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  1. Thank you so much, Andrii and space pirate! I will try to bring my own to life.
  2. Hey, I'm assembling my Gotway tesla, and I didn't write down where the cables go on the motherboard. Does anyone have any pictures or schematics where things go? If I plug them in and try at random will I damage it in any way? :O
  3. I hope so! Worst case is that I'll just buy a new motor, cables and main bord. Riding this is too fun to stop.
  4. His beepings sounds different than mine, but with similar gyro problems. I'm still hopeful that mine will work after I fully drain the battery and change the pinching side panel.
  5. I damaged it a bit when I tried to open it up, dont ask how I did that. But yeah, the crash was also a bit over the normal ones I've had. The wheel fell to the side, spun itself really hard so that it propelled itself up a few centimeters over the ground, then spun itself around again when it landed half on its side. Powerful wheel indeed. Worst case I'll just replace all its parts.
  6. All the parts I could ever need! Thank you so much!! If all else fail I'll just buy a new part for each system
  7. Thank you for the suggestion. It looked a little bit pinched, and they're sending a replacement cover for it now. But I'm still worried that the damage is already done. Maybe I need new cables? We'll see when I get the replacement.
  8. Hey! I had a small accident and my Gotway Tesla fell and spun a bit on the ground. When I tried to pick it up again it wouldn't stabilize. I tried to put it down sideways again, then lift it back upright and again, it wouldn't do it. Then I tried to shut it off, but it wouldn't do that either. I took a small film of it when I got home. I took out the batteries and motherboard, nothing looked wrong, no cables lose. I didn't know how to get to the motor, so i couldn't check that. I tried to search for any store or sites that sell replacement parts, but I found nothing. Thanks for any help
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