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  1. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Yes, but why discriminate European market in this regard? From what was mentioned in this thread I understand a white XL is in production and is/will be available in the USA. So, once again: Why?
  2. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    @Jason McNeil Since you've managed such a great initiative with pedals maybe you could follow up with an (auto)adjustable headlight project ; )
  3. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    Look superb.
  4. hal2000

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    Yep, same here.
  5. hal2000

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    I simply love quick and proper aftersale support. Waiting weeks for parts from China and then installing them myself is definitely not my kind of thing.
  6. hal2000

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    @meepmeepmayer We are talking here 1/3rd of a brand new small car : ) I will be buying locally here in EU from eunicycles.eu for +/- GBP 1990 / EUR 2300 / USD 2600. I think they ship worldwide (not 100% sure) and sometimes you can be eligible (I do not qualify, unfortunately) for VAT-free purchase which (after deducting huge local 23% VAT) makes it GBP 1520 / EUR 1771 / USD 2000).
  7. hal2000

    Kingsong 18XL available for pre-order Speedy Feet

    Hi Jens! Are you buying the one with larger pedals?
  8. hal2000

    King Song KS18XL

    Definitely of an interest to me as well. US69 mentioned that the final production version will have batteries protection enclosures. Will that be so?
  9. Aftersale support is everything... unless you dream of nothing else than to play with your tools and can't wait for your wheel to break ; ) I am happy to pay the premium to get help quickly when I need it.
  10. I've ridden MSX and I have to say - I enjoyed the ride itself (apart from an occasional unexpected lift of pedals - but that may just be the nature of the ride for MSX). However, the overall shabbiness (which I believe makes it cheaper, but I'm just guessing...) puts me off...
  11. @Espen R I would personally go for your option 1. PS It is a pity KS does not offer the bigger pedals as standard for the EU market.
  12. hal2000

    KS18L headlight issue

    I have to say - I like "stock wheels". Mods annoy me and I don't like to tinker with anything. I really like 18L but at the same time when I pay the asking price, I expect that the producer listens to the users and follows with necessary R&D actions. I rode the whole winter last year and plan to do the same this year. A proper headlight is crucial in these conditions. And by "proper' I mean more than just "strong". 1) It should not blind the opposite traffic, 2) the illumination beam should not leave 2m of "blind strip" in front of the wheel and 3) illuminating a downhill path should come as standard. I hope that KingSong listens and will address the issue in the production version of KS18XL.
  13. hal2000

    KS18L headlight issue

    @Jean Dublin True. Darkness sensor sucks as well, unfortunately. And the app/the wheel seems not to remember the "always on" setting. The quickest solution: use the "power on" button. When in dark environment and with the headlight activated by the sensor -> press once and the light will go off, press again and the headlight will enter "always on" mode.