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  1. Hope you are doing better now. I live in Longwood and a friend who is getting one (placed order) on its way.. in Sanford Florida . Let's ride if your better . 


  2. I have hardly been able to walk ever since i first got my KS 16S Dec 6th! The first day i got it i tried to learn how to ride it in a small parking lot. I never fell off and got hurt but the wheel fired back and hit me in the shins numerous times that day. Finally after about 20 minutes i could hardly walk, i just assumed id have sore shins and try again the next day... well the next day i almost couldn't walk, i ended up having to go to the ER where i was told i had a "hematoma" right below my knee on my shin area! Just today is the first day it hasn't hurt and i can walk. I have never had SO many people tell me im crazy and a idiot and to send the wheel back. I dont plan on sending it back but i will tell you this, i will wear heavy duty pads on my legs and practice in the grass only until i get the hang of it. I dont know what pissed me off more, hurting my legs and not being able to try again quickly or trashing my brand new wheel Wish me luck, ill try again this weekend hopefully!
  3. Thanks everyone, just today i can walk normal, leg is still black and blue. Going to practice on the grass for sure next time i head out, hopefully this week. Everyones comments are much appreciated.
  4. Well bummer, after smashing my shins up yesterday i can barely walk today, my right leg is swollen bad and that is just from the wheel whipping back and hitting me, i didnt actually fall down at all. Probably be 2-3 days before i can practice again, totally bummed
  5. @Hirsute translator is pretty good, just very fast, about 60% accurate usually...
  6. Very good advice from you all and i appreciate it. It's just frustrating as hell to see all these videos of people whisking around, it looks SO easy but i have a new respect for this wheel that is for sure! I went out looking for shin guards and all i could find was youth sizes and tiny little guards that barely fit on my legs. Not sure why but i was walking about Dicks sporting goods and went into the baseball section and found some home plate catchers gear, i didnt need all the gear but the leg pieces completely guard my shins from top to bottom, as an added bonus i also have some knee protection! Have a look at the pic, only $79.00! Ill wear this gear while learning! Ill try again tomorrow but i think i really i need to find a area with a wall and or some poles to make this a little easier, in so much pain right now, hope i can walk tomorrow haha.
  7. Thanks for the info, where would i buy a outer cover?
  8. Thanks, as i was writing this my right shin is swollen like a softball, im just looking at it and laughing, im trying to research some shin guards but like i said before, i hope these things are made really solid, because this thing is in for a beating until i get good lol.
  9. How about we start with something that sums my first experience up: DISASTER! This is the first wheel i have ever ridden and unfortunatly i bought a fairly expensive one not thinking that i could not possibly cause too much damage to the device! It is what it is and i can't return it so im stuck with it! Maybe i tried to hard too fast? I had no rails or fence to hold onto, just my truck sides and a big parking lot. I would let go of the sides of my truck, go about 5-15 feet max and have to jump off, which at the same time the wheel would get my chins in its sites and go full throttle till it hit me extremely hard, to the point of black and blue and bleeding everywhere when i finally gave up after 25 minutes. Am i expecting too much too soon? Do most folks fall all over the place when they first start? I had a helmet, elbow pads and wrist guards on but no shin protection, i will buy shin guards and use them from now on. Oh i forgot to mention my wheel looks like it's 5 years old and i only used it for 25 minutes. Have a look at the pics, at this point i'm very frustrated and ready to drop the thing in my garbage bin. I have a Ninebot mini (which i know is totally different) and was able to ride that fine and saw so many videos of people having fun on a wheel i decided to review all the wheels and the 16S is what i picked because of the range and battery and stability (or so they say). My weight is 260 lbs but im not fat, i'm about 6"1 and solid build but i'm wondering if a heavier weight makes it harder vs someone that is much lighter? Attached are some pics, and also my KS16 sounds like a bolt is rattling around inside! GRRRRRR Any words of advice/encouragement would be appreciated. I can't buy a cheap one and practice on it either, my wife is ready to file divorce papers because i bought this one so another one is completely out of the question.
  10. I get my KS 16S tomorrow, never rode one before so im looking forward to this!
  11. It's a game made by Niantic (company owned by Google), augmented reality game, its on iOS and Google Play, very very addicting whether you're 7 years old or 70!
  12. Just checking to see if there are any riders in Orlando, FL who may want to meet up. I know no one that has a EUC :/
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