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  1. Hi, my Kingsong 16s had a weird froze last night and I have no idea what happened. I was walking with the wheel holding the trolley handle and all of a sudden the motor got stuck in its track and is unable to spin. It was also unable to be powered off, so I had opened it up and disconnected the battery wires. After doing so and reconnecting the wires, the wheel seem to be working normally again. The wires were not loose or anything, so I don't know what went wrong, maybe someone's had this same issue and know what happened?
  2. slime didn't work.. If I'm gonna tear apart the unicycle, would definitely prefer replacing tube than patching.. thanks
  3. Hi fellow uni-cyclists, I've had a flat recently on my Gotway ACMs+ and was wondering if using a bicycle inner tube would work with EUC?
  4. Hi everyone, as it is getting much colder, I was wondering if it is safe to ride the electric unicycle in the cold with temperature below 25 degrees Fahrenheit? like would the unicycle cut-off from being out in the cold for too long, say around 2-3 hours?
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