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  1. Uniwheel

    An open letter

    Sure our website is http://uniwheel.co.uk/
  2. Uniwheel

    An open letter

    Dear EUC forum members, It has been a long journey so far, but we are pleased to announce that Uniwheel is now available to the general public. Over the past year we have been evolving as a company, learning from our initial strides into personal electric transportation. Keeping a low profile has been a difficult decision to make, but one we felt necessary as to avoid any confusion or controversy that was not reflective of goings on. So what has been happening? Developing our software – Not happy with our original software or the developments of our competitors, we decided to perfect ours. Using our own in house team software engineers we have been able to develop a far greater ride experience. And with a our team of test riders, we have been able to thoroughly review our software though thousands of miles of testing. Making sure its as safe and bug free as anything on the market. Growing up - Away from our product we have been developing and strengthening as company. From securing future supply chains to developing new product, we now have the structure and expertise to bring you new and exciting product innovations to a standard we can call Uniwheel. Getting ready for the future - As well as learning from our experiences we have been preparing for the future of electric transportation. Making innovations and product developments that capture the imagination of people, helping enhance the value of personal electric transportation as a whole. Where we are now? We understand that Uniwheel is not the most powerful wheel on the market or has the most range. But we feel it is one of the most considered toward daily use in urban environments, we see our current wheel as a city wheel, helping you join the dots of urban transport. A wheel that fits in with that environment both stylistically and functionally. Whats next? As well as focusing on the journey ahead we have had the time to appreciate the views of the current community. So in line with this, we have already made developments for the next version of Uniwheel that will address subjects such as range and speed. I hope this alleviates any suspicions or confusions you may have been having or have had about Uniwheel over the past 12-15 months. We would like to thank you all for being so patient over the last year, and we are glad to be firmly back in the community again. Regards Uniwheel team.
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