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  1. I have had it like this for 4 months now, I haven’t had any problems has been great so far.
  2. I'll post more pictures when I have it apart again but, it is wired now so that two of the pins are connected to the internal charger and 2 of them are connected to the batteries (With a diode of coarse) so you can use a 5A fast charger as well. Also I upgraded the charging wires from 20 gauge to 16 to handle the extra amperage. They should be good up to the 10A charger if I ever get one. ☺️
  3. I thought of that originally and tested with a diode inline. But the charger acts no differently without the diode inline so I left it off. The only thing I could think of is that the charger already has a diode built in.
  4. I have been trying to figure out a way to make a retractable cord, only problem is I want to keep the case as "stock" looking as possible without drilling any extra wholes. But believe me its very high up there on my to-do list.
  5. Interested to know if anyone else has done something similar?
  6. Got tired of carrying around the bulky charger to charge on the go on trips. So I had an idea to wire the charger internally, charging with the same 4-pin plug but off a 110v into the charger. Also solving the problem with battery power at the charging port .
  7. That’s a great idea you had. But just fair warning if you plan on riding in the Chicago winters if you have your monster outside without it on and it gets to cold when you turn it on like normal it will spin up and take off on you. The gyro has to be about a certain temp before it will work. I live an hour away from chicago and this happened to me twice this last week (20 degree) weather outside. If anyone is interested I’ll post a video as well.
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