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  1. Kiitti tiedoista, kävin heittään iltalenkin lintutornilla. Videoketjussa on video siitä reissusta.
  2. Moro! Samoilla seuduilla on tullut rullailtua. Pari reissua on tullut tehtyä Kangasalan suuntaan Hervannasta Saarenmaantietä pitkin. Joko lintutornille johtava puinen väylä on täysin valmis?
  3. Driving around Tampere. Lake is almost free from ice.
  4. Minä. Lähinnä seisoskelua se oli siellä ruuhkassa
  5. Testing different camera angles. I have 1.4 m long monopod, so I can reach about 3.5 m above ground level. That camera angle gives nice footage, but I need to avoid those tree branches. Far right or left (I can reach about 2m away from center) gives good results too, but then I need to avoid those tree trunks and all kind of poles.
  6. Some nice footage around Tampere. At some locations I added plus codes, so it's easy to locate that place by just typing that code to google map. I shot that part 2 at same sunny day, just need to edit it.
  7. I visited my hometown and shot couple of videos while driving there. I just edited my 2nd video. That thumbnail is misleading, roads were quite dry. I drove same route four times so I could use different camera angle for each ride. Then I just edited those as one video. Never done this kind of approach before usually I just change angles while driving.
  8. My video, driving around Kokkola. There are still lots of snow, but roads are clear enough.
  9. I have been doing some winter training. Starting point was one short pendulum and maybe 5 meters backwards. I managed to train twice outside before winter and after that all training were on balcony (huge 2.5 m x 1.5 m training area) After couple of months training those pendulums -short ones -are going quite well. I made couple of videos. Backwards on balcony #1 Backwards on balcony #2
  10. Looks good, little typo: a Bompton can be stored with the luggage.
  11. It's my video (busted). Hi everyone! I use long Manfrotto selfiestick. It's odd looking technique for sure while holding that 1.5m stick. At least it's easy to change stick's length and camera angles while driving. That bridge shot was nice, looked better than I expected. I don't have any camera stabilizer so I try to drive as smoothly as I can.
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