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  1. nte

    18l presale specs

    Anyone know if the final weight is still "Around 18kg"
  2. nte


    29.4v / 4.2v = 7 cells in series 54wh / 7 = 7.7wh per series group. So the battery pack in each unit is 7S1P?
  3. nte

    one s1 replacement parts

    A spare tire tube might be hard to find locally. @Knifa 3D printed the part in this thread
  4. nte

    Charging the S1 to 63 volts

    Can you share the link to buy the 4pin plug?
  5. nte

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    Data privacy is important and understanding its value can be difficult. If you follow the links in this thread you can learn how to change your serial number. Now your real serial number can stay private. By default the Segway unicycle's bluetooth ssid is identical to the serial number. If this wasn't changed then the serial number is being broadcasted publicly. A mathematician would be helpful in this upgrade effort. Do you happen to have any of these skills as well? Programming, ARM binary disassembly or general micro controller skills? I have been looking into whats involved to modify the firmware. I estimate it to be 100s of hours of learning. The software required is also $5000usd if I'm not mistaken.
  6. nte

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    For the S2 the upgrade options are: 1.0.9 is available/obtainable. 7.6.0 is a paid upgrade. If you want 7.6.0, You will need to have the programmer working properly and some other small things.
  7. nte

    Uses for old still good battery packs?

    You could use the battery to make an off grid charger to charge another unicycle
  8. nte

    18l presale specs

    Is/Was this the trolley handle problem?
  9. nte

    18l presale specs

    Does anyone know what problems KS encountered with the 18L?
  10. nte

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    Here is a summary of @MRN76 posts in this thread so far March 13 #1 - MRN76 confirms that the firmware is not encrypted and that the serial number and battery count does determine the speed limits. March 13 #2 - Link posted to the firmware modification guide written for the C/C+/E/E+ in the Russian language. March 15 #1 - Confirms that the guide posted is pretty much the same for the A1/S1/S2 with some small changes. An image was posted of the custom firmware modification software titled Dump Editor Ninebot v1.0.2.0. This image shows us how to change the serial number to unlock S2 performance. The second image is the S series control board. It shows where to solder the wires that need to attach to the programmer. March 15 #2 - A link to download Dump Editor Ninebot v1.0.3.0 March 16 - At the time of posting, Dump Editor Ninebot v1.0.3.0 is only useful for viewing A1/S1/S2 firmware. It can't make any changes. March 20 - Dump Editor Ninebot can't change the speed limits beyond the S2 speed limits. Changing the speed limits is theoretically possible if you understand ARM disassembly. April 14 #1 - The announcement S2 firmware version 1.0.9. This post shows how to obtain version 1.0.9. The last screen shot shows the availability of 1.0.9. No release notes for this version. New changes are unknown. April 14 #2 - A modified version of 1.0.9 was created. This version has been modified to increase the speed limits of the S2 firmware. This modified firmware is numbered 7.6.0. With one battery the speed limit is 13.6mph (22km/h). With two batteries the speed limit is 18.6mph (30km/h). The no load spin speed is 27.3 to 27.9mph (44-45km/h) May 8 #1 - Cheap programmers are available. At around $12 for a j-link v8 clone. If you are interested in v7.6.0 you will need to use a j-link v8. v7.6.0 is not freeware, if you are interested in v7.6.0, your board will be programmed remotely and a copy of your original firmware will be given you. May 8 #2 - Real world tests of a S2 with v7.6.0 showing the limits at 100% battery and 25% battery.
  11. nte

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    Which model do you want to change for firmware on? For firmware version 7.6.0 you will need to talk to @MRN76
  12. When I first started riding my Yuneec E-GO skateboard my front foot hurt a lot. It stopped hurting as my feet got stronger.
  13. I'm beginning to think that cause of my foot cramping was constantly riding the S1 tiltback.
  14. I use these to help reduce the foot cramping https://www.ebay.com/itm/Foot-Anti-Fatigue-Compression-Sleeve-Circulation-Health-Relief-Ankle-Swelling-L/272627936400?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 My right foot stays on on the wheel while my left is the foot on the ground and used to push off. My left foot starts cramping after 1-2 miles. So far I have 180miles and 35hours riding time on the wheel and I still get bad cramping. I also have a connective tissue tho. I'll be trying shoes with a stiffer sole next.
  15. nte

    Ninebot A1/S1 to S2 Upgrade Effort

    I haven't come across a JTAG programmer thats in my price range just yet.