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  1. cg

    Z10 Milage

    10A*84 batteries*40V=33600W, that seems like sufficient power. Is my math wrong?
  2. yes :), and I have 8mm space between all the units to allow better air cooling. thank you for the explanation about the current and voltage drop, and recommendation about even 95% being better than 100%, it was my feeling, soon my commute will only be half distance, then I can charge for lower for commuting, and then full charge for weekend where I have to get maximum power and usage. On my E+, it 'power out' when reaching ~6% in the app, before that it forces me to go walking speed. not sure what it corresponds to in real '%', never had CD connected to it. on my Z10, constant beeping = unridable happens when the app says 10% my tool chain is 'Freecad' for modeling 'Cura' for slicing then I use 'octoprint' with a raspberrypi because it allows printing via WIFI, but it is not necessary. so it is not complicated with software, only that your program should be able to export to STL, I like Freecad because it is parametric, so you can write all the contraints, and then it solves, but it has many bugs, and fails if trying to do something to complicated, but it is free (GPL) which I like a lot. But for actual printing there are some headaches, especially in the start, depending on what printer you have; I had to replace the glass surface with something else (flexplate or something), and leveling / compensating for uneven bed etc. but when first it is tuned it is quite easy and only requires minimal maintenance. I try to 3D print everything, (not always popular with the misses)
  3. I am now having my nice double charger setup I charge with 2 chargers for 57.1V, and then unplug one of the chargers from mains, but after that, voltage in CD display drops to 56.6V, is that behaviour to be expected? @hobby16, any idea what that is? Also the voltage bleed that should be so bad, shouldn't that be much less probably to happen when charging to 58.1V instead of full charge? Yesterday I charged to 100% (CD disengaged, and rode from 100 to 31 according to NB app, so is this 100 to 31 better than 95% (58.1v) to 25%? a do recharge imideately after.
  4. cg


    it was the upper unit that failed! Hope you are ok, and nice tricks btw
  5. cg

    Z10 Milage

    Hopefully! but yes, I know, batteries are not digital´╗┐
  6. ohh, and ofcourse, falling due to unit failure on my generic 14" after descending a step hill that fried the batteries, don't worry, they don't make them so crappy any longer. wasn't wearing any equipment, don't remember if I was hurt, it was in 2015
  7. safety equipment, I used my wrist guard many times... - falling driving over holes in grass fields when in-experienced with my Z10, not really any equipment needed since it was soft fields... - falling when going backwards over a sewer (first time) (wrist guards took hit ) - falling when a bicycle stopped in the middle of the bikelane faster than I could stop (wrist guard+kneepads and elbow guards hit) - falling when learning to go fast as possible in grawel on Z10 (wrist guards hit) - falling when driving of track in the forest, and hitting some massive roots with only one side of EUC... (actually no equipment helped me, but both my angles where bleeding after ) - falling when driving in the forest high speed over a hill with a stone on top, EUC and I continued in different directions :), wrist guards (+lesson learned, hold on to unit when passing tops at high speed) That was about one month worth of equipment, I didn't fall the last two week, only had to step of because going on stepper hills than I could balance or unit could not deliver energy, not sure which one of them
  8. cg

    Z10 Milage

    pretty sure, it also charges around ~800Wh from 10%, I also did have longer rides ~44km, but not longer than that before running out of battery. I am keeping an eye to this, but 30miles to 40% sounds really impressive!, what speed are you riding? any winds?? yeah, that seems comparable to what I get, I should probably ride a bit more easy when commuting long, and save fast for weekends Hopefully batteries will be more powerfull next year .... but ofcourse, if speed goes up, so goes power consumption exponentially I guess.
  9. cg

    Z10 Milage

    Ohh well, here I am again... Anybody has experience with the Z10 in climate and wind like Denmark, today charged to 58.1V (99% in NB app, but probably a bit lower)... after 39.0km I was asked to step off and walk by Z10. it was only a couple of hundred meters I was missing. I just don't understand why you have so much more range, my batteries seems to charge plenty of power? could it be inefficient motor? Tomorrow I have to taking my car since I would first have a 37km, then 5 hours later another 37km, and then two hours later 17km, the 5 hours make it not possible to charge enough, (or perhaps with two chargers, gonna do my first double charging today:) ) Anyway, the question is actually what the experience from Z10 riding distance in similar conditions as Denmark (flat, fairly windy, and arround ~8degress celcuis) ? I do ride nearly as fast as possible, on gravel and wind... Ohh well guess I will just dream about more energy...
  10. I am surprised you fell the 20psi is too soft on the Z10, for me it actually still feel very hard, when I was riding with 30, it was like a basketball, so if I drive over small bumb, the machine would make many jumps after that, very strange to ride on bad asphalts when suddenly jumping all the time... 20 still feels hard in this tire. I tried driving slower and less aggressive, and it seems to make a big difference, I thought I was driving not so aggressively, I used 50wh less on trip home, still 710wh, and it took 1:30 instead of 1:15
  11. it is only 34km, today perhaps 36since I was in the shop first, there was a bit of wind, and the road has many elevation changes, you can see the elevation here: I used to ride with 30PSI, felt like hell, now riding with 20PSI, range seems comparable, but perhaps a few percent more I would get. Yeah, I tri, but it seems to now work are you sure its not because your daughter ride less agressive, btw my weight is 78kg, so not much to reduce. Yes, keept in my appartment, temperature ~22-24 degrees System temperature Today seems to be hovering arround 25 degrees, it is pretty cold now, so I have big winterjacket and warm gloves. I have left it all night, usually that is how it charges so it is ready for morning ride, I will monitor. I agree, soon my work is moving closer to my home, so battery usage can be better within that range when used for commuting, already have 1304km range after one month and 5 days
  12. this is a bit contradicting what others are saying here, that the battery should be keept between 30-8X%, and only every ~10'th time charge to 100%, since I discharge below the 30% anyway it might be better. I am no expert on this, only mentioning what I observed in other posts regarding this. I think you are right the balancing only happens when charged 100%, As I understand, that is why it should be done every now and then. Btw, it doesn't flash, and all 5 indicators are already on at 58V. Do you have the MiniPro, and how many chargecycles have you done with it?
  13. just drove to work today after charging to 58V, and arrived with 46.6V, wheellog was sayng 14%battery, and I had to drive panfully slow, think I will charge to 58.1V
  14. I see, I will try. it makes sence since my travel to work was from 100% to 34% battery charge, then using charge doctor at work, it went from '99%' (58V) to 25% at home, both tome i added arround 770Wh, two charges now 1538Wh
  15. So here is my Chargedoctor +Z10 setup. I ordered from @hobby16 one Chargedoctor v2 double charging gx16-3pin and two set of gx16-3pin male/female (so I can connect it to my friends generic 14" from 2015 ) Connected as instructed from hobby: GX16 pinout ! pin 1 = V+ pin 2 = not connected. pin 3 = 0V ´╗┐ the pin numbers are marked on the connector, on my charger, red was (+) and black was (-), of-coruse, you should measure the voltage before connecting anything. I didn't take any photos during the process... but I have started making a 3d printed 'charging station' for two chargers and the chargedoctor... I must have been drunk when I made it, so there will come another version later, nut for now it looks like this (the holes are 'pipes' for zip ties )
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