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  1. Update: It is a great wheel. I still like its portability and elegance. It is much less a wheel for the nerdy geek and more for the gentleman. However, I must admit that it lacks power. Since I am moving soon, my use case has changed and I will be buying a more powerful wheel.
  2. Thanks to @Chewbuckcar I will soon have my I5. I really appreciate all your help and ideas!
  3. Mten3 is indeed my fallback solution. However I prefer the elegance of the I5. Thanks @Tinkererboi I contacted the seller, even if the add is over a year old. Kind Regards
  4. Hi, I would like to buy an elegant and portable euc. I live in Germany but am willing to wait for a shipment from other parts of the world. Is anyone still selling this device? I can not find any sellers. If you have a used one I am more than happy. Thank you for your help! Kind Regards
  5. The case is solved. The mainboard was faulty and was exchanged using the warranty. The power indication is still more a guess but it now charges fully.
  6. Although I am very happy with my choice being the MCM3 or no EUC. I have to give you credit recommending an EUC with a bigger battery. Especially now in quite cold (+-0°C) temperatures, I can get to 20% in no time. And at 20% I go with walking speed. So for every beginner reading this: Buy the best you can afford. If this is the MCM3 you will still have a lot of fun.
  7. Hi, I have a Gotway MCM3 and I like it very much. Yesterday I went to work with it and there the battery (according to the app) was at about 40%. I charged (or thought I did, maybe I did something wrong). When I wanted to go home it said it was at 20%, which meant I couldn't ride it home. I went back charged for about 8min. To use it to go to the bus. It then said it was 60% full. At home, I charged it until the charger LED turned green. Then it said it was 80%. Later on, I connected it again and the LED was red for a while and then turned green. It still said 80%. I use the non-social go
  8. Ah! In my manual, it says I have to connect through android first and I also tried different apps. From the website, from electro-sport but the one that worked was from Marty Backe. This one I also had to try several times but then it connected nicely. Thank you very much!
  9. Hi, I got an MCM3 and tried to connect it with my Android phone. I can see the EUC in discovered Bluetooth devices, however when clicking on it a message pops up that the device refused the connection. No window to enter a code comes up. Do you have a solution? Is the Bluetooth corrupt? AmI doing something wrong? Thank you very much!
  10. I got an MCM3 and I am very pleased. Thank you all for your interesting input!
  11. Hi Thank you for your kind help! And thank you for your frankness! Not wanting to be such an "I" guy but the sentences should be as clear as possible. It was noticed by the writer too and will be reduced. There is an offer for MCM3 260Wh for under 400€ which was considered. It was thought that the battery capacity is mainly associated with range, so @Keith exemplification was very helpful. The weight is really no issue, it is nice if it is lightweight but here the easiest compromises can be made. In Aachen which is in the west of Germany at the Dutch and Belgium
  12. Hi, thank you for the great forum. I would like to start with EUC so I have not much knowledge. I want to buy an EUC but have not decided yet. I would be thankful for help! I live in a city (and especially my street) which is quite steep so some power is needed. I do not intend to use it regularly for my commute but more for fun or for some travels with trains etc. Therefore range is not a big issue. I like speed. I am not squeamish when it comes to carrying weight, but as mentioned before, I will use it for public transport so a medium weight would be nice.
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