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  1. hal2000

    TO KS18L OWNERS: cutoff fonction unreliable. U2??

    There was quite a lot about that on the forum. If recalibration does not solve the problem then the handle mechanism has to be adjusted. If you feel confident you can try and do it on your own. I think that @Seba posted a how-to video.
  2. Minor update: Found some cool shipping deals, so I can offer an insured delivery to most EU countries for free.
  3. hal2000


    I'd love a denim wrap for my KS. I think it'd look great and also had a protective function as a bonus. Plus, any potential scratches would look as trendy as on a pair of jeans : )
  4. New price: EUR 1250 plus shipping.
  5. I have just switched to 18XL so my 18L goes on sale. It has some scratches on the outer shell but those are purely aesthetical. Everything on it works and It rides beautifully. It has been upgraded with the must-have big pedals option. It still has 5 months warranty left with eunicycles.eu (very reliable seller; I have bought 4 wheels from them so far and the service they provide is excellent) EUR 1399 plus shipping
  6. hal2000

    KS 18 XL mud flap / mud guard / fender in practice

    Thank you for all the feedback. Much obliged : )
  7. There was much discussion about aesthetics (which is secondary on my importance list) but I can’t find anything about performance. Can anyone provide any feedback whether the new fender/mudguard/mudflap (the one that comes as standard on 18xl) is better or worse when compared to the previous one (famous “mudsack” ; ) I am first and foremost interested in which one performs better in actually protecting against mud : )
  8. My learning curve (on KS16B) was about 3 weeks before I took it to the streets and started commuting long distances daily. But... aren't EUCs illegal in London?
  9. hal2000

    I got my KingSong KS18L stolen

    Terribly sorry, Henrik. I hope your wheel will find its way back soon. Would you be so kind and share the circumstances of the incident with us?
  10. hal2000

    Unlock feature on 18xl

    Well, just hang it somewhere for an hour or two ; )
  11. hal2000

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    A whole new dimension to faceplant experience ; )
  12. hal2000

    Unlock feature on 18xl

    Can't you just unlock it but lifting it up with the lift sensor disabled?
  13. hal2000

    I just ordered a KS 18xl

    Was going to do the same but reconsidered having watched this... Slightly more expensive but looks like it has a comfortable seat ; )
  14. hal2000

    The Photo Thread

    I hope that the wedding reception did not end in flames if you know what I mean ; )
  15. hal2000

    KS-18L/XL modified light

    Any chance of some outdoor riding shots (of the tilted one with additional LEDs)?