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  1. Did they know what to do? And if yes, did it happen again? What mileage do they have on their wheels?
  2. I was referring to atph incident. Sorry, I should have quoted him.
  3. Shopping centre again. Told you - this wheel just hates malls
  4. hal2000

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    Just to clarify the tyre smell. It was not the tyre burning smell as if you set it on fire. It rather resembled the smell you get from brand new straight from the box tyre, meaning it was heated up enough by extremely hot engine and rim to evoke this smell/stink. There was no smoke nor melting however. I did not check the temperature of the batteries because I did not open the wheel.
  5. hal2000

    EUC Footwear?

    On what type of wheel/pedals?
  6. hal2000

    EUC Footwear?

    They don’t look very grippy...
  7. My dealer replaced the mosfets but resurrection failed.
  8. Unfortunately I am not a DIY guy. If I disassemble and later somehow manage to reassemble something I am always left off with plenty parts I don't know what to do with. Anyways, later the dealer told me that KS advised the battery disconnection/reconnection procedure. However this only may work if you manage to do it before the wheel dies. Post-mortem report in my case: motherboard failure and engine failure. Regarding the smell. I would attribute it to the tyre rubber rather than plastic (the rim was as hot as the engine).
  9. The common denominator so far in all cases (including mine) seems to be trolleying the wheel in the shopping mall. Maybe 18L just doesn't like shopping...
  10. hal2000

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    Hardly any bumps on the tiled shopping centre's floors
  11. hal2000

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    Yep. The engine and the rim were so hot they were impossible to touch. The temperature also caused a rubber tyre smell in the air. It was a bit scary really before it went dead.
  12. hal2000

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    A dead masterpiece...
  13. hal2000

    KS18L OoO - Please KingSong Read This Topic

    Sounds almost the same as my case. Even circumstances (inside aircon shopping centre) The only difference: LEDs on my wheel remained on and the wheel was impossible (and not "difficult") to turn. Completely locked. Interesting thing is that 1.07 FW should have prevented this issue (according to KS).
  14. hal2000

    R.I.P. 18L

    Yes. It’s been picked up by the dealer already. Awaiting post-mortem.