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  1. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    This is what I'm thinking too, I'm gonna have a careful think of a list of questions to ask them during this "friendly chat" one of them will be why is this suddenly and issue
  2. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Unfortunately I don't think I have an option, my boss just spoke to me this morning, he's also had the email from the Park they sent it to every business, LOL
  3. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Thing is i've gone passed police before, waved nodded they've smiled back 0 issues, I don't know what has caused them to try find me currently it looks like all they know is I go down the main road and work on the big business park, but i've had 0 accidents, 0 even close calls, slowed down around any pedestrians, stayed on the road in the business park it just seems to have come out of left field
  4. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    full face helmet achieves this too lol
  5. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Luckily my heads up was from a friend who has played dumb so as far as that goes i'm okay and yeah while I agree with varying my route its not that easy with the way to work being basically straight down one road. I'm thinking about anonymously sending an email to the local paper to see if they'd do an article about how the police are spending their time to protect the public from the menace on the bypass cycle path twice a day on weekdays but that does have a chance to backfire
  6. So a mate who runs the coffee shop on the business park I work at said someone who works closer to the business park management were trying to get in contact with the person who rides the unicycle. I asked him what for and he sent me this that they sent him: "If you could, the police want to have a friendly chat about him riding it on the public realm/highway. It is illegal and they want to warn him before catching him – if they catch him they will have to take it off him, but please keep it in confidence." What a bunch of dickheads
  7. Cannings

    Foot Pressure Points Analyzer

    $260 :O:O:O
  8. Cannings

    Calibration angle — how do you ride?

    So i've had my tesla at a forward 3-4 degree angle for the last week, and I have to say my little toe is really killing from being buried into the end of my shoe, i'm not sure if forward is the one for me
  9. Cannings

    Monster 100v with 2500Wh Battery?

    Okay, I want one.
  10. Cannings

    King Song 14D cut out...writing this from hospital

    Glad you're okay man, i've put myself in a position where I don't really have much of an option as my wheel "is" my transport to work and fuck walking after owning an euc lol. Pad up and get back on just like when you fell off your bike learning when you were 3, or grinding the clutch when learning to drive (americans probably can't relate to this one :P) we only learn from our falls, after mine I never go on that piece of pavement if i can help it as after re-inspection the pavement has what I can only explain of a sink in a line not big in any which way it kind of looks like this: ----------------\/---------------- but it is the perfect storm of if you're going over it, the wheel starts dipping into it but as its only small hits the peak of the curve on the other side and really doesn't take much to push you forward because of the counter momentum add that to the increased power draw due to the bang is what I think happened to me.
  11. Cannings

    Monster 100v with 2500Wh Battery?

    Eddie can you expand on this in regards to how different it is from the tesla, after having a tesla I don't think I could ever go to a wheel that doesn't have the same sort of torque and smoothness, how is the 100v monster in regards to that?
  12. Lol this is fantastic, its my brothers wedding this weekend and I was contemplating best man duties on the wheel also your niece has done very well 🤑🤑🤑
  13. Cannings


    We also have the issue that the uk =/= california!
  14. It's funny because we are going Florida with my girlfriend's parents and her dad got given 9 month to live with small cell lung cancer just as I met her, we have now been together 4 and a bit years and he's coming with us, I'm 99% sure it's because he's a stubborn bastard but so am I and I guess that's why we get along