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  1. Cannings

    Well I got got

    To be honest I don't think any type of armour save a full metal suit would have stopped this just due to the angle of my fall and my arm being underneath me
  2. Cannings

    Well I got got

    Its a bit different here in the UK my physio sessions so far have each been 20 mins long with him showing me exercises to do, currently 5 weeks post op I am able to get my arm about 90 degrees from my body forwards and sidewards which has been great progress but unbelievably frustrating And Marty for me I don't think I will as much as I want to if I were to ever land on the shoulder again and pull the pins out I think would be the end of my arm, going to be listing the Tesla on eBay tonight
  3. Cannings

    Well I got got

    Not travelling particularly fast, maybe 8-10 mph wheel hit a nasty pot hole on a bumpy grit track, sent me flying forward and pretty much landed square on my shoulder. Dislocation and fracture, caused the need for an operation to put the humorous back in place. This is a month post flying
  4. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Well i've just received my reply from the department of transport MP basically telling me which hole to poke my email into, i'll post pics later
  5. Cannings

    Causes of your accidents

    Lol that is a good story! I have only had small ice'd over puddles last christmas and I remember clenching my arse, closing my eyes and praying and luckily I never came off on one of them, but I did have the same kind of thing happen but when mud instead of ice and that slip out from under you feeling is the worst!
  6. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/217767 Just found this too lol 33 of us
  7. I wonder if the uk would classify these the same and then that would be a standpoint for getting them licenced here.....hmmm
  8. Cannings

    WheelLog Android App

    My pebble lasts a week per charge
  9. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    In my original email I sent the 360 degree video i made of my trip to work
  10. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    so i've had a bit of movement off one of my emails to the mp for cheshire west: Dear Mr CanningsThank you for contacting me. I must confess I'm unaware what the legalities are of unicycling but I have forwarded your concerns to Chief Inspector Simon Meegan of Northwich NPU to investigate.I'll be in touch with you as soon as I receive a reply Best wishes for now Mike AmesburyLabour MP for Weaver Vale ------------------------------ Dear Mr CanningsPlease see below a copy of an email I have received from Chief Inspector Simon Meegan. I have also forwarded your concerns David Gauke, Secretary of State for Justice with regards the legislative aspect of this, and will be in touch again once I have received a response. Best wishes for nowMike Amesbury MP...............................................................Good afternoon Mike, hope you are well.With regards to this enquiry, it is unusual and is the first one I have encountered in this area. Whilst I am sympathetic to your constituent's wider argument, I do have concerns about the safety of the individual and the public, operating this type of vehicle on either a pavement or road.In any event, they are illegal. They are self-balancing scooters and would require a licence, insurance and for it to be road registered and display a number plate. However, it can't be road registered as it currently is not type approved in the UK. If he is using it at night he will commit further Construction and Use offences regarding lighting (or lack of).Ultimately if he is seen using it, a constable in uniform can seize it for no insurance. He won't be able to get it back either, as it need to be road registered for it to be returned to the owner. However, on this occasion the PCSO has used his discretion and advised accordingly.As Mr. Cannings recognises, it is ultimately a legislative rather than an enforcement issue.I hope that assists.Best wishes, -------------------------------------------- It seems mike is trying to help and we're all of the opinion that its definitely illegal and its an issue of legislation so lets see.
  11. Cannings

    UK police wanting to contact me

    Its not only insurance thought its road tax also isn't it?
  12. It says it right there, he has already refunded and tried to help him source, I don't understand why you think that this forum is a place for raising disputes, its between ewheels and your friend not even you.
  13. Argentina is so short sighted should have used your new found wealth to book a seat on spacex to mars!
  14. Cannings

    Gotway Tesla Impressions and Diary

    Whalecum to the club, find a way to track the speed you're doing is my advice, its so easy on this wheel to start off and then be like ahhhh this is a lovely cruising speed how fast am I going? OMG 27 MPH SHIT SHIT SHIT
  15. Cannings


    This has to get round uk laws somehow