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  1. will DarknessBot ever emulate all the features of the original Kingsong app including firmware updates? I'm also curious to know why the Battery percentage is always lower in Darknessbot compared to what is shown in the Kingsong app I thought the percentage was based on battery voltage.
  2. when you say less voltage drop do you mean in the circuit or at the battery itself? I would think that less voltage drop at the battery would help with the health of the lithium battery. Especially considering that when going uphill I see a drastic drop in voltage reported in the app and then after the voltage stabilises
  3. Great explanation thanks as far as the super caps go i was thinking small package high capacitance to replace the original caps not to replace the main battery. But if you think there would be no benefit I guess there is no point. As far as arcing goes even now if I connect the battery pack and the caps are discharged the is one hell of a pop.
  4. I think maybe you weren't pushing ahead enough, i'm around 111Kg clothed and do some very steep hills with no problems on the KS-16S, try it again and if you start slowing down push more forward, the wheel will let you know if it can't do more.
  5. I was wondering if there would be any benefit of doubling the capacity of the onboard capacitors of the KS-16S. Any knowledgeable people on here that know about electronics could chime in if there would be benefits or not by doing so. I have always been facinated by super capacitors and think it would be really cool to use a super capacitor instead of a battery on an EUC at the moment I think this is not possible or economically feasible, but how about some super capacitors on the output of the mosfets would that help in any way?
  6. I upped mine to 3 bar today and seems good.
  7. Hope this really happens I also think the pedals are too small on my 16S
  8. Adjustement Enter adjustment mode by holding the button when powering on. 1) mode auto-shutdown, threshold adjustment : button hold < 5s 2) mode voltage & current calibration : button hold > 5s 1) Adjustement of auto-shutdown threshold Top led displays current parameter. With no button click, the screen is cycled through 3 avaibles pa- rameters every 2s. Any click holds up the actual parameter 6s for adjustment before the cycling restarts. Adjustment mode is terminated and the CD gets back to normal mode if no click for more than 10s. 3 available parameters: Auto : auto-cut Pr1 : parameter 1, display off at auto-cut Pr2 : parameter 2, auto-cut mode by current or voltage – “Auto” : auto-shutdown mode. Bottom led displays the shutdown threshold. When the threshold is reached, current is cut by the CD and the charge session is ended (I=0.00A). The threshold is in- cremented by 0.1A steps (auto-cut by current mode) or 0.1V steps (auto-cut by voltage mode). Hold the button for fast then ultra-fast increment. Voltage and current threshold are stored in separatenon-volatile memories. Important: disabling auto-cut can not be done in “parameter mode” only in normal mode (see above). – “Pr1” : parameter 1. Value = 1 => deep standby mode with Led display off at auto-cut. To power on, click button or disconnect/reconnect the CD. – “Pr2” : parameter 2. Available values, “dn A”, “up V”, “dn V” dn A : down A, auo-cut when charge current is below thresh- old. Default mode at first use. UP V : auto-cut when charge voltage is above threshold. This mode generally allows more ac- curate auto-cut, to be used on big batteries (>560Wh) when auto-cut by current doesn’t have enough resolution. dn V : down V, auto-cut when voltage drops below threshold. To be used only for discharge tests.
  9. I was recommended to run 2.2 bar on mine and it seems to be running fine, about the max load printed on the sidewall I had the same doubts but as was said before there is no specific tire for an EUC and there is actually a certification from Kenda stating that this tire can be used up to the rated weight stated on the specs of the KS-16S. I've seen the document. So basically the tire manufacturer warrants the use of that tire up to the rated weight specified by the manufacturer of the wheel.
  10. Thanks, that only works sometimes though for some reason. Sometimes it makes the app go all wonky, The tiles turn back to the colour of the theme selected but I can still see video around the borders.
  11. I can't really figure out how to work the video recording, basically when i go into the video recording screen it asks if i want with or without microphone and I choose and then I think its recording but have no clue how to stop it, if i click the share button in the upper left it drops me to the initial connection screen and reconnects to the wheel at which point i have a mixed display dark theme around the display boxes and the video peeking through underneath. On a side note i'd love to sign up for test flight betas but i still need another post to send a message
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