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  1. @Smoother I think that you may be proving me right rather than wrong but just to clarify: I was trying to say that 1) the axle is fragile and prone to damage when "it is subjected to a signifiacnt weight over a long period of time" ("and this is exactly what riding an EUC does" 2) the axle is not prone to damage due to abusive and full of accidents usage (I EXCLUDE here the everyday application of the weight of the rider; I have in mind incidents like the rider falling off the wheel and the wheel hitting a wall/fence/tree or falling/tumbling down the slope/cliff Usually the shell cracks, batteries get loose, handle breaks etc. but since the rider is absent, weight is low and the axle is quite hidden and protected it does not suffer... BUT maybe all the design features you've mentioned point at the fact that the axle is prone to damage in both abovementioned circumstances [1) and 2)]. I will appreciate your opinion on this. Cheers!
  2. @Smoother That was hugely insightful. Many thanks! Scrutinizing the whole design, the shape, size and length of the axle, its positioning and mounting details I can't really imagine how one could damage it in a way other than on purpose using specialized tools or subjecting it to a significant weight over a long period of time. What I mean by that is that everyday use (even abusive and full of accidents) does not generate enough force to cause symmetrical damage to the axle...
  3. I have never tinkered with the wheel internals (and I am not planning to) so forgive my potential ignorance but it was my understanding that the problem could be resolved by replacing the axle alone... Is it an integral part of the motor then?
  4. @US69 Thanks for being involved and commenting on the matter. I think however that you slightly misread me or I was not precise enough. It was not my intention to mediate in any way between the customer and the dealer. I was (and still am) just interested whether there is an acknowledgement from Kingsong that the thinner axle was not strong enough to hold the weight of some heavier riders. As far as I remember the documentation for my KS16B stated the limit of the maximum load of 120 kg which I never exceeded but sometimes was getting close to it. I would assume that implicit acknowledgement exists since the replacement part was produced and then included as standard on later models (my KS16S had never any problems with my weight at all). Regarding the dispute, I think that a material specialist should be able to assess whether the damage was a result of premature tear and wear or a result of a serious accident/sudden abuse. In the case of the former, I would suggest @szaroczek to follow the matter for the benefit of the community. I understand that there is a certain risk involved in buying used items but that should not strip customers of their rights.
  5. As I have already mentioned, my axle on KS16B was replaced by another Polish distributor (eunicycles.eu) without any questions asked. Also, as far as I know, the factory release of a thicker, stronger axle was the result of problems experienced by heavier riders. It would be great if KS Official Media Representative provided some opinion/support here. @US69 Would you be so kind and comment on the matter?
  6. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I have to say that KS16 is a perfect choice for winter and this may be the only reason I regret having sold it. I did not even use a winter tyre on it. 18L is totally different and requires a lot more attention and vigilance when in slippery conditions. 1. On KS16 the pedals are low and this helps a lot when you need to quickly counter manoeuvre a slip in an emergency (when you want to correct on 18L usually it's too late). 2. Low pedals also provide for safe landing position for your feet in case the slip is beyond correction (you are able to land standing up; on contrary on 18L in similar conditions you fall on the side of your feet which eventually may result in hitting the ground hard). 3. The 16" tyre is slim and eats into the snow. Also it reduces aquaplaning A LOT!
  7. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    So, have you ridden 18L in winter conditions at all?
  8. hal2000

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    Sorry for the delay in answering your questions. Been away busy at work. I am EUR 45.5 (US 11). I'm about 100 kg. My very brief (and to the point) review is: They are way more comfortable (the bigger feet you have the more comfy, I think : ) The grip is far superior to the original ones. The 'long ride sore feet' effect is almost gone. There is this feeling of having more control over the wheel. Only one 'but' - due to increased length, the accelerate/brake response seems slower. This actually results in a sort of smoother ride but when you want/need to push it, it requires more force and acrobatics than when riding on the shorter pedals
  9. hal2000

    Where to buy new 25cm pedals in Europe?

    Just received mine from eunicycles.eu SUPERB!
  10. Of course I'm joking. US69 just loves it and can't live without the everyday forum thrills : )
  11. US69 has had enough ; ) Anyway, I will be extremely happy if this solution resolves the issue once and for all.
  12. hal2000

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    My hometown - Wroclaw, is really a place you want to visit WITH your wheel : ) BTW @One_wheeler_21 I have to ask about Ireland, are the wheels welcomed where you live? Any issues with the police or local regulations?
  13. hal2000

    First Impressions & Photos of the KS18XL

    I am not trying to be hard or "too hard" on anybody. I believe that all of us here, apart from sharing information with each other, also provide invaluable feedback to manufacturers (doesn't matter whether positive or negative). I also do not feel the need to start each post with "something positive" for the sake of being nice. I like my wheel, I share my reservations because I want the next release to be better.
  14. hal2000

    KS18L lockup issue - outdoors

    By "outdoors" I mean "not inside a building". I believe that trolleying occurs outdoors as well (however not as often as indoors ; )
  15. hal2000

    Electricunicycles.eu reputation?

    A significant number of issues regarding electricunicycles.eu have also been reported on Polish message boards, so for the time being my advice would be not to order with them. When I was in the process of buying my first wheel (KS16B) there were two dealers based in my hometown of Wroclaw: electricunicycles.eu and eunicycles.eu. I chose (luckily) the latter, only because it was listed as KingSong, authorised reseller, also the price was (just slightly but still) more attractive and (very importantly) they answered the phone (and still do - the aftersale support is excellent).