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  1. I've 420 with my wheels since I started out. It has not affected me in balance or perceptual continuity. This works for me, and I do NOT recommend this for others. IMHO alcohol affects your motor skills which impairs the rider. I do not and have not ridden while drunk. Maybe 1 beer the most ever so far and that's not but messing about in front of my house. Coke though, cmon. Why?
  2. I have never learned to ride on one leg though I always wanted to. Watching many videos of others doing it is inspiring but every time I would try, I realized just how tight you have to lock your leg and I never got the hang of it. Lately I've found new inspiration watching our new member Irina ride her wheel on one leg. She makes it look so easy and effortless that I began to really study her videos watching every little detail. It all came together two days ago when I was thinking about what your body must do to achieve balance once the leg lifts off. The more I visualized it in my head the more it started to make sense. It got to where I could feel myself doing it without being on the wheel. So I got all confident then and went outside on my MSX 100v. It took about two minutes and I was able to do it for the first time ever. I kept trying and made a few demo videos of me learning it. This was my first day and I want to get way better at this. I am very proud to have learned this.
  3. I've ridden an 84v 2400 & a 100v Monster seated for over two years and I've never yet face planted a Superman, maybe others? I know what I'm asking for and I live every time. We all have our own way, you have the stiff arm which IMHO might make ya face plant?
  4. The one on the top has a bit more foam so its thicker and better than the one on the bottom which is thinner. They are both better than stock MSX seat. Not all yoga mat are the same and yield different results.
  5. The stock MSX seat isnt very comfortable. To fix this I added a few layers of yoga mat cut to fit the seat then wrapped it in Gorilla tape lots of it. Then it was cushy and good for long rides. I am 6'3" 225lbs and I sit on my MSX with a bit of practice. I learned seated riding on my Monster. I find the MSX more nimble than the Monster seated. I steer with my ankles but your arms do play a factor in balance. To accelerate fast lean forward and stick both your arms out in front of you. I call this move the Superman.
  6. Here's me going round and round on 1 leg sitting down.
  7. The manufacturer really needs to put safety first. Their design is way flawed. Yes change your pedals out to Gotway Monster pedals if they fit, those work and never cracked on me. Glad you were going slow and were able to step off. Could you imagine this happening at say 50+ kph?! We are NOT you guinea pigs!!!
  8. Cruising down the Chicago River North Branch Trail. We are both sitting down. I'm on my Monster and she's on her MSX. 30 F.
  9. The wife and I took another ride today, 30 degrees F.
  10. It was nice yesterday in Chicago so my wife & I were riding our wheels. Me on my Monster her on her MSX. Great day!
  11. Every time I ever ride with my baseball hat on it goes flying off. I never thought to use it as a gauge. That's a good idea cuz they pop off easy. Keeps you going a bit slower and safer.
  12. So the mileage on the wheel caused the rock to get caught in it? Were you riding on gravel or in the woods? I've had a piece of tree bark get caught in my ACM once but it just bounced loose right away. I was drinking Mickeys that day though.
  13. I have owned 5 different wheels over 2 years and have never had a rock get caught in my wheel and stop it. I'm not even Irish?
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