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  1. Justin Zamora

    Bought Charge Doctor. Now What Do I Do?

    Thank you both for your replies! This actually is not for an EUC, it is for the no longer manufactured DualTron Man. MiniMotors OEM battery fried on me (it was li-polymer which apparently has a pretty high failure rate in these machines) and so I got a company to build me a li-ion battery to specs. They made sure to emphasize connecting the positive and negative terminals and to never reverse, which I knew... but there word of caution makes me hesitant to use anything but their supplied charger. I just fear that there is a small chance that the polarities could be reversed on the charge doctors and while not likely... that would be an expensive mistake. I am not very well versed with the technical aspect of how to measure the polarity with a voltmeter nor how to interpret the readings once I do. This is for a 60v, 19.2ah battery pack.
  2. Justin Zamora

    Bought Charge Doctor. Now What Do I Do?

    @meepmeepmayer --- you have proven that you are quite knowledgeable on this subject matter and so I was wondering if you could answer this quick question re: Charge Doctor. I am trying to set an 80% cap on a battery I just purchased but was informed by the battery manufacturer that the charger has a negative and positive port that aligns with my machine. Is there a certain way I have to plug in the charge doctor to the machine so that the negative and positive align properly? I don't want to cause any damage to the battery or machine because of improper plug-in. (Relevant pics attached) EDIT: Note, I realize that I mixed up the positive/negative labels but the question remains.