (again - hope they return as an option). Very surprisingly I didn't notice the weight... I was expecting something noticeably heavier than my XL but somehow it felt similar (maybe due to its relative "thinness" and "smothness" which make carrying it more comfortable). Handlebar - just ok - I'm 185 cm tall and if I ware even one cm taller it would sit too low for comfortable trollying. THE GLITCH(es) Now everyone is waiting for these Sooo... according to the app I did 20 miles on it before I got tilted back in this famous InMotion trademarked way ("overload, please get off" - however the tone of voice was nicer than on V10). And it wouldn't be a problem but... it came slightly unexpected due to several reasons: 1) The bars on the top battery display went down one by one in regular intervals except this radically changed with the last two instances (I mean once only one was left I was expecting some time (or miles) to pass before getting the blinking "reserve mode") but it took maybe 1 mile and I had to get off and was never to go back on, and I was in the middle of the trail which meant 3 mile walk home, by the river, accompanied by thousands of mosquitos..... 2) There were no other alarms or tiltbacks to inform me that I'm doing my final mile. All my KingSongs let me know well in advance that I need to plan my safe return, Here - suddenly the situation is getting critical. And, while V11 did not limit my speed in any noticeable way till the end (which was great) the only and final tilt back came very suddenly at considerable speed and thus resulted in almost a crash (as we all know breaking while you are being tillted back is tricky). This has to be fixed because it's simply dangerous. So now I'm an expert on trolleying V11and I can tell you again that this handlebar is just about ok for my height and I can also tell you that it was more comfy for me to trolley it with the engine off than on. The wheel was more stable this way. OVERALL I love it and I am seriously considering not returning it (sorry Richard ;). Everybody says there is no perfect wheel and I agree. But this one is pretty close to it, especially if you are a city commuter. Of course we need more miles on it as a community but at the moment it's difficult for me to hide my enthusiasm. PS Eunicycles.eu is planning a demo event in Wroclaw, Poland soon (if not tomorrow - check their FB). So if you are currently nearby and you love EUCs then you should consider participating.
  6. I commute to work a lot before dawn and on 18L it was a nightmare for fellow bike commuters whom I met on my route every day who were travelling the opposite direction. On my current 18XL no issues at all so I assumed they fixed the problem.
  7. Overlean is a killer and in this case you always learn the hard way because when you overlean the tiltback (if the wheel has enough power to apply it) actually works against you. It's like with cars - if you push your car over its limit nothing will help you, be it a TC, ABS, ASR etc.
  8. Superb wheel, minor scratches, EUR 1750, shipping included. EU warranty from reliable seller (eunicucles.eu) till March 2021. Pics available here: https://forum.ecojazda.pl/index.php/start/gielda-kupie-sprzedam-zamienie/489-sprzedam-king-song-18xl-1554wh-duze-pedaly-na-gwarancji
  9. @Seba Do you know of or have you experienced first hand any significant (or minor : ) differences between 1.11 and 1.12?
  10. I have experienced a similar fall on K16B. Series of beeps, the fall, the wheel on its side turned on, green lights, ready to ride. 16S has slipped away from underneath me a couple of times. Personally, I think that (in my case at least) those incidents were due to the engines not generating enough power for my weight (100 kg plus 20 kg of gear). Since I switched to 18L and later to 18XL none of that happened again... PS @Lutalo You mentioned your son's fall. What wheel was he riding? And what weight/height is he/was he then?
  11. It was originally 16B. I rode it before the last upgrade. This is 800W engine and I'm a bit heavy but I found it great for 20 km/h chilled-out cruising. A lot more comfortable than the original thanks to its bigger tyre. I didn't have a chance to try off-roading though. Next time we meet I'll make a video of it in action : )
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