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  1. Not works..... In Inmotion app but .... yes in the WheelLog.. ? why ¿?¿ i dont understand -.. I have done what the partner said: Paddylaz but it does not work .. it keeps saying "SEARCHING" and it appears in white, like the photo above
  2. Hello again I have already tried with another device (Samsung). Install the inmotion app and if it recognizes the V8 I mean, it's a question of my Xiaomi Mi max 2 ..... But I've already tried to format it from the factory, and change to a stable ROM ... but .... nothing ... remains the same ... I do not know what to do ... do you know anything about the issue of Xiaomi devices and the inmotion app?
  3. Yes! I am using a Xiaomi Mi Max 2. Which already worked perfect with an inmotion v5 that I had. Of course you feel GPS permissions ... And everyone who asks. The problem is that nothing appears to me. Here are some photos ... So you can see what the app does. Something strange is that I always get that 'Searching GPS'
  4. Thank you very much for answering ! Of course, first.I connect the unicycle. I turn on the bluetooth. I open the app. pressed on VEHICLE. And then to look. and he stays looking for me he does not recognize him. I have asked my seller. And he tells me that it should work. But it does not work. It is as if the app is blocked. However my bluetooth recognizes the unicycle. when i go to the section to search for devices. It appears but in hexadecimal. The direction
  5. Very good! I'm new to the blog. But I have a serious problem .... I just got the inmotion v8. But he does not connect me by bluetooth ... He does not even recognize me ... Does anyone know how I can do?Thank you very much !!
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