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  1. PoPi13

    The lightest EUC

    I have bought from Aliexpress, even more pieces. (Now I have 2 of them) I love the IPS i5, even though I do not use very often. I consider it as a KEYHOLDER! (It is always in the back of the seat in my car. I use it for shorter distance jumping out. In the city and smaller excurtsion I use my Inmotion V8+
  2. PoPi13

    The lightest EUC

    I join the IPS i5 LOVING society. I have already the 3rd IPS i5. The first broke down on a snowy day in Budapest, my darling did not like to salty snow. Short circuit, and later I realized, that the mother board is wrong. Unfortunately the spare part supply of IPS i5 is NOTHING. Than I bought (payed!!!) a 2nd machine, directly from the factory, a yellow one. It does not arrived, and the seller rejected every responsibility. So than I have bought a 3rd one from Aliexpress again. It arrived, and I am runnnig on it with pleasure. Of course, not in the snowy streets. Beside this machine, I have several other EUC, such as Inmotion V8 and V10F. I like them also, but nobody can speak me off from my lovely IPS i5. I hope with my full heart, that the production will go on somehow.
  3. I've got an IPS i5. Have you considered to buy this model before your decision to Gotway Luffy? It has almost the same weight, but 14" wheel! (Easier to go up and down at the passanger walkways! I am interested to get your opinion. If you can convince me about the adventages of the Luffy, I might buy one! Istvan from Budapest, Hungary
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