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  1. Had exactly the same issue. Seems to be common with V10F? Maybe something could be done to avoid this?
  2. Seems that the situation is better : can you connect now?
  3. Hi @Liamfind. Could you do something to fix the application which is not working for v10? 440hz
  4. Yes, should be definitely fixed... That's quite incredible....
  5. Also, maybe, we could all send a request to https://www.inmotionworld.com/services This could perhaps make them aware that we are waiting for a good fix on the app :-)
  6. Thanks @LZMutant for the hint. Now, I hope that Inmotion will help to fix the issue... Are there people who could help from this forum? @Bobwheel you seem to have good contacts with Inmotion... We really need this app to work :-) 440Hz.
  7. Same problem here. Are some of you able to connect?
  8. I was wondering.... Was it the current serial numbers when you purchase a V10F today?
  9. And again, i insist on the fact that knowing from which batch a wheel is coming from becomes paramount for safety reasons.
  10. And how can we know what are the batches affected and which from which batch is a wheel built from?
  11. Yes, agreed. It is just to know... I am interested to know from which batch a wheel has been produced.
  12. Does someone know if there is a possibility to know from which batch a V10 is coming from?
  13. 22 degree seems very high. Why not decreasing the maximum speed ?
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