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  1. Sounds good. I just read through PayPal's dispute agreement and think that is something that I can work with. I will detail all this in the invoice as well but you are getting an MSX, 1300wh, 84v, with some minor surface scratches. You are also getting two OEM MSX chargers and, if you want it, the MSuperV3 Seat (which is compatible with the MSX). The MSX is fully operational and has just about 300 miles. I am going to California and will be there until next Tuesday. I will be able to ship next week Wednesday or Thursday if you are still interested.
  2. sorry for the delay! I didn't get the notification for some reason. I'd really prefer not to ship. It's not necessarily about the postage, its more about the security of non-face-to-face transactions.
  3. 300 Miles Some Minor scratches Comes with 2 OEM GotWay Chargers Comes with MSuper V3 Seat (fits the MSX) Local pickup only (Manhattan/Brooklyn)
  4. I acknowledge this isn't an EUC but hey, its an awesome PEV and an EUC enthusiast might be interested... I sure was. Now for the typical questions: Why are you selling: I am going to law school and will be moving soon. It's too much to lug around and I'm not going to have the time to use it anymore. How many miles: 91.1 miles on the odometer How fast does it go: Theoretically, 45MPH; realistically, I've been too apprehensive to go far beyond 30MPH but I have hit that speed a few times Range: ~20-25 real-world miles not being light on the acceleration (not great) but this thing can pack a punch. How much does it weigh: 60-70lbs ITS HEAVY (I use a collapsable hand-cart to wheel it around; the hand-cart, fully collapsed, fits in my backpack). Secure it with bungee cords. More info: This is made by a Korean company, MiniMotors, who stopped production to focus on their scooter line. There were some issues with the OEM battery so I purchased a new battery (to the same specs) and DIY'ed a rig (seen in the second photo). The rig is waterproof when not charging, as a weather-proof plate is screwed over the chargeport. Using a charge doctor and two 67.2v chargers, you can pump 4A to fully charge this in about 2 hours. Ill be the first to admit this isnt the most practical device but its a hell of a lot of fun and a sure head-turner. Add it to your EUC arsenal and use it as a joy-rid on the weekends. Im open to any and all questions. Cheers. Justin
  5. Haruko, Thanks for trying to work this out with me. My stipulation in a previous post was the Z10 or low priced MSX. The MSX came up in another post and I had to go with it! Please feel free to sell to another EUC enthusiast (maybe they will be closer too!!!) In either case, best of luck!
  6. If you send to a "middleman" in New York who could help authenticate the transaction (if you happen to know anyone out this way). They could receive the item for me, I meet up with them, and then I pay you immediately upon receipt. Please let me know what you think. @Marty Backe could I pay you to act as a middleman in such a transaction? I see your location is SoCal which means it would be relatively inexpensive to ship this out to you
  7. @haruko23 I dont mind paying Venmo but the issue would be about how we could guarantee the transaction. If I pay you, I would just want some method to assure me that you would ship the item afterwords.
  8. Oh but information like where/who you bought it from, is it fully functional (no charging issues), is it still under warranty? Etc would all be helpful and appreciated as well!
  9. I will purchase at 1600 if you can ship to Brooklyn, NY. We can go through PayPal so its all legit (for both of us).
  10. Title says all... interested in Z10 only (ok maybe MSX but I would offer less...) Thanks!
  11. Thank you both for your replies! This actually is not for an EUC, it is for the no longer manufactured DualTron Man. MiniMotors OEM battery fried on me (it was li-polymer which apparently has a pretty high failure rate in these machines) and so I got a company to build me a li-ion battery to specs. They made sure to emphasize connecting the positive and negative terminals and to never reverse, which I knew... but there word of caution makes me hesitant to use anything but their supplied charger. I just fear that there is a small chance that the polarities could be reversed on the charge doctors and while not likely... that would be an expensive mistake. I am not very well versed with the technical aspect of how to measure the polarity with a voltmeter nor how to interpret the readings once I do. This is for a 60v, 19.2ah battery pack.
  12. @meepmeepmayer --- you have proven that you are quite knowledgeable on this subject matter and so I was wondering if you could answer this quick question re: Charge Doctor. I am trying to set an 80% cap on a battery I just purchased but was informed by the battery manufacturer that the charger has a negative and positive port that aligns with my machine. Is there a certain way I have to plug in the charge doctor to the machine so that the negative and positive align properly? I don't want to cause any damage to the battery or machine because of improper plug-in. (Relevant pics attached) EDIT: Note, I realize that I mixed up the positive/negative labels but the question remains.
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